Rune: A New Twist

Rune: A New Twist and Prince of Void is written by
Walter Kneeland and edited by James Pedrick
Created by Barry Windsor-Smith and Chris Ulm
Property of Malibu Comics

Rune. For millenia, this energy vampire has spread destruction and fear across the galaxy. Finally, defeated in a cataclysmic battle, he found himself stranded on earth, where he chose to remain in hiding from those with the power to destroy him. For over a thousand years, he's lived among us, known by many names, occationally worshipped as a god.

In the first half of the 20th Century, drawn by an irresitable power even he failed to comprehend, Rune was caught in a nuclear blast that, while he survived, slowly ate away at him, reducing him to nearly skin and bones, a mere fraction the entity he once was. Many years later, though nearly dying, Rune caused the premature "birth" of a "god"--Gemini, and was restored to his former strength and power.

Shortly after, due in part to Rune's interferance and the presence of Gemini, the GENIE Supercomputer which ran Aladdin was destroyed, while several key components were salvaged by a Chris Thompson, who built a new computer--Shaherezade.

Rune disappeared, and turns up on the east coast. Gemini has a period of time missing from his memory. And despite being believed to be dormant, the GENIE components are reasserting control, beyond Thompson's safeguards.

What does all this mean? Find out in the pages of the Rune: A New Twist mini-series, and the new on-going The Prince of Void!

Rune: A New Twist #1 (of 2) - "What do you do if there is a monster living in your neighborhood? Who are you going to call? The Shark.  In this debut issue of "The Shark and the Vampire" Rune Mini-series, Rune encounters a hero willing to do battle with him. Who will be victorious?"

Rune: A New Twist #2 (of 2) - "In the aftermath of Rune's battle with the Shark, the vampire contemplates his future. The people of LakeDale question the recent events, and a trap is sprung. This issue will have major after-effects that will be a continuing part of the Rune saga for months to come."

Prince of Void #1 - "The Prince of Void kicks off with the origin and introduction of Gemini into U:ANT Rune Continuity, and leads into what may be the most earth-rocking event in the life of your favorite vampire!"

Prince of Void #2 - The Return of GENIE and the final fate of the Shark!

Prince of Void #3 - "Now it begins...the story that will forever change Rune, the Prince of Void! In this prologue, we are introduced to the one who may be the only person to be able to defeat Rune, and see Chris Thompson's reaction to last issue's events."

Prince of Void #4 - In this issue, prepare to meet the Hunterz, see Rune gain power, and prepare for what will surely rock Rune's world in the opening chapter of the OrbQuest!

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