PRIME: A New Twist

Prime is the world's most powerful ultra. But what everyone else doesn't know is that Prime is just a kid.  Now, Kevin Green, 13-years old, struggles to learn how to become a superhero, without revealing his secret to his parents, friends, and world.

Prime is written by James Pedrick
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

New Issues

Prime: The New Adventures #1 - It's the beginning of new adventures for Prime, as his 13-year old alter ego, Kevin Green, and his mother move to New York City.  Now Kevin has to adjust to a new school and a new city, and he has to decide how his 7-foot alter ego will make his first appearance in his new home as well.  Plus, the introduction of some terrorists who make their mark on the Big Apple in a BIG way.

Prime: The New Adventures #2 - Kevin's new school is visited by terrorists!  Can Prime stop them without revealing his identity?  And who's behind these recent attacks on the Big Apple... and what are his long term goals?

Prime: The New Adventures #3 - It's a turning point for Prime in Part 3 of "Welcome to the Big Apple!" Things have gone good for Kevin Green. New York City loves Prime, his mother is happier than she has been in quite a while, and Kevin Green is developing some strong friendships in Junior High. But will things rosy for Prime, or does the Mind Shaper have other plans?

Prime: The New Adventures #4 - "Welcome to the Big Apple" concludes here! But this time, Prime is the bad guy and none other than Liberty, the Legend of World War II, comes to take him down as the two battle it out in front of the world! Who will survive? And will the public ever trust Prime again?

Past Adventures

Prime: A New Twist #1 - It all begins here.  Kevin Green transforms into Prime.  But how, and why?

Prime: A New Twist #2 - Prime shows the world what he's made of and takes on a gym teacher, drug dealer, and terrorists while he's at it!

Prime: A New Twist #3 - Someone wants Prime and knows the origin behind his creation!

Prime: A New Twist #4 - Prime battles Doctor Gross, his origin revealed, and we catch a peek at a new ultra named Prototype!

Prime: A New Twist #5 - Prime vs. Prototype to see who is the most powerful ultra of the world!  Plus, the first appearance of Maxi-Man!

Prime: A New Twist #6 - Prime vs. Maxi-Man!  And Colonel Samuels steps in!  Plus, a special survey at the end of the issue!

Maxi-Man Special #1 - A special reprint of Prime's battle with Maxi-Man plus a new story starring his creator, 7 year old Billy Stephens!

Prime: A New Twist #7 - Who is Colonel Samuels?  What plans does he have for Prime?

Prime: A New Twist #8 - A conclusion to the first chapter in Kevin's life as Prime as he learns the whole truth behind his origin and what role Colonel Samuels and his father played in it.  Dynamic Conclusion as two key characters die!

Power of Prime Special #1 - A special with three new stories starring Prime, his father Russell Green, and the young Billy Stephens.

Prime: A New Twist #9 - It's the last issue of Prime... but it's just the beginning!  What has happened to the relationship between Kevin and Kelly?  What is this creature invading his dreams?   And has his father found a cure to rid his life of Prime?  Continued into Strangers #10 and the upcoming Primevil one-shot!

Strangers: A New Twist #10 - The Strangers and Prime colide for the first time as Prime helps them fight TNTNT. Find out what happens in this issue which is concluded in Primevil #1.

Primevil #1 - Continued from Strangers: A New Twist #10, Primevil is loose in San Francisco and is looking for Prime!  Plus, who is holding Kevin's father hostage and why does he want Prime dead?  Note: This special one-shot leads into the Prime: The New Adventures series.


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