Before reading, please read Prime #7.

Please note the following changes at the end of Prime: A New Twist #7.  The changes were made after the original publication of issue 7 because of new plot directions decided by the authors.

Kelly looked up into the stars. She saw what she thought to be a shooting star soar through the skies. But she noticed it was coming closer. It was heading directly toward her house! It fell into her front yard. She ran out the door. The object was red and gold.  It looked much like Prime. 

"Prime?! Is that you." She came over to his side. He was melting. "Oh no! You're dying again!" She leaned in closer, when she saw what appeared to be a boy inside. "Kevin?! You are Prime!" She pulled Kevin out from his dead Prime-body. "Kevin! Speak to me!"

Meanwhile, a car pulled up to the Green Family's house. Mr. Green exited the small car.

"God give me strength. Because now is the time!" He knew what he had to do.   He had to tell her the truth.  He couldn't continue deceiving his wife any longer.  He had to tell her what their son was.  Another car pulled up to the curb... "Russell Green?"

Russell turned around. "Yes?"

"Sir, my name is Jim Powers. I may be able to help you find your son.

And now for...

Prime: A New Twist #8
September, 1998


Written and edited by James Pedrick,
Mike Engber and Mike Aragona
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

Kevin awoke in a dark room. Rays of sunlight slipped through the window blinds. He
was naked. Could life get any worse? He supposed it could...

Kelly walked in the basement room with a cup of water and a towel. Kevin's heart sank to his feet when Kelly walked in the room. The only thing he could think about was laying there naked in front of a girl he loved very much. Maybe this was a good thing. If only being naked could be the least of his worries...

"Um... towel please." Kevin spoke to Kelly.

"Sure thing...Kev--Prime... whatever. I sneaked you in past my Mother. Listen to me Kevin. I don't know quite how to say this but... I'm glad you're Prime."

Kevin felt like he'd died and gone to heaven. His secret was out and boy did he feel good!

"Thanks. This is very awkward for me Kelly. But I need to leave right now! Something big's going on!"

Kevin's body ached when he got up. Then his towel became loose. Kevin's face turned bright red and Kelly bit her lip. Awkward indeed...

At that moment Samuels and a handful of men burst into the room. "Ah, we were afraid we lost you." Kevin and Kelly jumped. How did they find them? "Get him out of here!" Samuels ordered. Then two heavy men took Kevin by his wrists and dragged him away.

"What are you doing?! Why are you doing this to me?!" Kevin shouted.

Samuels laughed. "Because you have the bad luck to be an ultra, boy. As an ultra, you MATTER. Prime matters! But a little snot like you means squat!"Kelly just stood frozen, startled. Samuels gave her a wink and then turned around to order his men. "Put the collar on him and get him the hell out of here!"

The soldiers took a red electronic contraption and attached it to Kevin’s neck. Then they dragged him out of the room.

Kelly, left alone, slipped to the ground. What just happened? Then she thought, "Mom!"

Kelly's eyes began to tear as she rushed upstairs to find her own mother, beaten, on the ground. She had a huge bruise on her leg and blood dripped down from her forehead. Kelly attempted to pick her up and put her on a chair but she wasn’t strong enough. Kelly couldn't quite believe what was happening in her life at the moment...

She ran down the stairs. Kevin was gone. Colonel Samuels was gone. She ran out the door and down the street, screaming frantically and running toward her friend, Courtney's, house.

The vehicle carrying Kevin and Colonel Samuels with his men stopped in front of the abandoned military complex, twenty miles south of Canoga Park. Kevin felt his energy coming back to him. He pulled at the collar around his neck. "What's this thing for?"
Colonel Samuels turned around to look at him. "That is to make sure you do what I tell you to."

"Do you think you can really control Prime?!"

Colonel Samuels chuckled. "Listen boy, Prime is just a piece of an ongoing puzzle. You're only a step in a process which began fifty years ago!"

[Meanwhile, driving down a secret government road...]

Jim looked over to his new ally, while driving the vehicle. "Russell, I only know a little bit of what's going on. But I know it's big."

"Just how ‘big' are we talking?"

"Samuels is involved in some serious stuff. I listened in to some of his conversations. They're talking about an entire secret government. A government planning its strike on the United States... planning on overthrowing the current government!"

Russell couldn't believe what he was hearing. Thirteen years ago he worked for Colonel Samuels. He was under his leadership! He trusted the man, with his own life... with his son's life. "Wh- What does Kevin have to do with that?!"

"The project used to transform your son into Prime was not brand new in 1985! This project has been around... since World War II. But Prime was the missing link. A link between unsuccessful experiments and the ultimate fighting soldier." Russell's grip on the steering wheel got tighter. "Sir, they plan on building an entire army of Primes! But these Primes would not have the weaknesses your son has. They'd be indestructible! And they
plan on using your son's DNA to find out how."

Russell's face fell into his hands. "This is impossible! How in the hell did
this happen?"

Jim stared forward. "That is why we have to stop Samuels now! We have to
save your son!"

The two drove on in silence.


Mrs. Green couldn't dial the numbers on her phone because she shook too much. But she did finally punch in the Kelly’s phone number, 555-6723. She needed answers badly!


"Is, um, Kelly at home right now?"

"Sorry, no. This is her Mother, though."

"I'm sorry to bother you. Please tell her Mrs. Green called. And, are you all right? You sound-- beat."

"Mrs. Green??? Your boy was just here! Men were looking for him! They beat me down!! You got me into--"

"Oh thank the lord! Where is he?!!"

"At the moment I don't care. The condition I'm in is because of your son!  I've had it up to here with this town and my Daughter's way of acting. You won't talk to Kelly because we won't be here!"

"No wait please! Where's Ke--?"

Kelly's mother hung the phone up in disgust. Mrs. Green listened to the dial tone for minutes and then dropped to the floor like a puppet who’s strings had been cut.

[Back at Colonel Samuels's Hideout...]

"Sir!" The soldier signaled for the Colonel as he was monitoring the building's security systems. "We have a problem."

Colonel Samuels rushed over to the console his soldier was working on. "What's the problem, soldier?"

"Sir, we have an intruder."

A large smile grew on the Colonel's face. "Good."

Kevin sat on a chair, still covered with only a towel. He stared at the ground, asking himself how he got here. He felt his energy returning and wondered if his collar would prevent him from “prime”-ing. He had to think of a way to escape.

Colonel Samuels moved over to where Kevin was sitting. "Boy, it's time to see what you're made of!"

Kevin looked up, his face covered with fear. "What do you mean?"

"You're going to complete your first assignment. It seems someone has decided to pay us a visit... and YOU are going to catch him."

Kevin's face exploded, "Like HELL I am!!"

Colonel Samuels laughed. "Yes, you are. You don't seem to realize it, but you have lost your will. You now do what I say! I say when you are Prime and when you are Kevin! I say what you do!" Colonel Samuels looked upward, "I AM your GOD."

"I ain't goin-"

Then Colonel Samuels took out a control pad and pressed the green button on it. The button sent a command to the collar, which then sent an electric pulse through Kevin's body and into his spine.

The electricity triggered the transformation of Kevin into Prime.

Kevin's chest bursted open, the "Prime-goop" surged out and took over Kevin's body. The pain of the transformation was just as horrendous as all of his past transformations, but now he had power. Power to take down Samuels.

Prime stood up straight and tall and looked down at Colonel Samuels, who was a good two feet shorter than him. "You made a big mistake!"

"I don't think so. You see, I can destroy Prime just as fast as I can raise him up. So, you will do as I say... or you will die... or your mother will die, or your father... or that girl you were with." Colonel Samuels said with a smile.

Prime dropped his head and conceded.

Samuels smiled. "You see... I AM your god."

After preparing him and giving him his orders, Samuels sent Prime out on his mission.

Prime exited the building and flew toward the spot where Samuels said the intruders were at.

He found the vehicle traveling down the road. He wished he could get away from here, but Samuels had him trapped. He couldn't escape or he would be jeopardizing the lives of everyone he loved. But, he didn't know what would happen if he did what Samuels asked. He was trapped.

Prime flew down in front of the vehicle and threw out his hand to stop it.

It was too dark to see who was inside, but suddenly the door flung open.

"Son?!" Russell Green ran out of the car. Jim exited the vehicle soon after.

"Dad!" Prime was relieved. He wasn't sure how he could get out of this situation, but he knew his dad would come up with a way. Just like the time he had to explain his disappearances to his mom. "Dad, he found me. This guy found me." Russell told Kevin never to tell anyone he was Prime.

He kept that promise, but he didn't want his dad to think he told Samuels his other identity. "I promise I didn't tell him." He still didn't know how Samuels knew."

"I know, son. Don't worry. We're going to get you out of this."

"There's one problem. He put this thing... this collar on me."

"Damn." Jim entered the conversation. "I'm familiar with that." He sighed and turned to Russell. "We're in trouble. That's one of Samuels's devices, pulled from Dr. Gross's files. With it, Samuels decides when your son transforms to AND from Prime. It’s also used to detect where your son is..."

[Back at the military base, Colonel Samuels monitored Prime's motions.]

"Sir, he has stopped, most likely where the intruders are."

"Hmm..." Colonel Samuels examined the situation. "They're most likely developing a strategy."

"Do you want us to apprehend the intruders, sir?"

"No." Samuels smiled. "Wait."

"Jim, couldn't Prime just rip that collar off?"

"No. Too risky. When the collar senses pressure, it becomes electrically charged. It could kill Kevin... we HAVE to be careful."

Russell's head dropped. How could he do this? How could he put his son and family in so much danger? He had to do something.

"Russell, we're going to have to go in and get the control pad."

Prime looked up into the dark skies. "Um... dad, we better get going. They're going to suspect something."

"The kid's right. Here's what we'll do. Prime will take you to Samuels, while I sneak in. I know this place inside and out." He paused. "I think I can get a good shoot on Samuels."

The three were off. Prime flew the two to the base, quickly dropping Jim off on the roof.

He then made his way into the building.

"Samuels!" Prime shouted..

Colonel Samuels turned around, with a large grin on his face. "Ah, Prime my boy. You make me very proud." He looked at the intruder. "And I see you brought your father with you."

Russell stood there silently. Prime spoke up,"Only because I was left with no other choice, you monster!"

"Monster?!" Samuels laughed and moved closer to Prime and his father. "I'm not the one who did this to you, boy. You're father is the monster."

"I don't believe you!"

"Russell, you did tell the boy, didn't you?" Russell's face lit up with anger. "Son, I'm not responsible for making you into Prime. You're father ASKED me to do it. And it was your father who told me of your existence after these many years. Your father is responsible."

Prime looked down at is father. His face was covered with fear, fear of what he would learn.

"Go ahead Russell, tell the boy."

Tears ran down Russell's face. "Son, they said it was the only way... the only way we could have a baby." Prime turned his face in disgust.  "Don't you see? It was the only way!" He paused. "They didn't say you would be a--"

"A FREAK!!" Prime turned his head to confront his father, his face now exploding with anger. "Is that what you were going to say?!" Prime grabbed his father by the coat and lifted him off the ground. Samuels just watched, betraying no hint of his own true feelings.

"No son!"

"It's your fault!! Your fault I'm a FREAK!"

Prime threw his father to the ground.

Samuels finally intervened. "Now, now. There will be plenty of time for your father and son talks later." Samuels signaled his soldiers. "Take Mr. Green away."

Two guards came over and picked Russell off the ground. His nose was bleeding and he continued to cry.

Meanwhile, Jim Powers crawled through the building’s air conditioning ducts. His thoughts were mainly of his daughter. She wasn't much younger than this boy. How would he feel if this happened to her? He had to put an end to this.

Finally he reached the vent that led to the room Samuels was operating from. He could see Samuels talking with Prime. He could see guards all around. He knew if he could get to Samuels, he would be set.

He waited until just the right moment and dove down to the ground. He landed five feet away from Samuels and pulled his gun on him, pointing at Samuels from behind. "Freeze, Samuels!"

The guards pointed their guns toward Jim. "Tell them to drop their weapons, Samuels."

Samuels waved his hands. "Do as he says." The guards immediately dropped their weapons. Prime stood still, he wasn't sure what to do.

Jim walked closer to Samuels. "Turn around!"

Samuels turned around. "I underestimated you, Powers." Samuels reached into his jacket pocket.

"Don't move!" Jim yelled nervously.

"Don't worry, son." He pulled out a cigar. "It's just a cigar." He then pulled out a lighter and lit his Cuban.

"You know, Powers, it won't end here. I'm just a small piece in a much larger puzzle."

"You can't finish a puzzle without all the pieces."

Samuels chuckled.

"Give me the control for the collar."

Samuels pulled out the control pad with one hand, while puffing on his cigar with the other.

Jim reached for the control pad. Just as he moved to press the button which deactivated the collar, electricity charged through his body. He fell to the ground, shaking from the shock. He tried to let go, but couldn't until his body finally gave out.

Jim lay there, dead. Samuels walked over to his body. "And you underestimated me." He pressed his foot on Russell's wrist until the control fell out of his hand. Samuels picked it up.

He turned to look at Prime. Prime's face was covered in disbelief. "See, son, there's no tricking Colonel Samuels. A little trick of mine. It only reads my commands, electrocuting anyone with different fingerprints." He moved closer. "Meaning no one can free you except me."

"THAT'S IT!!" Prime grew angry. "I don't care any more! I am not going to do what you say! I will not listen to you any longer!" Prime then began reaching through his ultra-body, tearing through the neck of Prime.

"Bad mistake, boy!" Colonel Samuels pressed the button which commanded the collar to become electrified.

But Prime didn’t stop. The collar continued to send electricity throughout his body, but he continued to tear through it, until he grabbed the collar and tore it off.

Samuels dropped his cigar. "No! You can't DO that!" Samuels couldn't believe it! "That's impossible!"

"Believe it, Samuels!" He shoved the broken collar into the air. "I'm FREE!"

The soldiers around them ran away, frightened by what Prime would do. Prime slowly walked toward Samuels. "Now it's you and me."

Samuels backed away in fear, "No!" He fell backward.

Prime moved away from Samuels. He picked up consoles, computers, anything he could get his hands on, and threw them all to the ground, setting the place on fire.

"This ends now! You're over Samuels!"

Prime began to move closer toward him.

"Get away!" Samuels pulled out two revolvers.

"You think guns will hurt PRIME?!"

"They're not for you idiot!" Samuels then took the revolvers and aimed each one toward one side of his head.

"Samuels! No!" Prime moved closer to stop him. Samuels pulled the triggers.    

Prime stood there quietly, the room burning around him, with two bodies beside him.

"Dad!" He flew through the building until he found his father.


"Dad, I'm sorry."

"No, son, I'm sorry. I'm sorry this entire thing happened."

Prime picked him up and they flew home.

Prime dropped his dad off, but had one more thing to do before retiring for the night.

"Kelly." He found her crying. She looked lost and confused.


Prime flew Kelly home. He dropped her off at her door. The two's lips met, before Prime flew off into the skies.

Meanwhile, Russell walked to the doorstep of his house. He wasn't quite sure what he could say to his wife now. He opened the door to find her waiting.

"Russell, we need to talk."

More Prime is coming soon!

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