Prime: A New Twist #9
April, 1999

"The End... of the Beginning"

Written by James Pedrick
Edited by Lex
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

"End of story, Kevin! Now pack your bags!"

It was times like this Kevin Green has felt like transforming into Prime and telling his mom a thing or two. Kevin stormed up to his room. A big fight just ended between him and his mom. He was just informed his mom and him would be moving to New York City in two days... and his dad would not be going with them. Mrs. Green was tired of Canoga Park, tired of all the ultra-activity, and tired of the constant lies from her husband and son. She may never know what happened to her family, but she knew she had to do something, even if it meant leaving her husband.

Kevin was angry. But he wasn't sure why. It's not like he had any friends, or anyone else he would miss, except one.

Kevin ran for the phone and called her. "Hello, is Kelly there?"

Kelly was talking with Courtney at her house. The phone rang. Kelly looked over to Courtney, "Can you answer it? I'm afraid it's Kevin again."

Courtney picked up the phone. "Hello... Listen, Kevin, she doesn't want to talk to you!"

Courtney slammed the phone down. Immediately, Kelly began to cry.

"Kelly, what's the matter with you? Why have you been so upset at Kevin lately?"

"It's nothing! I just don't want to see Kevin OR PRIME again!"

Courtney couldn't figure it out. Kelly wouldn't say why she was so angry and what the relationship was between Kevin and Prime–and Kelly! Things have been weird in the last week. Kelly started liking Prime. And she knew, somehow, that he liked her too. Finally she figured it out a few weeks ago, when Prime came crashing into her front lawn. (See Prime: ANT #7) Prime was Kevin.

But Prime was trouble. Colonel Samuels and his men tracked him down and found him at Kelly's house. Before taken him away, they beat her mom, until she was unconscious. (See Prime: ANT#8) Afterwards, Kelly's mother was understandably angry. She took her anger out on her daughter. She called her a whore and accused her of getting involved in drugs. Kelly's relationship has never been the same with her mom. She wasn't sure who to blame. Her mother or Prime?

Kevin hung up the phone. How did things go from good to bad so fast? He laid on his bed and stared at the ceiling, until he began to cry.

He cried himself to sleep that night...

He found himself in a dark place. The ground was wet and sticky. The air was warm and moist. This was the place where he first became Prime, where it all began. Though he was dreaming, this place was hell. He was afraid. He tried to awake, but couldn't.

A voice came from no where, "Kevin! Kevin! I'm here. It's time to finish!"


"It's time to finish the transformation?"

Kevin looked all around himself. It was too dark to see a thing. "Who are you?!"

A figure appeared in front of him. "I AM PRIME!!"

The creature was all too familiar to the young Kevin. He quickly stepped backward. "No! No you're not!"

"Let go, Kevin... It's time!"

The creature reached for him, he stepped back again. "Get away!" he screamed in his young boy voice. Then his chest burst open, green goop thrusted out, covering his body, hardening into a shell of flesh, which he called Prime.

"Get away," he repeated, this time with a much bolder voice, "I AM PRIME, NOT YOU!"

The dark creature hissed, revealing its large tongue. It threw a punch. Prime caught its fist and threw the creature back. It flew three fee, falling to the ground. Prime charged at it. He picked the creature up from the ground. "You don't rule my dreams anymore." He threw it back into the dark.

"This isn't a dream, Kevin!"

Prime looked around to see where the voice came from.

"This is very real!" The creature flew at him, pushing him forward through the air. "I have come to take you... to BE you!"

Prime lifted himself from the ground. "Be me?!"

"Yes, Kevin!" The creature attacked again, flinging Prime across the plane. Then the creature grabbed a hold of Prime, its tongue finging around Prime's face. Prime tried to slip his way off its grip, but the creature kept a hold of him. Its mouth opened wide, and its tongue wrapped around Prime's neck.

Prime tried to move his arms, to break himself free, but the creature kept them fastened to his body. "No!" Prime yelled, trying to break free, but the massive tongue began to squeeze his throat.

Prime could not withstand the pressure any longer. Kevin's ultra-body started to liquify decomposing, leaving him covered with nothing but goop.

Kevin laid on the ground, weak from his battle. The creature came closer. "You lose, Kevin!"

"NO!" Kevin screamed, as the monster took his body into its mouth and swallowed him whole.

He was trapped within the beast. He was in complete darkness. He couldn't breathe. He knew he had to concentrate.

"Let me out! This is just a dream!" He knew he couldn't usually transform into Prime with such little time after turning back from it, but this wasn't real. It couldn't be real.

The creature laughed, as Kevin tried to push Prime out again. He clinched his fists. His chest began to swell, until another ultra-body was pushed out of his chest. He transformed into Prime. In doing the monster's body was torn apart. "You lose! I AM PRIME!"

Kevin awoke. He was sweating all over and was shaking from fear. What did it mean? He wasn't sure. Why did he see that creature again? The same creature that appeared in his dreams, when he first became Prime? What awaited Prime in his future.

Three days later... New York City...

The phone rang and Mrs. Green answered the phone. “Hello…oh it’s you.” Mrs. Green places the phone on the table. “KEVIN! It’s your father!”

Kevin runs to the phone, “DAD!”

“It’s horrible here! I wish you were here!”

“Good!” Kevin responded. Those words from his father were blessings. Kevin no longer wanted to be Prime. He was still haunted by the dream he had a few nights ago. Things were too weird. He wanted to be normal again.

“Okay, dad. I’ll come.” Kevin hasn’t been Prime since the dream. He never wanted to be him again. He was too scared. Once, shortly after he arrived in New York, he did begin to transform. He had to “get it out of his system.” But he quickly stopped himself from fully changing into Prime.

“Yeah, bye, dad.” Kevin hung up the phone. He now had a feeling of hope. He had wanted to get rid of Prime for a while recently, but after his latest nightmare, he’s been more anxious then ever before.

Then his mother smashes his hope by saying, “You better get to bed early, Kevin. Tomorrow is your first day at your new school.”


A weird way to end a series, huh? Well, this is just the beginning. Prime's adventures aren't over yet.  The ending may have also left you wondering exactly what Kevin's father told him.  Well, you can hear the rest of the conversation in this week's Strangers #9.  And be sure to check out Prime's appearance in Strangers #10, written by Lex, and the special upcoming Primevil #1 One-Shot!   Prime will also star in the upcoming Ultra Force regular series, and regular series titled Prime: The New Adventures!

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