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Prime: The New Adventures

The story so far...

Thirteen years ago, a young boy named Kevin Green was born. But before his birth, his mother, Martha Green, was placed in a special fertility program. The program was to help her husband, Russell Green, and her have the son they always dreamed for. What she did not know was that the government-funded program had a dark secret. The program’s doctor, Vincent Gross, and overseer, Colonel Samuels, were secretly manipulating the fetus’s DNA, so that they would grow up to become ultra soldiers. And Russell Green knew, but he was willing to risk it for his wife’s happiness, even if it meant keeping it a secret from her.

The program was discovered and Gross and Samuels both fled to secrecy. In order to hide their agendas, they destroyed all evidence. Now, thirteen years later, the fruits of their projects are emerging. Though there were dozens of babies involved in the project, most have died, but one survived. At the age of thirteen and the coming of puberty, Kevin Green has found a new power within him, which has shown itself through puberty. He has the ability to transform from a scrawny teenage boy to the strongest ultra on the planet. He has the ability to transform into Prime. Using his ability, he transforms into a superhero, covered in gold armor with a shining red ‘P’ on his chest and red cape attached to his back. He has the ability to fly at fast speeds and perform incredible feats with his massive strength.

He first learned of these abilities when he was at school one day in his home town of Canoga Park, California. It was there that he saw a teacher touch a young girl, who Kevin had a crush on, the wrong way. The anger built up in Kevin and came out in the form of Prime. The altered DNA in his body let out an uncanny green goop which covered Kevin’s entire body and molded to the form of a superhero. Prime showed the teacher a lesson.

Quickly, Prime became well known to everyone in Canoga Park, including his creator, Dr. Vincent Gross and Colonel Samuels. Both tried to use Prime for their own desires, but both were defeated. Through his battles with each of them, Prime learned more of the truth behind his origin.

Russell Green helped his son conquer his new abilities, but they both kept Kevin’s new identity away from his mother, Martha. The lying drove the couple apart. Russell Green moved out, and Martha took Kevin to New York City, where they live with their aunt. And where Kevin must now go to a new school.

Meanwhile, Russell Green searches the country for a cure, to turn his son normal again.

[ The above is told in the Prime: A New Twist 9-part series ]

[ The story continues, beginning with Prime: The New Adventures #1 ]

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