"Maxi-Man" Special One-Shot #1


"Enter: Maxi-Man" by James Pedrick
(reprinted from Prime: A New Twist #5-6)

"A Day In The Life Of" by Walt Kneeland

Profile of Billy Stephens and Maxi-Man
by James Pedrick from the Prime-Time Website

Enter: Maxi-Man

Reprinted from Prime: A New Twist #5-6
Originally printed in August, 1998

Written and edited by James Pedrick,
Mike Engber and Mike Aragona
Based on plots for Prime Vol. 1 #4-5
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

(Note: This is not the full version of Prime: A New Twist #5-6, but pieces from it, which featured Maxi-Man and Billy Stephens)

Canoga Park...

"FREE! FREE AT LAST!" He was gigantic. He did not look real. Everything about him looked animated. He looked like a cartoon...

"Oh no, Teddy, what have I done this time?" Young Billy Stephens was home alone. He held his teddy bear to his side and stood in front of a giant monster... which he created. Years ago he learned of a special ability he possessed... a special gift. Billy had the ability to make his dreams come alive. He was only seven years old which meant that was a dangerous ability. He was watching the Maxi-Man cartoon show and began to wish he were real. Suddenly, it became real... But things don't always turn out the way one expects them to...

"Now, I will show this world what Maxi-Man can really do!"

"No! You can't!" Billy ran over and pulled at Maxi-Man's leg, trying to stop him from leaving.

"GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU BRAT!" Maxi-Man slapped the young boy across the room and then smashed through the roof.



"Kelly! Wait up!" Kevin ran up to Kelly and Courtney, who were walking to school.

"Oh no!" Kelly whispered to Courtney. "I don't want to be mean, but what if he's sick or something?"

"Just keep walking and ACT like he's not there!"

"Hey, Kelly! Uh... I'd like to talk to you... about a mutual friend of ours."

"We don't HAVE any ‘mutual friends' Kev-VIN!" interrupted Courtney.

"KELLY and I do. He's a new friend... NAMED PRIME."

Courtney pulled at Kelly's arm. "Oh, RIGHT, come on, Kelly, he's just trying to get you to..."

Kelly, pushed away from her friend, "No! I'll meet you in home room, I want to talk to Kevin."

Courtney turned around and stomped away. She could never figure out why Kelly gave so much attention to a geek like Kevin.

"Okay, Kevin, what do you know about Prime... oh God! Who else knows?"

"I know you flew with him yesterday. But no one else knows... you see, I have connections." Kevin was so glad. Now Kelly was listening to HIS every word.

The two walked down the street. "Kevin... can I trust you?"

"You know you can."

"Because I need to talk to someone. I mean, I can tell Courtney anything, but she makes a joke about everything... the thing is, I don't think it's a joke... with Prime."

"How do you feel about Prime?"

"I don't know. He's scary... but he's powerful. He's so... in control. And when he looked at me in the GYM, it was like he WANTED to protect me." Kelly was confused. She tried to tell her mom what happened... with Prime and how he took her for a ride, but her mom wouldn't believe her. She said she just fancied about Prime because her dad left when she was four... but she knew that wasn't it. This had nothing to do with her dad. This had to do with her feelings for Prime... and his feelings for her.

Kelly liked Prime because he had control. Kevin planned on telling Kelly his secret, right there, but he wasn't sure. What would Kelly think? Would she then feel about Prime like she already did about him? She'd no longer feel Prime had control.

"Tell me, Kevin, what do you know about Prime? What are these ‘connections?'"

"Um... I... I... uh... can't" Kevin wasn't sure what to do. He thought he could do this so calmly, so cool. But now, he lost all... control.

"What do you know, Kevin? Why did he want to fly with me?"

What should he say? How could he stop himself from blowing this. "Uh... maybe... maybe he saw a very nice, very special... very cute person and he wanted to... to... let her know..."

"NO!" Kelly shrugged, "He's a grown-up... I know there are perverts like Coach Meyers... but this is PRIME! He can't be like that!"

"Oh no! No! I don't mean it like that! He's one of those..."

"What?! What do you know about him?!" This was weird. Kevin acted like he knew Prime or something, but Kelly didn't know how that could be. Then again, a lot of things were turning weird in her life.

Suddenly an explosion rang out.

"What was that?!"

"I don't know, Kelly!" They ran to the corner of the street to see what was happening.

People were running and screaming down the street. Running and screaming for their lives. One terrified woman looked at them and screamed, "Get out of here! RUN! There's an ultra going insane! Destroying everything!"

"Kevin pulled toward Kelly, "We'd better..."

"NO!" Kelly pushed away from Kevin and began running toward the commotion, "What if it's him? Maybe he'll remember me and I can make him stop!"

"No, wait, Kelly! It can't be him! Kelly! Kelly!!" It was no use. She wasn't going to listen. Kevin couldn't turn into Prime. He wasn't charged up enough... and he wasn't sure he wanted to. He just wanted to get out of there, but he couldn't let Kelly get hurt.

Kevin caught up with Kelly and they peeked around the corner.

"He's not Prime! I'm P-- um... I'm sure its not! You can't risk it. Besides he's..."

"MAXI-MAN! But that's impossible! He's just a cartoon!" Kevin thought he was going crazy. How could Maxi-Man be alive? And what was he doing?

He was destroying everything, crashing through buildings and flinging cars through the air. He looked just like a cartoon, but he was in the real world now! And he had strength and muscle beyond imagination. Strength only comparable to Prime's but with the spirit of a demon. Then, he noticed Kelly and Kevin at the corner of the street.

Kelly continued to struggle from Kevin's arms, thinking Prime would save the day. Her crush was turning into an obsession!


Maxi-Man jumped towards them with his iron club in one hand and his iron glove on his other. Kevin was stuck with Kelly and unless he exposed himself as Prime... what would become of both of them??

"DIE, LITTLE ONE!" The massive cartoon character stood before Kevin and Kelly.

Running up behind Maxi-Man was a young boy, only seven years old. His name was Billy Stephens. He “dreamed” Maxi-Man to live. But that dream turned into a living nightmare. "Stop! Maxi-Man! Stop!"

The monster turned around and looked the kid in the eyes. "Are you telling me what to do?! That's exactly why I came here to begin with!" Then he wrapped his hands around his iron club and slammed it down on the ground. The ground shook and sent the kid sprawling to the ground. "NOBODY ORDERS ME AROUND!"

"Kelly, this can't be! He's just a cartoon!" He was an exact replica of the cartoon with a big difference: hatred in his eyes and voice.

Kevin tried to move forward to help the kid, but Kelly pulled him away. "No, Kevin! RUN! It's some kind of monster!"

The two darted away from the monster, but he followed. "HAHAHAHA! You cannot flee from Maxi-Man!" He jumped in the air and landed on the ground before them, smashing it and sending them both plummeting to the ground.

Kevin quickly got to his feet and ran away. But then he looked back and noticed Maxi-Man had grabbed hold of Kelly!


"Ah!!! HELP! PRIME!" Fear raced through Kelly's body as Maxi-Man wrapped his hand around her waist and lifted her into the air. All she could do was hope that Prime would save her.

"HA-HA-HA-HA! NO ONE CAN SAVE YOU NOW!!! YOU SHALL PAY FOR THE INJUSTICE BROUGHT ON ME!!!" Then a giant, slimy blue tongue sprung out of the immense creature's mouth and draped itself around Kelly's face. It was the most disgusting thing Kelly ever felt. "MmMmM... I LOVE the taste of MORTAL FLESH!" Kelly had a sick feeling in her stomach, the same feeling she had when Coach Meyers touched her in the wrong way.

Meanwhile, Kevin watched, repulsed at what Maxi-Man was doing to Kelly. "Oh no. It hasn't been long since I last primed... I don't think I could survive against Maxi-Man... but I have to! I have to focus... I have to save Kelly... she's counting on me... on Prime!"

Kevin ran behind a bush. He attempted to push Prime out of him... like before. "Come on, Prime! Come on, you big... stupid... HERO!" The struggle sent pain throughout his body, but he could feel it working. Kevin fell forward, until the transformation occurred. Goop flowed out of his chest and took over his body, taking form as Prime.

Prime rose up from the ground and charged toward Maxi-Man. "So, you like messing with little girls? Let's see how you take this!!!" Prime pounded Maxi-Man to the ground.

As Maxi-Man fell back, Kelly fell out of his grasp and Prime caught her. "Don't worry, Kelly. No one will hurt you now. PRIME HAS ARRIVED!"

Kelly looked up and stared. "You're really here!" She was infatuated with him. All of her fears were gone when she was around him. She didn't know what it was, but she felt like he would always be there. She had faith he would arrive, and he did.

But the fight was not over. Maxi-Man raised from the ground. "So, you think you can handle MAXI-MAN?!"

Prime gently placed Kelly on the ground. "You better get out of the way, Kelly. This could get messy."

"YOU BET!" Maxi-Man bolted forward and slammed his iron club into Prime, but he blocked it with his hand and pulled the club away from him.

"Not so fast!" With his ‘PRIME' strength, he broke the club in two. "I'm what you're supposed to be! I'm a hero!" Then Prime pointed toward Maxi-Man, "I grew up on your cartoons! I learned about heroism from you! About fighting for what's right!"

Kelly watched from the side. "How could Prime GROW up watching his cartoon?!" she muttered to himself. She knew Maxi-Man didn't appear on TV until SHE was growing up!

"I don't know how you got to be REAL or why you are trying to kill us, but I’m gonna teach you what it means to be a HERO!"

Maxi-Man laughed. He jumped in the air and kicked Prime, sending him to the ground.

Prime lifted himself from the ground. "You CAN'T be Maxi-Man! You're a PHONEY!"

"PHONEY?! I'm not the phoney! That cartoon you watched... that's the phoney! I'm the REAL Maxi-Man... AND YOU ARE GOING TO SUFFER!" Maxi-Man flew up and struck Prime on the head.

Prime fell back to the ground. "That was worse than Prototype! And I don't feel as strong as I did when I fought him!!"

Meanwhile, Kelly saw the young boy, who Maxi-Man attacked, get up. She was so caught up in the commotion, she forgot all about him.

"Are you okay?" She helped him up from the ground.

"Yeah... I think so." Billy looked up to view his surroundings. He saw Maxi-Man grabbing a light pole. "Is Maxi-Man okay?"

"Is he okay?! He's out there killing people and you want to know if he is okay?!"

"I didn't mean for him to kill people! I just wanted to meet him!! Wanted him to be real... in real life!!!"

Kelly was baffled. What was this kid talking about? He must have been gotten a pretty hard hit to the head.

Meanwhile, Maxi-Man was using the light pole to bash Prime to the ground.

Prime was having a hard time matching up against Maxi-Man. He knew he couldn't take much more of this.

Elsewhere, Mr. Green returned home early from work. He had to take some time off, figure things out, and come up with a plan. When he opened the door to his house, he was welcomed by a surprise visitor.

All the lights were off, but he could feel someone's presence. He moved into the living room and saw a man, sitting on a chair, casually smoking a cigar. Russell couldn't see his face. "What?! Who's there?!"

"You should know, Green, you called me."

Russell turned on the lights. "COLONEL SAMUELS!!"

"Sorry I couldn't respond last night. I'm on a new... assignment now and no one is supposed to be able to reach me. Luckily, there are still people at Comcap who remembered the PROJECT... and knew what you were hinting at."

Colonel Samuels was wearing his army uniform. He was in his fifties and a little husky. "Now what is this all about. I was told you sounded quite concerned last night."

Russell sat down at a chair across from Samuels', "Uh... my son, the one you... remember... fourteen years ago."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Colonel Samuels was not a patient man.

""You remember they said nothing would HAPPEN. Well, it HAS. He's... changed... He's Prime, the new ULTRA-HUMAN!"

Colonel Samuels leaned in closer, "Now you have my attention." Samuels paused and took a puff of his cigar. "How do you know?

"I... I saw him! Kevin has been out real late recently... one day we found him at our doorstep... NAKED, and then last night, Prime came down from the sky. His body was melting and Kevin was INSIDE the body!"

"Who else knows?"

"Nobody. Not yet."

"What do you mean ‘yet?'"

"See, he's been disappearing and ,well, I've told my wife, Martha, that he's going through a teenage phase, but she thinks it's drugs or gangs!"

"Listen, Green! I don't really care about any of your family problems! You keep this confidential! This is government business now!" Colonel Samuels got up and walked up toward the door.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN GOVERNMENT BUSINESS?!" Russell started to think he made a mistake by calling Samuels.

But Colonel Samuels just ignored him. He pulled out his phone. "Listen. I want all data on the whereabouts of PRIME. Transmit to... He is? Well, well... I'll be right down."

"What is it?

"Looks like your worries may be over soon, Green. Prime's tearing up a neighborhood just a couple of miles away. I suggest you come along. Colonel Samuels opened the front door and left.
Russell followed behind him, furious and scared of what would happen to his son. "What are you going to do? Are you going to cure him? It's your fault you know! Your fault my son is a freak!"

Samuels turned around and looked Russell in the eyes. "Green... Try to remember who has the real POWER here."

Downtown, Prime and Maxi-Man continued their slugfest, unaware of how Prime’s life was about to change.

Prime rose from the ground and slugged Maxi-Man in the chest, "It's time for you to go back to... whatever the hell you cam from!"

Maxi-Man fell back slightly, but quickly charged back toward Prime. "AHAHAHAHA! You are no match for me! I am MAXI-MAN, STRONGEST of them all!"

"You're not the strongest! I am the strongest! I am the strongest ultrahuman of them all! Even Hardcase!"

"ULTRAHUMAN?!? What's that?"


"HAHAHAHA! Let's test your strength!"

"FINE!" Prime charged toward Maxi-Man, but Maxi-Man grabbed each of Prime's fists with his. The two pushed against each other in their test of strength.

Meanwhile, Colonel Samuels arrived with a fleet of armed vehicles. Colonel Samuels, accompanied by Russell Green, stepped out of one of the vehicles. "That your boy, Green?" asked Samuels, pointing at Prime.

"Yes... we HAVE to help him!"

Prime and Maxi-Man were still locked in their power struggle. Prime gained the upper hand when he used his knee to bunt Maxi-Man off of him.

"Hang on, Green! Looks like Prime is gaining the advantage." Samuels pulled Russell back from running toward Prime. "I don't think it will be necessary to... intervene."

"You don't understand! He doesn't really know how to fight!"

"Looks pretty good to me!"

Prime charged toward Maxi-Man, but Maxi-Man managed to grab him. Using all of his force, he wrapped his arms around Prime and squeezed him. Struggling to breathe, Prime managed to ask, "You can't be Maxi-Man... he's not real... who are you? Why are you
doing this?"

"Don't you get it?" Maxi-Man squeezed harder. "I am Maxi-Man! And I am repaying the torture you payed to me... with your life! No longer will I be forced to do your will!"

Prime couldn't figure it out... no way could he be Maxi-Man. Maxi-Man wasn't real. Unknown to both of them was the truth. This monster was just a thought, a wish, a dream gone mad. This monster was just a dream of a young boy named Billy Stephens.

Prime was furious. "I don't care what you are! Maybe you are the real Maxi-Man, but NO ONE THREATENS my GIRLFRIEND!"

Watching from several feet away, Kelly heard Prime's voice. "His girlfriend??" Feelings of excitement and dismay caught at Kelly's heart. Prime DID like her... and she wasn't exactly sure how she felt.

With all his power, Prime broke free from Max-Man's grasp, sending the villain flying. Then Prime raced over to Maxi-Man and blasted him with a barrage of punches. Maxi-Man finally began to weaken.

From the side, Colonel Samuels watched with excitement. He vowed to have Prime's impressive power under his control.

Maxi-Man could no longer withstand the attack. His mind grew fuzzy as he lost his concentration and his own identity became unclear. Maxi-Man began to fade. He was vanishing from existence, just as he appeared from nowhere. And then, he was no more. Once again he was a thought, a fictional character who never really existed.

Prime slumped on the ground. His body frail, he could not savor his victory. He fell to his knees, as his ultra-body began to dissipate.

"Are you okay?" Kelly came over to see how Prime was, but he could not answer. His body melting away.

Russell Green tried to run to save his son, but Samuels and his men held him back. "Interesting. Hid body begins to lose its integrity."

"Samuels! Get your people over there! He's hurt!"

Prime fell backward on to the ground. "Oh my God!!! What's wrong with you,” yelled Kelly. She pressed her hands against his face. "Get up! Are you..." But when she lifted her hands, she realized that Prime was liquefying. "OH MY GOD!!! Prime is MELTING!!!"

Kelly couldn't believe it, she couldn't describe it. Prime was dissolving.

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"A Day In The Life Of"

Originally Written in September, 1998

Written by Walter Kneeland and edited by James Pedrick
Maxi-Man created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

"Ultras are disruptive to our state. Every day, you hear in the news about some ultra destroying that, another ruining something else. In recent times, we've allowed the Ultra problem grow too large. The time has come to cleanse our state, and take it back for people!"

The state senator from California squints against the bright lights, listens to the low din around him as reporters ask neighbors if they got this quote right or that interpretation was legit. Those with cameras now turned them to their live reporters to speak to the audiences watching at home.

"Mister McCoy...what you allege today is totally unfounded! The 'problem', as you put it, is with a few of the ultras, but in no way all ultras. What about heroes like Hardcase and the Squad? What were they?" current Governor Kevin Pike questions.

"They were lucky. They were also vigilantes, they should have let the police do their jobs!"

"They helped the police, who welcomed the assistance of the Squad..."

"They destroyed millions of dollars worth of property, may I remind you Mr. Governor! Who knows what agenda they really held!" shouts Candidate Ray McCoy.

The arguments continue to pass back and forth, but the little boy whose attention was initial grabbed by the word "ultra" doesn't hear it.


His name is Billy Stephens. Recently, he accidentally brought a cartoon character to life. Rather than acting heroic, it proceeded to tear apart a park, battling another Ultra, Prime, to a standstill before finally being defeated. The damage that had resulted took weeks to clean up and repair. Remembering this, he slowly lets his mind drift back to the live broadcast of a debate.

"...round them up and incarcerate them for crimes against the people of the great state of California!"

"And who would you propose we 'round up' first, Mr. McCoy?" Pike asks sarcastically.

"We should begin with that Prime character that tore up the downtown right her in Canoga Park most recently. Then track down that ultra posing as the cartoon character Maxi-Man!"

The two remained silent for a few seconds. "Why, Mr. McCoy, would you bunch them in with all other ultras. Are not all ultras different than eachother. We don’t really know anything about ultras to begin bunching them together into one pot, do we Mr. McCoy?"

"We must have Aladdin go public with what information it has regarding ultras. In fact, didn't an Ultra-vampire break in and destroy much of their equipment recently?"

"Yes...many believe it was an ultra, but then again, there is no proof it was an ultra... or even a vampire."

"Now come on Mr. Governor, we all know what threat these ultras pose toward our society."

Young seven year old, Billy, watches, standing at his mother’s side, holding his teddy bear beside him, slowly growing angry at the bad accusations of the ultras. Especially Maxi-Man and Prime. Prime hurt Maxi-Man, but was only doing what any hero would do if someone was destroying a park and threatening people.

What if Maxi-Man came back and showed them that a vampire is not the same thing? Maybe then they will know that ultras are not bad!

"I don't like that look, Billy....what are you up to...?"

"I'm going to make things right, Teddy. I'm going to help my heroes. That bad man wants to do mean things to them. But Maxi-Man will show him the truth when he captures a vampire!"


The man with the gold skin senses a disturbance. Something powerful.


Can it be? he thinks.


Yes...someone...something...the Shu-Ji...I sense another using it here on earth...

Reluctantly leaving the deserted island he's made his home, the man prepares, and flies towards the source of the disturbance.


The first warning is a series of screams and shrieks from the corner drug-store. People begin milling about in the street, running away, some not sure what to do or why. Then IT walks forth.

Six feet tall. Dark grey skin, large wings flared open as if about to fly away. Glowing red eyes. Long, bone-white talons on its hands and feet. Long fangs protrude from the mouth, dripping blood from a victim who died not two minutes before, screaming. Perhaps most horrifying is the almost blank stare from the red eyes, as if it doesn't see, doesn't care what it's doing.

"Vampire!" someone shouts.

As the crowd panicks more and attempts to escape, the vampire strides forward silently.

Just as it reaches out to grab yet another victim, there's a swoosh of air, and a figure rockets at the vampire, slamming an iron club against its back.

"Stop right there, Vampire! Maxi-Man will put an end to your rampage!"

The vampire hisses, and takes a swipe at the costumed buffoon that dares assault it. The talons slash deep, leaving deep cuts in Maxi-Man's side.

"!?" the costumed super-hero stammers.

Pondering this, Maxi-Man swings his club in a deadly arc.


"Ultras' battles are constantly causing millions of dollars in damage every year! Who's supposed to pay for repairs? So far the government of California has carried most of the bill, yet there has been no punishment to these ultras, and all under your leadership, Mr. Pike. But taxpayers will not stand for this much longer!"



The club punches into the vampire, sending it across the street and through a glass display window. As the creature shrieks in pain, Maxi-Man advances. The creature stills, and as he gets closer, the hero sees a knife sticking up through the vampire's chest. He looks at the sign over the store. Sam's Guns 'n Knives Survival Shoppe.

"Once more, good triumphs over good!" he says, before the mob sees him.

"What happened?" someone asks.

"It's that ultra, Maxi-Man! He killed the vampire, now he's going to kill us! Run!" someone else cries in terror.

"Isn't Maxi-Man a kids' cartoon?"

The voices mingle, and Maxi-Man looks around, his heightened senses allowing him to here this.

"I...I'm not a menace. I'm a hero! I do good! This vampire...would have killed anyone it caught!"

Despite his pleas, Maxi-Man begins to fade some. As he does, the vampire's body fades as well, and within a minute, both are no-where to be found. Still, the effects of the short-lived battle remain. Panicked people falling to mild looting, glass shattered across the street. Seven lie dead.


"This is my fault, isn't it, Teddy?" Billy quietly asks his bear.

"No, Billy. Not exactly. But you have to be more careful what you think and wish for..."


The debate concludes.

Carol Phade, a reporter for a local news station, reports.

"That certainly was an interesting debate, wasn't it folks? What do you feel about ultra-humans? Is there really a 'growing ultra-human menace'? Only time will tell."

The image fades to black, as the station prepares for a commercial. Then the station's logo is shown, and the anchor woman at the news station is seen sitting down again behind the news desk.

"This just in...yet another Ultra-battle has been reported. This time, it is reported that Maxi-Man has battled a vampire, possibly the one rumored to have appeared at Aladdin headquarters. Both disappeared after the conflict. Damage estimates exceed seven million dollars... Meanwhile, early polling shows Ray McCoy is gaining ground quickly, as early numbers show people are more in favor of new ultra-regulations. Popular Governor Kevin Pike, is now leading his race for reelection by only four points, down from an eleven point lead just two weeks ago."

The screen fades out.

Ray McCoy turns his TV off.

I will be elected. And once in office, I will see that Ultras are eradicated!

More of Billy Stephens in upcoming pages of Prince of Void!


Profile of Billy Stephens and Maxi-Man


Prime: A New Twist #5 and 6
Maxi-Man One-Shot Special #1
Coming Soon: Prince of Void #4

Biographical Description

Real Name: Billy Stephens
Age: 7
Residence: Canoga Park, California
School: Johnson Elementary
Relatives: Mrs. Stephens (his mom)
Friends and Allies: Mother, Teddy Bear, Maxi-Man
Enemies: Prime (Maxi-Man's enemy anyway)

Physical Description

Height: 3'6"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Nationality: Caucasian

His story thus far:

Little is known about Billy. We do know he is a seven year old, who, somehow, has the ability to wish things true and communicate to his own teddy bear. He also managed to turn a cartoon character named Maxi-Man into REAL LIFE! More on this character in the upcoming page of Prince of Void!

Check out Prince of Void #4... coming May 16th!


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