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Prime: The New Adventures #4
September 2002

"Welcome to the Big Apple, Part 4: Prime vs. Liberty"

    Written by James Pedrick
    Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
    Property of Malibu Comics

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Continued from Prime: The New Adventures #3


Kevin Green/Prime – Thirteen year old Kevin Green found that he had the incredible ability to transform into the world’s greatest ultra – Prime! After defeating those responsible for making him what he has become, Kevin Green and his alter-ego Prime are starting a new life out in the Big Apple. New York City. And after defeating terrorists trying to attack the Statue of Liberty and Roosevelt Junior High, Prime was finally popular among the general public. But now his popularity as a hero may be diminished as the Mind Shaper has forced Prime to attack the UN Building by killing Kevin’s Aunt Ruth and threatening the life of his mother.

Martha Green – Kevin’s mother has been through a lot recently. While living in Canoga Park, California, her son was acting weird and had frequently disappeared for long periods of time. Her husband, Russell Green, knew the reasons behind Kevin’s strange behavior but refused to tell Martha the reasoning. The lying and covering up led Martha to separate from her husband and move her son to New York City with Kevin’s Aunt Ruth. Trouble continues to follow Martha, though, as her Aunt Ruth recently passed away on her birthday. Though there was no apparent cause, Kevin knows it was because of the Mind Shaper.

Kelly Cantrell – In Canoga Park, Kevin has always been in love with Kelly Cantrell but was never popular enough to win her affection. When Prime showed interest in her, she was at first flattered but then afraid that someone so old would like her. Soon, her life was endangered because of her relation with Kevin and Prime. She has decided she did not want to be a part of his life and was somewhat relieved when he moved to New York City. But she still thinks about him every once and a while. She is currently babysitting seven year old Billy Stephens but does not know that the kid has the ability to create things with his imagination.

Carol Phade – She was the star reporter in Canoga Park, California and had reported on the local ultra, Prime, once he made headlines by attacking a gym coach at the junior high gym and fighting an evil monster version of the cartoon Maxi-Man. Carol Phade followed Prime to New York City and heads Channel Four’s Prime-Time News Team to cover the city’s beloved ultra hero. Secretly, Carol Phade became obsessed with Prime but was recently rejected by the ultra. She thinks she was rejected because she is not an ultra, when it is really because Prime is only a thirteen year old kid.

Kevin’s Friends – At Roosevelt Junior High, Kevin has met three new friends: Stephanie, John, and Cory. None of them are incredibly popular at school. Kevin recently met their other friend, Michael Hardaway, who was cured somehow from a disease that had early left him crippled and sick all the time.

The Mind Shaper – The Mind Shaper is a mysterious new villain who can control people’s bodies by inhabiting their minds. The people die once he exits their minds and inhabits another. He was behind the attack on the Statue of Liberty. After Prime defeated his henchmen, including the ultra Kutter, the Mind Shaper was able to trace Prime’s whereabouts to Roosevelt Junior High and attacked the school to bring forth Prime. But even the combine powers of Kutter and Planet Class were not able to defeat Prime. The Mind Shaper has most recently used his abilities to kill Aunt Ruth in order to persuade Prime into attacking the UN Building for him.

Aladdin – A mysterious organization of the United States government that monitors ultra activity and intervenes when necessary. Recently, some within the organization have been monitoring the Mind Shaper.

Liberty – He was the first ultra ever created by the United States government. He was created to fight in World War II but went into hiding after the government tried to kill him for national security purposes. Now, Liberty has reemerged after attacks on the Statue of Liberty to help fight against ultras who use their abilities to harm innocents.

Three or four hours ago, somewhere in New York

“Here is the deal. Our interrogations of Kutter and Planet Class have led us to believe that Simmons, or the Mind Shaper as he is calling himself, will next attack the UN Building. At which point, it will be your job to distract him while our men find the base of his operations. We cannot be sure what type of physical force he will use in his attack, but we can be certain there will be ultras in his cause.”

“Who is this guy?” Liberty asked bluntly.

“Simmons used to work for us here at Aladdin on brainwashing technology. He was terminated when he began using that technology against his own co-workers. Simmons built some form of device that allowed its user to enter the minds of humans, controlling their every action. Without getting too technical, the mind is pretty much wiped out when Simmons takes it over. Therefore, the body is incapable of functioning once Simmons leaves. Thus, the person dies when Simmons is through with them. Of course, it wasn’t hard to discover Simmons’ actions when the bodies piled up around the office. We were also able to discover a way to protect ourselves from his technology. It seems his technology is unable to inhabit the minds of ultras. Somehow, ultra powers trigger a dormant mechanism in the brain that blocks the device from taking over. We were able to create a drug that helps develop a similar block in the brain.”

“What exactly does Simmons want?”

“We believe he is crazy. A side effect of the machine he is using and the damage in the brain from inhabiting other minds. Apparently, the main purpose of attacking the Statue of Liberty and next the UN Building is to build an empire. If he can cause a rift between the general public and ultras because the public is afraid of ultras, then he can come in as their leader. We believe he wants to lead ultras into a ruling class. But, we believe that is only part of his plan. Simmons wants to the secret behind the mechanism in ultras’ mind. Unlocking this secret could not only allow him to enter the minds of ultras… but possibly help him better his abilities, perhaps to mind shaping on a larger scale.”

“You mean?”

“This mechanism may allow Simmons to control the minds of millions at once.”

“Then he must be stopped.”

“I am glad you agree, Liberty. We have found a way to trace the signals sent between this machine and the mind it is controlling. Once he attacks, we will be able to track him down. When we do, we will put an end to him once and for all.”

Now – UN Building, New York City

Prime hovered in the air in front of the giant hole he had smashed into the UN Building’s roof. On the ground was Liberty, the legendary ultra from World War II.

As the two ultras prepared for the inevitable battle, the ambassadors and foreign dignitaries ducked for cover, careful not to get in harm’s way but sure to get a good view at the same time. They were to discuss the growing concern of ultras in the world. Nations debated how to control the epidemic of people gaining abilities, either by choice, phenomenon, or even birth. Poorer nations wished to limit the ability of richer nations from creating ultras for imperial use, while richer nations wanted to control the use of ultras by rogue nations with uncontrollable leaders. This battle could easily determine how the skeptical public would view ultras and interference by their governments.

“I don’t want to hurt anybody,” he cried. He was telling the truth. Prime did not want to hurt anyone, especially his mother. But the Mind Shaper threatened to kill Kevin’s mother as he did his aunt if Prime did not do his bidding.

The Mind Shaper had promised he would not have to hurt anyone, just cause a scare and announce the Mind Shaper’s demands. But that was before Prime knew he would have competition.

“You have a funny way of showing it.” Liberty was eighty-five years old, but he did not look it. “I must admit, I thought you were a true patriot when you defended the Statue of Liberty against terror. But now it looks as if you have betrayed everything that she stands for!”

“I didn’t mean to,” Prime sobbed. He wished he could turn around, but he could not now.

The voice of the Mind Shaper rang in his ears, “Kill him, Prime!”

“But you said no one would be hurt!” Prime said out loud, to the confusion of all present.

“You can still stop this, Prime!” Liberty stated, realizing Prime was being commanded by the Mind Shaper.

“Do you wish your mother to suffer the same fate as your aunt?!” the Mind Shaper added.

Prime’s face was then filled with anger. Though his anger was fueled by the Mind Shaper, he was forced to direct it against Liberty.

He charged forward with his fists aimed in front. With incredible speed, Liberty managed to dodge Prime’s attack and fling him away into a wall.

“You are strong, Prime, but lack the skill of a true soldier,” Liberty commented as he jumped on top of his opponent. Pressing his knee into Prime’s side, Liberty began to swing left and right with quick and forceful blows into Prime’s head.

Elsewhere in New York City

“Okay, men, let’s go.”

Outside the UN Building parked three large black vans, each filled with about a dozen armed agents. They all worked for an agency of the United States government called Aladdin, whose purpose was to monitor ultra activities within the country. If needed, they were to interfere when ultra activity threatened national security.

They were currently monitoring the activities of the Mind Shaper, also known as Charles Simmons, a former Aladdin researcher. They were familiar enough with Simmons’ machinery and technology to learn how to trace its signals. They had just traced the signal to an abandoned warehouse.

“It’s always an abandoned warehouse,” the leader of this outfit joked. The first of the three vans sped off and the other two soon followed. “Remember, guys,” the leader announced over a radio so that the men in all three vans could hear him, “When we find Simmons, I put the bullet in his head. This is personal.”

UN Building

Liberty continued to pound on Prime as men and women of all nations cheered him on from the side. He looked around to see if he could spot the Mind Shaper inhabiting the body of another person. Normally, no one would be able to figure out such a mystery, it would be like reading minds. But years ago, Liberty was known as Scott Phillips, a spy for the U.S. military. It was his job to read minds, body language, and motion.

He looked at the U.S. Ambassador and saw his obvious discontent with Liberty’s presence. But his attention was suddenly distracted, as Prime came to and pushed Liberty off of him.

Liberty rose from the ground to make another attack but was quickly sent back down as Prime slapped his hands together, sitting a forceful wave of sound against Liberty’s balance.

“I’m sorry… but I have to do this!” Prime picked up Liberty’s fallen body and threw him across the chambers.

The Mind Shaper, though, was not so confident. Liberty had compromised his ability to terrorize the United Nations assembly. Prime was to present the Mind Shaper’s demands, for the establishment of a sovereign nation under his jurisdiction with funding provided by the United Nations. A nation established for ultras to lead the world, while he funneled money into his research. Just the opposition of the world’s most trusted ultra would cause a panic among the nations that no one would be safe unless the granted him control.

With Liberty’s presence, though, the nations would be more interested in a fight back. Still, this could prove successful. The battle between Liberty and Prime would show the world what was to come: a war between ultras and those who fear them, a war orchestrated by the Mind Shaper so that he could control both sides once he found the secrets behind the minds of ultras. And he knew that secret had to lie somewhere, somewhere in the mind of the perfect ultra.

Canoga Park

Kelly tucked the young seven year old Billy Stephens into bed.

“Good night, Billy,” she said as she began to close the door.

Billy rolled over in his bed and grabbed hold of his teddy bear. He wasn’t sure why, but something did not feel right.

Kelly walked down the stairs. Now that the kid was in bed, she could watch something a little more entertaining, something other than cartoons. She sat down and flipped on the television. It was about him; it was about Prime. No matter what, she would never be able to get away from him. Part of her wanted to see him again. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through. She heard about his attack on the UN Building the day before and how he might even be dead. Some people hoped he was, thinking him a villain. But she knew there must have been a good explanation… and she knew he could not have been dead.

Outside, a black van waited. “We’re sensing some heat movement. Someone is walking down the stairs now.”

“Okay, let’s move. Apprehend everything alive.”

“Yes, sir.”

Back at the UN Building

Liberty stood to his feat but was soon attacked by Prime once more. Prime flew straight

toward him, grabbing his chest and slamming him into a wall.

Though Liberty had the advantage in experience and skill, Prime was far more superior in strength and speed. Still, Liberty could feel Prime weakening. But he was not sure if he would. Liberty continued to attack Prime with kicks and punches when he could, but the sheer size and strength of Prime was taking its toll on the legendary ultra.

Suddenly, Liberty was welcomed with an unsurprising backup. He was small but fast as he zipped onto the scene. He wore a flashy suit that was silver with a bright, neon green helmet, armored vest, and boots and light blue padding over the silver suit on his legs and crotch. The young, nameless ultra raced around Prime’s huge figure at speeds so quick, the human eye could not possibly figure out where he was.

Prime was confused as to what to do, when suddenly the quick ultra turned right into him, hitting him with incredible speed, flying him backward into a wall.

The young ultra looked at Prime. He was no taller than five and half feet tall, at the most. Much shorter than Prime’s giant 7’6” size and Liberty’s height of 6’4”.

“I always had a suspicion about you, Prime. Well, now you’ll fall to the incredible speed of Turbocharge!

Liberty, meanwhile, used the distraction to go after the Mind Shaper.

Elsewhere in New York…

Over thirty armed men stormed upon the abandoned warehouse. Surprisingly, the place was empty, except for one room.

A middle-aged man sat in a chair with strange machinery attached to it. A helmet of sort was placed over his head. One could think the man was already dead if it weren’t for the occasional twitches.

“We found Simmons, sir.”

“God job, men,” their commander stated as he pulled out a pistol and aimed it toward their enemy.

UN Building

The Mind Shaper was now inhabiting the mind of the U.S. Ambassador. With Turbocharge’s speed adding to Liberty’s strength, he knew his Prime had little chance of winning this battle.

He began to run away, as he noticed Liberty making a move toward him.

“Not so fast, Simmons! I know who you are!”

The Mind Shaper was not sure how this ultra could know he was inhabiting the Ambassador’s mind. Perhaps he was working with Aladdin, Simmons thought.

Suddenly, Liberty jumped on to of the ambassador and began throwing blows at him. But the ambassador was soon lifeless. The Mind Shaper had moved.


Simmons’ eyes suddenly opened and he saw the Aladdin agents before him.

“Hello, Simmons,” the Aladdin agent said with a smile as he pulled the trigger and shot Simmons in the forehead.

The agent turned around to be congratulated by one of his men.

“Congratulations, Mr. Shoat.”

UN Building

Liberty threw down the lifeless body and turned around to watch the continuing battle unfolding. Looking around, he saw the attention the media and politicians gave the battle. They were so wrapped up in the “entertainment” they were not even concerned with their own safety.

Meanwhile, Prime and Turbocharge continued to fight. Turbocharge did not possess the incredible strength that Prime did, nor did his uniform do much to cushion the blows.

Turbocharge did his best to dodge Prime’s attacks but could feel himself weakening. He did not know, however, that his attacks against Prime were weakening Prime’s prime-bodies as well.

Finally, as Turbocharge was weakening, Prime was able to get a hold of him. Prime, himself, felt his body beginning to wear. He was not sure how much more time he had left. After getting a hold on Turbocharge, he threw him against the ground.

Turbocharge laid on the ground in agony. He was evidently in a lot of pain. He tried to get up, but his knees quickly gave in. Prime looked down at what he did in shame. He had never felt so guilty about a victory before.

Turbocharge then began to shake rapidly. Soon, a man came over to Turbocharge’s side. “Are you okay?!” the man shouted. “What were you thinking?!” the man then asked, looking at Prime with tears running down his cheeks, “He’s only a boy!”

Kevin was devastated. He did not mean to hurt anyone. What if the boy died because of him? Prime quickly jumped into the air, he had to get out of there.

Liberty quickly ran forward and clung on to Prime’s leg.

Prime looked back and tried to kick Liberty off as they fled through the air, but Liberty managed to climb his way up Prime’s body and threw punches into his sides. The two were eventually flying over New York Harbor.

News reporters and camera men frantically tried to watch the two as they fought in the air, and many news stations were quick to divert their traffic helicopters to get better footage. But Prime’s body soon gave way, as Prime and Liberty fell into the water below them.

Prime’s body fell apart, turning into a green goop all over the young Kevin Green. Liberty saw the glob of goop that once was Prime and could make out the body of a young teenager within it.

He fought through the goop and grabbed the young Kevin Green, pulling him with him as he swam toward the shore.

Liberty drug Kevin on to the shore. The boy was unconscious. Liberty quickly gave him mouth-to-mouth.

Kevin awoke to find Liberty in front of him. He felt so embarrassed. Because of the Mind Shaper’s threats, he was forced to battle a great hero like Liberty, someone who stood for everything he tried to stand for as Prime. But things never seemed to work out for Prime.

“Mine telling me what is going on here, son?” Liberty asked. His voice was filled with confidence, but inside he was very confused. Could this small boy really be the ultra he was just battling?

“Uh…” Kevin tried to cover himself. He was very cold, very wet, and very naked. “I’m not really sure where I would begin.”

Liberty helped clean Kevin up, as Kevin told him about everything that had happened to him. He felt so free talking about it with someone. He told Liberty about his father and Doctor Gross being responsible for his creation as Prime, about Colonel Samuels trying to take advantage of him, about Mind Shaper killing his aunt and threatening his mother to get him to attack the UN Building. Kevin felt like Liberty was someone who could really help him become a true hero. By the time he was through explaining his story, he had broken into tears many times.

Liberty stood there, appalled at everything this kid had gone through. He could relate to the whole story. He, too, was turned into something unnatural for the benefits of others. His life and the life of his family were ruined as a result. He was taken advantage of and often asked to do things against his will. But he at least made the choice to get into the mess he was in. This kid was only thirteen. He never asked for any of it.

Liberty patted Kevin on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, kid, I won’t let this ever happen to you again. I won’t let this happen to anyone ever again. No more can we have people meddling with science, turning others into monsters for personal gain, acting as God to give themselves special gifts over others. That all ends now!”

Liberty was full of anger. He had a mission now. But he wasn’t sure exactly how far he would go with that, how far he could go. For as soon as he spoke those words, he realized the inner-conflict he now faced.

Could he really prevent others from becoming ultras without infringing on their personal liberties? But surely something had to be done. Could transforming someone into an ultra really benefit them?


Michael Hardaway laid on a hospital bead with numerous tubes running into his body.

“Michael,” his father said with concern and anger in his voice, “You have to be more careful. These muscle strengtheners, this medicine, and this body suit were all designed to help you walk again. I know they give you special abilities. But you can’t just go around pretending to be a super hero. You’re only fourteen. I can’t afford to lose you… like I lost her.”

Michael watched as his father began to cry.

“Dad, I had to. If I didn’t Prime would have killed that superhero.”


“Carol Phade, I can assure you Prime is alive and well. Aladdin is going to clear his name of any wrong doing.”

Carol was relieved that he was all right.

“Miss Phade, I am willing to give you a chance at your dreams. To turn you into an ultra, America’s ultra.”

“I’d be honored, Mr. Shoat,” she responded with a smile.

New York City

Martha Green sat alone, crying. Her sister was dead, and no one knew how it could have possibly happened.

Kevin wanted to go over there and comfort her, but he did not know how. For inside, he knew it was his fault. His Aunt Ruth was dead because of Prime. The same reason that his parents broke up. Perhaps this recent media fallout with Prime painted as the bad guy was for the best. Now Kevin had a reason, once and for all, to put an end to Prime. No one needed Prime. Not anymore.

Then a knock came on the door. Kevin went to answer it.


Canoga Park – A day later…

Kelly was blindfolded and not able to see anything. She heard a man walk into the room. Just a few hours earlier she had been kidnapped and was now being held captive somewhere.

“Where is he, little girl?” the man asked.

“I don’t know… I haven’t seen him in a long time. I don’t know where he is!”

Kelly could tell the man was growing angrier. “Don’t play me for a fool! I am not stupid. What do you mean you haven’t seen him in a long time?!”

“I haven’t,” she insisted as tears rushed down her face, “I haven’t seen Prime since he went to New York!”

The man laughed, “Who said I was looking for Prime?! I am talking about the little boy. We know he was in that house. My men searched it from top the bottom. Where is the little snot, girl?”

Kelly was terrified. What would they do to him? What did they want with Billy Stephens?

While elsewhere, a young seven year-old boy hid amongst some trees. Frightened and alone, except for a small teddy bear to his side.


Well, PRIME has finally made himself known in New York City. But, as you can see, there is still plenty of room for new adventures of PRIME! Please e-mail me at with any comments. Also, see the story behind Liberty in Liberty - The Legend of World War II.

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