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The new Prime mini-series will lead off where the last series ended... or didn't quite end.  The last two issues, and beginning of the unfinished storyline, is below:

Issue #1 by James Pedrick
(added July 1999)

Issue #2 by James Pedrick
(added August 1999)

Issue #3 by James Pedrick
(added August 2002)

Issue #4 by James Pedrick
(added September 2002)

Issue #0 by James Pedrick
(added March 1999)

Issue #1 by James Pedrick
(added March 1999)

Issue #2 by James Pedrick
(added April 1999)

Issue #3 by James Pedrick
(added June 1999)

Issue #4 by James Pedrick
(added August 2002)

Issue #5 by James Pedrick
(added September 2002)

Introduction to U:ANT


This website was created by James Pedrick.  All logos were created by and are property of Malibu Comics, except "Ultraverse: A New Twist" logos and "Prince of Void" logos which were created by Walt Kneeland.  All characters on this site are the property of Malibu Comics, unless otherwise noted.

Welcome to the Ultraverse: A New Twist fan fiction site, home to all your favorite ultras!  Below you will find information regarding this site and updates to it.  Below that (in the blue area) you will find links to all of our past titles and issues.  To the left, you will find the most recent additions to Ultraverse: A New Twist.

The Ultraverse: A New Twist site no longer puts up stories regularly. But that doesn't mean the site won't have stories posted from time to time. For example, James Pedrick has just completed his Prime: The New Adventures storyline "Welcome to the Big Apple" and his Liberty - Legend of World War II mini-series. Both stories started three years ago but have finally been completed. Check out more information below. And if you are interested in writing Ultraverse stories, e-mail jamespedrick@yahoo.com. We are hoping to find a lot of people interested in writing stories to honor the Ultraverse's 10th Anniversary next year.

New Issues (September 2002)


"Welcome to the Big Apple" concludes here! But this time, Prime is the bad guy and none other than Liberty, the Legend of World War II, comes to take him down as the two battle it out in front of the world! Who will survive? And will the public ever trust Prime again? Click here to read it!

Check out Prime: The New Adventures #1, issue #2, and issue #3 that lead into this issue!
Also, check out the Prime: The New Adventures Web Page for more on Prime!


Liberty faced the Nazis, now he has to deal with his own government. The conclusion of "Legend of World War II" as we learn how Liberty went from hero to legend. Click here to read it!

Read Liberty - Legend of World War II issue #1, issue #2, issue #3, and issue #4 first!
And for more information on Liberty, go to the Liberty Web Page!

For those of you with a good memory. Next year is the Ultraverse's Tenth Anniversary! So, while we cannot be posting regular titles anymore, I would be more than happy to post any stories, if completed fully, or link to any stories that celebrate the Ultraverse's Tenth Anniversary next year (2003). If you are interested, let me know at jamespedrick@yahoo.com. One such story that will hopefully get created is PRIME : TRIBUTE. Check out the preview site, where you can join an e-mail list to be told when the story is available, by clicking on the logo below!

T  R  I  B  U  T  E

Don't know what the heck the Ultraverse is?   Well, check out our Introduction to the Ultraverse: A New Twist Page, which will introduce you to the Ultraverse, explain how it began and how it ended, and exactly what the Ultraverse: A New Twist was and what its mission was.

Check out the Mantraverse Website at http://www.geocities.com/mantraverse for stories about Mantra, including the rest of A Mirror For Mantra, a story which originated at this site and is now available at http://www.geocities.com/~mantraverse/stories/fanfiction/Mirror0.htm 

Interested in talking about the Ultraverse: A New Twist?   Join our Ultraverse discussion list by OneList, home to other Ultraverse fans.

Want to read even more fan fiction?  Check out the Cosmic Power Fan Fiction Group, starring the cosmic characters of the Marvel Universe!

Ultraverse Fan Fiction
I hope you like Ultraverse fan fiction, because we have plenty of it for you.   Click below on a title's logo for its archive page, with information on each of its issues, or click on the issue to go straight to it!  And please, leave our authors some comments and suggestions.

Written by Mike Hintze

Issue #1


Written by J.D. Struss

Issue #1


Written by Mike Shirley

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3
by Jericho Vilar


Written by C.D. Lee

Issues #1-10 available at Mantraverse Website 

Written by Martin Lawson

Issue #0

Issue #1
(coming soon)

Prime: A New Twist written by James Pedrick

Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4
Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7 Issue #8
Issue #9 Strangers #10 Priemevil #1
Prime: The New Adventures by James Pedrick
The Story So Far Issue #1
Issue #2 Issue #3
Issue #4 Visit Prime Website

Mini-series by Walt Kneeland

Issue #1 Issue #2
Prince of Void Series
by Walt Kneeland
Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3
Issue #4  

Written by Les "Lex" Chaon

Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4
Issue #4 Issue #5 Issue #6 Issue #7
Issue #8 Pilgrim #1 Issue #9 Issue #10
Visit the Strangers Website

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