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Before reading, please read Strangers #4.

Strangers: A New Twist #4

September, 1998

Written by Lex
Edited by James Pedrick
Created by Steve Englehart
Property of Malibu Comics

“Well, Mates, quite the job we did wasn’t it,” says Gecko as he walks down the street with the Strangers."

“Capturing The Chill and stopping the ice robberies. All in a nights
work for…THE STRANGERS.”

“Stop clowning, Hugh,” says Atom Bob. “I still wish The Grip wouldn’t’ve gotten away like he did.”


As they pass a dark alleyway, no one notices someone watching them. He’s an African American. He is wearing a metallic costume that looks like a futuristic military uniform. He has a patch over his right eye; the patch has a telescopic lens on it.

“Look at those Strangers, so smug now that they’ve caught ‘The Bad Guy.’ It makes me sick. But now that I’m going to work for Aladdin, things will be different. And I will get revenge on The Strangers, and all others who have wronged me!”


“Did you hear somethin’ Beanpole?” asks Zip-Zap.

“No I did not,” says Yrial in an angry tone, “and stop referring to me as ‘Beanpole.’ I dislike it.”

“Whatever you say, Beanpole.” Zip-Zap runs up to Lady Killer.

“Leon, I loved that battle cry you yelled back there. ‘Slam ‘em Strangers!’ That was nice, we should always say that.”

“Yeah cool…now about this school thing. I’m happy to go. I’ve been on the streets for a while and I figure I’ll need it.”

“Glad to hear it, Leon. I already called the school and they’re all set for you when school starts next week. I’ve told them that if there’s a Strangers emergency, I’ll call them and they will let you out of class for it, okay?”



A newly –made Police Ultra-criminal Transport (P.U.T.) wagon rolls down the streets from the warehouse district to the police station. Inside is a large man with light blue skin and white hair that sticks up like icicles. On his hands are metal gloves to keep his power, of turning things to ice, under control.

“The criminal empire that I was building has been destroyed. No one will take me seriously anymore. And it’s all The Strangers’ fault! They’ll soon know that NO ONE can lock up…The Grip!”


“…I was talking to the police officers about where they plan on keeping The Chill and other ultra criminals.”

“Where could they possibly keep criminals with ultra powers, Bob?” asks Electrocute.

“Well they’ve been looking into the option of reopening the old Alcatraz and converting it into an ultra prison.”

“But isn’t that place just for tourists now?”

“Yes, but I’m sure the public would rather have a safe place for ultra-criminals rather then another tourist trap.”

Electrocute giggles and puts her head on Atom Bob’s shoulder, giving a big sigh.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

“Would you like to go to a movie, Bob?”

“Uh…I would love to…are you asking me on a date?”

“Yeah I am, does that bother you?”

“Not at all, in fact, I was thinking of asking you to a moon lit stroll some night.”

“We can do that too,” giggles Electrocute.


“Can ya believe that, Dave? Bob gettin’ a fox like that. What I would give you be in his shoes, y’know?”

“I think it’s sweet, Hugh. Reminds me that I have to give a call to a friend from high school. See if she wants dinner or something.”

“Jeez, I feel like I’m on Love Connection all of a sudden.”

“Why don’t you find someone, Hugh?”

“I don’t know, it’d be hard to date anyone besides cheerleaders like I did in high school. I could still probably get most any girl I meet, I mean…who wouldn’t want to go with me?”

They both burst out laughing.


Later at the Strangers’ headquarters…

“Well I must be off now I’m afraid, Mates.”

“Okay,” says Lady Killer. “But are you sure you won’t reconsider our offer of joining the Strangers?”

“’Fraid not. I’m kind of a loner.”

“Well then I hope we’ll get to work with you on another case sometime,” says Atom Bob putting out his hand.

“It’d be my pleasure,” says Gecko shaking Bob’s hand.

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