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Prime: A New Twist #1-9, Strangers: A New Twist #10, Primevil #1, Prime: The New Adventures #1

Biographical Description

Real Name: Kevin Green
Age: 13
Residence: Canoga Park, California
School: JFK Jr. High School
Relatives: Martha Green (mother), Russell Green (father), Aunt Ruth
Friends and Allies: Kelly, Scott, Jim Powers, Strangers
Enemies: Coach Meyers, Doctor Gross, Duey, Organism 8, Prototype, Max-Man, Colonel Samuels, Primevil

Physical Description

Height: (as Kevin) 5'4", (as Prime) 7'6"
Weight: (as Kevin) 100lbs., (as Prime) 375lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Nationality: Caucasian

Prime’s Body: Prime’s body is made up of a biological, green goop which extracts from Kevin Green’s chest. The goop then covers Kevin’s body and forms into the body of Prime. When Prime’s body receives too much damage or pressure, it loses its formation, leaving Kevin Green’s body covered with goop. The goop also destroys anything unnatural, destroying all of Kevin’s closed when Kevin transforms to or from Prime. Prime’s body can last to as long as 72 hours. But Kevin must replenish his energy during the time he is Kevin and thus cannot "prime" until 12-24 hours after his last "priming."

Prime’s Costume: The external part of Prime’s body is skin and in fact feels like, Prime. Prime’s costume is part of his body. It feels like flesh, just like the rest of Prime’s external body. The costume consists of a red "P" logo on his chest, with gold armor covering his upper body. It also consists of a red cape and red from the waist down, gold boots, and red and gold gloves.

Powers and Abilities

Prime has not yet found his maximum level of strength or speed, but we know he can lift the size of an airplane and may be able to fly as fast as the speed of sound. His Prime-body absorbs bullets, making him invulnerable to them. He has also withstood a nuclear blast and a grenade, but Kevin has not yet, fully explored all of his vast powers and resources. He is, however, vulnerable, especially to electricity, as seen with his battle against Doctor Gross. This is probably because electricity can move through Prime’s body and in through Kevin’s, making him weaker. Prime also becomes weakened after being Prime for long periods of time, and needs to recharge his energy as Kevin.


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