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Prime: A New Twist #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and Primevil #1

Biographical Description

Real Name: Russell Green
Age: 40
Residence: Canoga Park, California
Occupation: Chemical engineer in Canoga Park, once worked for research program under Colonel Samuels in the Military
Relatives: Martha Green (wife), Kevin Green (son)
Friends and Allies: Jim Powers
Enemies: Colonel Samuels, Dr. Gross, Primevil

Physical Description

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Nationality: Caucasian

His story thus far:

Russell Green worked at a fertility research center, which was unusually run by the government. Russell, along with most of the chemical engineers there, knew little or none of what the project they were working on was. They just worked on developing and researching chemicals and compounds they were told to work on. Samuels, Russell’s boss, knew Russell and his wife, Martha, were having difficulties with having a baby. Samuels offered a plan which would actually allow his wife to have a son. Russell agreed, wanting nothing more than to have a son. The procedure, however, was experimental, but he was told they were trying to find a way to actually make humans stronger and give them longer lives. Believing there was not much risk, Russell agreed, but never told his wife that the procedure was really only experimental, because he did not want to frighten her.

However, thirteen years later, Russell learned his son, Kevin, was actually the new, famous ultra called Prime, and that this was the reason for Kevin’s sudden disappearances. Russell contacted Samuels to get help for his son, but was only asking for trouble. Samuels captured Prime and used him for his own causes. Russell didn’t want to do. Even worse, his wife was starting to suspect that he knew why Kevin was disappearing. Finally, Russell couldn’t even bear to face his wife and go home, when a man named Jim Powers contacted him and offered to help.

The two attempted to save Kevin, and succeeded, but Jim Powers died in the battle and so did Colonel Samuels. Now, Russell must face his son over what he has done to him and learn how to face his wife about the lies he has continued to live. At the same time, he now must find who was behind the creation of Prime, and try to take down their hidden agenda.  But his mission to find answers and a cure for his son's ability, costed him his marriage.  His wife, Martha took Kevin to New York for a new life.

But soon after they left, Russell found a doctor in San Fransisco, who was willing to help Kevin.  Russell sent for Kevin to meet with him, where they both found out the doctor was really Gross, in a new, unstable ultra body.   Gross captured Prime, but Prime was freed by a creature named Primevil.  As Prime fought Primevil, Russell Green killed Doctor Gross.

Now Russell begins his search to find the men behind Prime's creation and for the cure to end Prime's being.


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