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ImageProfile of Colonel Samuels


Prime: A New Twist #6, 7, and 8

Biographical Description

Real Name: Aaron Samuels
Age: 56
Residence: No Permanent Residence
Occupation: Colonel
Friends and allies: Doctor Gross (former)
Enemies: Prime, Russell Green, Jim Powers

Physical Description

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Grey
Nationality: Caucasian

His story thus far:

Colonel Samuels is no longer actually with the government or military... technically. Files show he has disappeared since the program which developed Prime was closed in 1982. But Samuels has managed to sneak his away around at shutdown military bases and has even managed to still lead a troop of soldiers, who do not know he is no longer even associated with the government. Somehow, he was connected to someone really powerful.

Colonel Samuels began working on a top secret program to strengthen the life, strength, and stamina of humans by transforming their genetic code in 1981, when he joined the research of Doctor Vince Gross. But Gross and Samuels some how found a way to actually transform humans into ultra-soldiers. But something in their research was missing. Their experiments resulted in the miscarriages of dozens of babies and the death of many of the mothers participating in the project. When a group of senators found out about the program, they threatened to begin hearings, and the program was shutdown in 1982. But then reopened immediately with funds from an unknown investor. It then continued until 1987, when investigators once again came close to catching them. All evidence was destroyed and the files linking every child to their program destroyed. The whereabouts of Samuels during the last decade is unknown.

Recently, Prime showed up. Russell Green, who contacted Samuels about "finding a way for them to have a child," contacted Samuels to tell him Prime was his son and that he was a result of Gross’s experiments. Samuels captured Prime and ran tests on him, planning to form his new ultra-army by continuing the research on Prime and using Prime to seek revenge. But his plans never came to be. Prime defeated Samuels. Knowing he would be caught and that the over-all mission (whose leader is still unknown) would then be jeopardized, Samuels committed suicide.

Exactly what the overall goal of Colonel Samuels and the people in charge of him is, is still uncertain, but part of it was to build an ultra army which would take control of the United States government from within.




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