Before reading, please read Prime #4 and 5.

Power of Prime #1 - Story #1
September, 1998

"Trail to Redemption"

Written by James Pedrick
Created by Gerald Jones and Len Strazewski
Property of Malibu Comics

Three days after tomorrow.

How ironic. Russell thinks. One man, filled with hatred, has one mission: to build up an army of ultras to rule our country with. Another man tries to stop him. The man with hatred kills the other, and we, the country which the man with hatred hated so much, burry the two together.

What is the world coming to? I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Samuels said he was just a piece of the puzzle. Who else is behind it? Who else is waiting, until we get so cozey in our safe little world, that they will snatch us up? I have to find out... for my son and for my country.

Russell Green steps out of his car.

He watches from a distance, as they burry Colonel Samuels and Jim Powers. Two officers who they say, "died in a freak explosion while stationed under cover at a local military base." If the public only knew.

Russell Green reflects on his past. Colonel Samuels lied to him. He said his son would be alright. Samuels risked the life of Russell’s son for his own agenda.

Russell looked up to see Jim’s family. Jim’s daughter was only 11. She now without a father. He then looked over and saw Nathan, Colonel Samuels’s son. Nathan wasn’t much younger than Kevin. How could Samuels be willing to risk so much? Didn’t he know what it was all worth? And then, in an act of cowardness, Samuels killed himself. Leaving his son fatherless. Did he care about anyone but himself?

Russell wept.

He went back to his car, and drove onward. Away from it all. Away from Canoga Park and on to his next mission in life, his mission toward redemption.

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