Part 1: Appearances from First Appearance to Pre-Volume 2

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Click here! Silver Surfer Annual #6 (Summer 1993) - written by Ron Marz, Cover and Card art appearance drawn by Ron Lim, inside art appearances by Joe Phillips

Features first appearance and origin of Genis-Vell.  Genis also meets the Silver Surfer for the first time, learns about his past and that his father is Captain Mar-Vell, is given Nega Bands by his mother, Elysius, faces Ronan the Accuser, and takes on the name Legacy.  The issue also features a card of Legacy, as well as other backup stories with different characters.
Click here for a long summary and review of annual #6.

Click here! Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #90 (March 1994) - written by Ron Marz, Cover art appearance by Ron Lim, interior art appearance by Bill Marimon

On Calculex, Legacy battles the Silver Surfer after he is confronted about the use of his powers.  In the end, Legacy sees the error in his ways (to intimidate his enemies of the past) and promises to reform.
Click here for a long summary and review of issue #90.

Secret Defenders #14

Click here! Cosmic Powers #4 (June 1994) - written by Ron Marz, cover and interior art by Ron Lim, features Legacy as main character

Legacy confronts Nitro with the intention of killing him to avenge his father's death, but, after defeating him, chooses to have him imprisoned on Titan.   There, he, along with Mentor and Starfox, are visited by Jack of Hearts, who wishes for help against Terrax and Thanos.  Legacy goes with him, after Mentor agrees that Starfox's power will do no good against his brother, Thanos.  Click here for a longer summary as well as a review of Cosmic Powers #4.

Cosmic Powers #5-6 (July-August 1994) - written by Ron Marz, art by Tom Grindberg (#5) and Scot Eaton (#6)

Silver Surfer Annual #7 (Summer of 1994) - written by Ron Marz, art by Tom Grindberg, Scot Eaton, and Ron Lim

Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #105-109 (June-October 1995) - written by Mike Lackey, art by Tom Grindberg

Click here! Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #110 (November 1995) - written by Mike Lackey, art by John Buscema

Issue #110 leads up to Legacy's Captain Marvel series.  In it, Legacy brings the Surfer to Sylloqonia, a planet filled with partying and women.  The Silver Surfer is disgusted with it, while Legacy is enjoying the company of three women, who cost a lot of money for their companionship.  Finally, the Silver Surfer leaves only to recognize one of the women.  They both then find she is Nebula, a space pirate who is wanted 147 systems.  The Silver Surfer and Nebula fight, while Legacy tries to get away from the alien woman (from a few issues ago) who he since found out was a large, ugly creature in its natural form.  He does manage to leave the creature without breaking its feelings, before the two depart company.

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