Profile of Rick Jones

First appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK #1

Real name: Rick Jones
Known relatives:
Aunt Polly, Marlo Jones (wife-separated)
Allies: Hulk, Avengers, Captain America, Captain Mar-Vell (deceased), Genis-Vell

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 165
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Strength Level: Normal
Powers: None

History: Rick Jones was raised as an orphan in many orphanages. His life with heroes began when, as a teenager, he accepted a dare from some friends and drove onto a test site, where the government was planning an experiment on their gamma bomb. Dr. Bruce Banner noticed him and went out onto the site to rescue him. When the bomb went off, Jones was saved, but Banner was exposed to the radiation and transformed, as a result, into the Incredible Hulk. Since, the two have been close allies.

Rick Jones is also responsible for the creation of the Avengers. When the evil Loki was controlling the Hulk, he called on Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, and the Wasp for assistance. Later on, the Avengers found Captain America, who had been frozen since World War II. Captain America then became closely related to the Avengers and, for a while, Rick Jones was his sidekick.

After they broke up, Rick Jones found himself drawn to a pair of Nega-Bands. When he placed the gold, cosmic bands on and slammed them together, his atoms were switched with those of Captain Mar-Vell, who was trapped in the Negative Zone.  (See history of Captain Mar-Vell)

The two soon found themselves involved in the Kree-Skrull War, which was later put to an end, when the Kree Supreme Intelligence unlocked psionic potential of Rick’s mind, called the Destiny Force.

Later on, Captain Mar-Vell died from cancer, from being exposed to a deadly nerve gas. Rick then went back to his association with the Hulk, where he met Marlo Jones. They had a good relationship, until a woman claiming to be Rick’s mother, who wasn’t really, killed Marlo. Rick was driven into a depression and sought the help of anyone who could help. The Leader, a villain of the Hulk’s, offered to revive her, but was only able to bring her into a deep coma state, before being stopped by a mad Hulk.

She eventually awoke and the two were married. They late started their own talk show called, "Keeping up with the Jones." Later, Hulk, absent of Bruce Banner due to the Onslaught incident, threw Rick Jones against a wall, paralyzing him. The incident, along with the death of Betty Banner, caused Rick to feel sorry for himself and isolate himself from his wife.

Rick’s Destiny Force powers then resurfaced, causing the Time Keepers to want Rick dead, so that they can wipe out humanity and prevent them from taking over other civilizations. Rick Jones calls seven Avengers from different times to his aid, one of which is a future Captain Marvel, who becomes an Avenger in the future. By the end of the war, they learn that the future Captain Marvel is actually Genis and Rick Jones combined. When Rick Jones becomes injured during battle, Captain Marvel merges with the present day Rick Jones.

When Rick Jones returns to the present reality, he finds Nega-Bands on his wrists. When he snaps them together, his atoms are replaced by the present day Genis, not the future one because of a temporal-flux. The bonding with Rick, causes Genis’s costume and body to change into how Captain Marvel in the future looks. Captain Marvel also has the new ability of cosmic awareness.

Update: In Captain Marvel #0, Captain Marvel has a hard time dealing with his new cosmic awareness abilities when he thinks a giant lizard is attacking the city, when he is not. In issue #1, the lizard creature of the Hyssta does show up. The creature claims to be Captain Marvel, son of a Hyssta warrior. Captain Marvel manages to defeat them, but they’re kind plan to make a return… possibly in issue #2, where Rick is reunited with the Hulk. Moondragon will also be making an appearance soon, where she may be able to help Rick with his new, uncontrollable powers.

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