CoverCaptain Marvel #0
Published by Marvel Comics and Wizard Press
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Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Tom Smith
Letterer: RS & Comicraft
Assistant Editor: Bill Rosemann
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: FREE w/Wizard #2000

History Behind Issue: Special promotion for new Captain Marvel series, takes place after Avengers Forever maxi-series.

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick: The story begins in a restaurant with Rick Jones staring into a window, where he sees his reflection as Captain Marvel (looking identical to the future version of Captain Marvel seen in Avengers Forever.

A waitress named Linda Hamilton comes by and jokes that he must be an actor. He’s rather quiet, though, but then apologizes for being so. She then recognizes him from some talk show he had about superheroes. He jokingly denies it was him and says his name is Will Smith.

After she walks off, Rick begins to wonder where Marlo, his ex-wife was. He apparently arranged for them to meet so he could try and work things out with her… but he’ll have to explain that he is now molecularly joined with Genis, the son of his dead best friend Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, Marlo is on a bus on her way over to see Rick. She wonders why Rick would want to meet with her, thinking they could never be back together because he would never be willing to give up superheroing.

Back at the restaurant, Linda offers Rick a menu, but when he looks at her, he sees blood dripping down her forehead. He tells her she’s bleeding, but she doesn’t notice it. He then yells out for a doctor while trying to wipe up the blood with some napkins. She asks him to stop, telling him she’s not bleeding. He then looks at the napkin and back at her to find there really is no blood.

Then he believes something has blasts through the windows, shattering them, so he ducks, grabbing Linda down with him.

But when he looks back, he sees the window is still in place. He asks "Genny," who is molecularly joined with him, is he saw it. He says his name is Genis and that he did, since they use the same eyes. Rick guesses that maybe it was some sort of illusion, but Genis says that would be impossible since they are attuned to reality wit their cosmic awareness.

They hen hear something outside. He looks out there to see a large creature. Genis asks him to let him out. At first Rick refuses, but then agrees. Clashing his wrists together and jokingly saying the word "shazam," Rick Jones’s form turns into Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel then dodges the creature by flying up into the sky. The creature is causing lots of destruction and pieces of buildings are falling down. Captain Marvel sees a girl on the sidewalk and swoops down to save her. After dropping the girl off, she says there’s no danger though, and he takes that gesture as meaning she’s confident in him.

He then lift a bus off the ground, the same bus which Marlo, and flies it over to safety.

He blasts at the creature, which causes the window to crash, cutting the waitress’s faith (which is what Rick/Genis saw earlier). Marlo then exits the bus and asks him what he’s doing. Genis recognizes her from Rick’s talk show. Marlo then assumes he must be Legacy, but asks what he’s doing destroying all this property.

Captain Marvel then says, "I’m saving you all from the…" and as he looks below at an empty crater, "..from the large steaming crater…with no monster in it at all…"

He then notices that he had caused the destruction he saw.

She shows him the hand and tells him to get out of there and he does.


Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

Looks pretty interesting, and this special promotion definitely made me wanting more. The writing by Peter David was also excellent, as he uses his unique style to add humor to the story. And the art by Chrisscross was also very entertaining. His art does a great job at showing the quickness in which Captain Marvel is moving in.

The back of the issue also had a brief history of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel, which was very informative.  You can view it by clicking here!

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