Profile of Marlo Jones

First Appearance: INCREDIBLE HULK #347

Real name: Marlo Jones
Known relatives:
Rick Jones (husband-separated)

Height: Uknown
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Strength Level: Normal
Powers: None

History: Marlo Chandler was born in California as the only daughter with five brothers. When she turned 18, her boyfriend, Kenny, got her started in adult films, but she later realized she didn’t need adult films to feel good about herself and left both Kenny and the adult film industry.

Marlo later moved to Las Vegas, where she began a relationship with Mr. Fixit, the Gray Hulk. After a while, she ended the relationship, being suspicious when the Hulk would turn back into Bruce Banner during the day. After Mr. Fixit was fired, she followed him and learned that he was the Hulk and married to Betty, who felt like Bruce was cheating on her when it was in fact his alter ego.

Marlo then began a relationship with Bruce Banner’s good friend, Rick Jones. Later on, though, a woman claiming to be Rick’s mother, who wasn’t really, killed Marlo. Rick was driven into a depression and sought the help of anyone who could help. The Leader, a villain of the Hulk’s, offered to revive her, but was only able to bring her into a deep coma state, before being stopped by a mad Hulk.

She eventually awoke and the two were married. They late started their own talk show called, "Keeping up with the Jones." Later, Hulk, absent of Bruce Banner due to the Onslaught incident, threw Rick Jones against a wall, paralyzing him. The incident, along with the death of Betty Banner, caused Rick to feel sorry for himself and isolate himself from his wife, causing Marlo to leave Rick and his life with superheroes.

Update: In Captain Marvel #0, Marlo Jones rode a bus to the café, where she was going to meet Rick Jones. There, Rick was going to try to settle things with her, but knew he would have a hard time, since she was tired of heroes and he was merged with Genis (see profile of Rick Jones). They didn’t get to meet, however, because Rick transformed into Captain Marvel, who was trying to stop a lizard creature he thought he saw. She managed to stop him and convince him there was nothing there. Later, in Captain Marvel #1, Marlo accepts an offer to star in a movie called "Monster Tapes," a mockumentary like The Blair Witch Project.

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