CoverCaptain Marvel #1
Published by Marvel Comics, Jan. 2000
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Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chris Cross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Albert
Assistant Editor: Bill Rosemann
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: First issue of new series, continued from Captain Marvel #0.

Preview from AnotherUniverse.Com:

We know he'll one day join the Avengers! We know he'll have a relationship with Songbird! We know he's the son of Mar-vell, the noble Kree hero! But there's a few surprises you won't know until you read this issue! For instance, what's Rick Jones doing in this book? Why can't Rick and Captain Marvel stand each other? Why is there a complicated, but very interesting love triangle between Rick, Marvel and Marlo (who just happens to be Rick's estranged wife)?! What jaw-dropping revelation is exposed about Captain Marvel's existence in Avengers Forever #12? And how does that situation severely complicate his mysterious new mission? Like with Thunderbolts #1, we're keeping several important plot points secret until publication time... a move which won the shock ending to T-Bolts #1 the designation of "Comics' Greatest Moment" in the 1998 Wizard Fan Awards! With doses of action, humor and drama, this book is perfect for everyone who craves a heaping helping of the cosmic mixed in with their super heroics!

Click here!Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

The story begins with Rick Jones shaving in front of his bathroom mirror and talking with Genis. The atoms of Rick Jones and Genis are merged together, so that one can be in the physical world, while the other waits in the Negative Zone. While Genis is in the Negative Zone, though, he can still see what Rick sees and talk with him. Rick can also see Genis in his reflection.

As Rick Jones is shaving, the LAPD knock on his door. He opens his door to find a rather tall and large Lieutenant Dro Kim Goldberg and Officer Crane. Goldberg explains that he has heard Rick Jones is familiar with the world of superbeings.

Rick claims he doesn’t, as the two officers see his collection of superhero collectibles behind him. The officers ask to come in, as they do, Rick’s phone rings and the answering machine picks up. The call is from Captain America asking if Rick could help save earth from the brink of annihilation. Rick quickly answers the phone, treating the call as if it were magazine sellers acting as Captain America.

The officers then get down to business, asking him if he knew of a Captain Marvel. Rick explains that a guy by that name died a few years ago and a woman once used that handle. Goldberg says they are referring to a new individual, who destroyed two blocks for "no reason" (seen in Captain Marvel #0).

Rick says that there may have been more to it, Captain Marvel being a heroic name and all. Goldberg says the guy seemed more like a "psychotic scatterbrain." Rick asks what idiot told him that, and Goldberg answers, "your wife," and that she said he’d be the one to talk to. Officer Crane then notices the Nega-Bands on Rick’s wrists. Rick Jones admits that they are nega-bands that he slams together to be replaced by Captain Marvel, thinking they wouldn’t believe the truth… and they don’t.

Meanwhile, Rick’s wife (they are either separated or have had a divorce), Marlo Jones, is approached by a guy named Lorenzo offers Marlo an acting job. At first she thinks he’s approaching her to do some type of porno film (she was duped into that before) but she learns the job is for a mockumentary, similar to The Blair Witch Project, called The Monster Tapes. Marlo, though knowing its crazy and that she’d have to take off of work, desides to go along with it.

The story shifts back to Rick Jones, where he is talking to his reflection of "Genny" in the toilet. Genis wants them to turn themselves in, while Rick says it’s a bad idea and that it would "flush" their career away (toilet humor). Genis then says he can’t have this "floating" over his head. Rick reluctantly agrees and then slams the nega-bands together, replacing his atoms with those of Captain Marvel’s, in what causes much damage to their bathroom.

As Captain Marvel is flying to turn himself in, he notices a truck moving too fast and about to hit a kid. Captain Marvel speeds up to save the kid, but the police then pull their guns on him. He insists he saved the boy from the truck, though, but they then as him what tuck. He looks over to see it and finds its not there (similar to what happened to him through our Captain Marvel #0). They then arrest him. On the way, Rick tells him not to worry because they can get out of it, as long as they end up saving a ton of people in some major stunt later on.

On the way, Captain Marvel then sees the truck. The police officer says he doesn’t understand how the truck can be broke at two places at the same time. Captain Marvel then explains that he is cosmically aware… in which the officer responds, "You and half the druggies in the valley."

Later on, Genis is explaining everything to Goldberg. That he is from the moon of Titan on Saturn and that his father was Captain Mar-Vell… and that his friends call him Genny. At which point, Goldberg asks, "Your friends call you by a girl’s name?" causing Genis to look into his reflection, where Rick Jones is whistling. He also said the damage he caused (in Captain Marvel #0) was from fighting a monster only he could see.

Rick then tells Genis to ask for a lawyer because he has that right. But Goldberg says as an alien he doesn’t have any rights. Genis is lost at what to do, but Rick says something’ll happen where they’ll need him. At which point, a man comes in saying a reptilian monster is attacking downtown. Genis offers to help, trying to "cut a deal."

Next, Genis is flying to the site and asks Rick about being called by a girl’s name (Genny) and now is referred to by Rick as Marv, the name of his father and short for Marvel. He asks is their battle cry (from Captain Marvel #0) was also a joke… but Rick insists it means "evil beware" and tells him now is a good time to use it. So he shouts out "O-wha-tagoo-siam!" while speeding forward faster. The phrase more likely means "Oh what a goose I am!")

Meanwhile, on Titan, Moondragon is in a trance, when she feels that she is needed on Earth.

Back on Earth, Captain Marvel attacks the creature, who reveals that he is of the Hyssta, a species that walked this earth long ago. The creature then reveals that its name is Captain Marvel as well, and that it is the son of a legendary Hyssta warrior of the same name. Captain Marvel says that’s absurd and that he is the son of Captain Mar-Vell and that his father was not a giant lizard.

The creature takes offense to it and, that while it came here by accident, it would punish this insult against its father.

The two then begin their battle, which ultimately ends in the creature disappearing. The end of the issue then shows Goldberg letting Captain Marvel off (agreeing that the creature must have been invisible, when Genis really knows something is wrong with his powers making him see something not really there).

Meanwhile, another Hyssta is in its ship and tells Captain Marvel, the lizard version, that they have received his distress call and are sending a rescue vessel, but that the primitive life forms will pay.

Preview of issue #2 from AnotherUniverse.Com:

Look out! It's an official stop on the Hulk Smash World Tour! As Captain Marvel continues to struggle with his newfound Cosmic Awareness, matters go from bad to worse when Rick Jones is once again reunited with the jade giant (and so is writer Peter David)! And, off in space, another notable Marvel character heads for Earth in response to Genis' plight... and when they meet, the sparks really start to fly!
Click here for review of issue #2!

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

A very good issue! Peter David is MARVELous with absolutely fantastic humor through out the whole thing. A very enjoyable read and good start to a new series. The next issue will have the Hulk in it… which should be especially interesting. We also saw a glimpse of Moondragon who will appearing in issue #3 along with Drax, maybe we’ll see them in #2 as well. The art was also wonderful. Chriscross is a great penciller… and goes well with Peter David’s hilarious dialogue. The colors were also great as well. This title is going to make it through this tough market, as long as these two creators continue to navigate this new title.

The back of the issue also had a brief history of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel, which was very informative.  You can view it by clicking here!

Click here for pictures from issue #1.

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