CoverCaptain Marvel #2
Published by Marvel Comics, Feb. 2000
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"Does A Hulk Sit In The Woods?"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chris Cross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Albert
Assistant Editor: Bill Rosemann
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #1 and reunites the Hulk with Peter David and Rick Jones!


Look out! It's an official stop on the Hulk Smash World Tour! As Captain Marvel continues to struggle with his newfound Cosmic Awareness, matters go from bad to worse when Rick Jones is once again reunited with the jade giant (and so is writer Peter David)! And, off in space, another notable Marvel character heads for Earth in response to Genis' plight... and when they meet, the sparks really start to fly!

CoverIssue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

The issue begins with Marlo and Lorraine out in the middle of the woods in Canada, filming a Blair Witch Project type "mocumentary" movie where they search for monsters. During filming, Marlo falls into the water and asks Lorraine to turn the camera around, so she can dry off (they’re not supposed to turn it off). Lorraine then introduces herself to the camera as a desperate actress who has to be out here with Marlo, who she thinks does not act and was hired only for her body. She then turns the camera on Marlo, making her very upset. The two evidently are not starting on a good foot.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel flies toward Golden Orange Comics, a store Marlo worked at, when his cosmic awareness senses gunfire. He waits, thinking his powers are just screwing up and sure enough it goes away. But he sweeps the area just in case and soon notices a car speeding down a rode. He smashes into it, sending the two crooks robbing, but Captain Marvel quickly catches them both. The police then show up, asking him if he has a reason for stopping them. Captain Marvel then shoots open their trunk and they see lots of money and weapons. The two men are then arrested, but one of the crooks then says Captain Marvel used illegal search and seizure, but Captain Marvel responds by saying he is not a police officer bound by their laws.

Back in Canada, Marlo and Lorraine are still not getting around, but the director, Larry, cuts in and insists that they keep with it. He is also very pleased with the hostility between then because it makes it seem much more real.

Rick Jones, meanwhile, is now in the comic shop, reading an edition of Hulk Chapter One and making fun of John Byrne’s rendition of Hulk’s origin. Rick then asks Al, at the shop, where Marlo is, and he explains that Marlo took a few days off to film a documentary about monsters in the Canadian woods. Rick swiftly leaves then, believing Marlo is going to run into Wendigo, a Canadian monster.

Just as he runs into an alley to transform his molecules into Genis’s, a man with a knife comes up asking for Rick’s bracelets. Rick, then snaps them together, causing a large blast, transforming him into Genis and burning the hair and clothes off the man.

Captain Marvel then flies off toward Canada, telling Rick that the chances of Marlo running into Wendigo are slim, but Rick insists it’s a strange world they live in.

Back in the tent in Canada, Marlo and Lorraine are still arguing. Marlo asks Lorraine why she’s being so mean, and Lorraine explains that it’s because her acting parts are always going to tall, good-looking types like Marlo. Just then, the Hulk tears up their tent.

Captain Marvel then zooms down and blasts the Hulk, thinking it is Wendigo. Marlo then screams for him not to hurt him, when the Hulk punches him into a tree. Captain Marvel still doesn’t know who he is up against, until he sees the Hulk charging toward him.

Captain Marvel then blasts him with twice the strength he did before, but it does little to harm the Hulk, who is three times as angry as before. Genis then asks Rick if he could change into him, since he knew Hulk and could talk to him. But Rick doesn’t want Marlo to know he is bonded with him. Then Genis hears a scream he thinks is Marlo.

Elsewhere, Lorraine is running away and is found by Larry. Larry comforts her and then kills her with a knife.

Meanwhile, Moondragon shows up at Rick Jones’ apartment, where Rick’s landlord confronts him, who’s looking for Rick’s rent payment. She tells him (while using her psyche powers) that he’s letting Rick stay rent free, and he agrees.

Back in Canada, Marlo comes up to Hulk and asks him to leave Marlo alone. He finally calms down, when Captain Marvel charges and hits the Hulk in the back and into the lake. There, Hulk grabs Captain Marvel by the neck and is drowning him. At which, Rick asks Genis why he can breath in space but not under water and Genis explains that his power only protects him where there is no power.

Then, a large blast takes place underwater from Genis clicking his bands together to turn into Rick. Hulk then wonders how Rick can be there, Rick then explains that it involves the AVENGERS and takes FOREVER to tell. Just at that point, Wendigo appears and grabs Rick.

Preview of issue #3:

Peter David + The Hulk + Rick Jones + Marlo = Familiar Fun! Trading punches with the green goliath is bad enough, but when the man-eating Wendigo makes his appearance, Captain Marvel thinks about getting into a new line of work... that is, if he lives that long! Plus: Rick Jones grapples with how to tell Marlo about his partnership with Genis. Frankly, he'd be better off taking his chances with the Hulk and Wendigo!

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Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

Another great issue by Peter David and Chriscross. This issue was not quite as clever and original as the first, but it still had its funny moments, which Chriscross did a great job of portraying. The funniest parts come from Rick making fun of John Byrne’s new Hulk Chapter One comics… Peter David evidently is not fond of those. Some of the humor did not quite work as well, though, such as the clothes and hair being blown off the guy with the knife. As one poster on the Captain Marvel Board pointed out, it takes away from the reality set up in the comic (I know, it’s just a comic… but still). I didn’t quite go for the whole traveling to Canada just because you think something’s going to happen. As Genis pointed out, Canada is a big place, so the chances are not very likely that Marlo will run into Wendigo. Still, the story was entertaining and I look forward to seeing what Peter David has in store for us next! I especially look forward to the upcoming appearances of Moondragon and Drax. The new Moondragon looks pretty promising!  Below are pictures of what I did and didn't like.

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The comic shop makes the funniest scene... But the cartoonish burning off of man's clothes takes away from reality. Hulk's appearance was nice... but I didn't buy Rick's reasoning for going to Canada. Can't wait to see more Moondragon!
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