CoverCaptain Marvel #3
Published by Marvel Comics, March 2000
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"One Down, Wendigo"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chris Cross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Albert
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #2 and guest stars the Hulk and Wendigo.


Peter David + The Hulk + Rick Jones + Marlo = Familiar Fun! Trading punches with the green goliath is bad enough, but when the man-eating Wendigo makes his appearance, Captain Marvel thinks about getting into a new line of work... that is, if he lives that long! Plus: Rick Jones grapples with how to tell Marlo about his partnership with Genis. Frankly, he'd be better off taking his chances with the Hulk and Wendigo!

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue continues from #2, with Marlo panicking and talking to the camera of her mockumentary, where she finds the other girl, Lorraine, dead. Meanwhile, Wendigo is grabbing Rick Jones, as Genis tells him to slam the nega-bands together to release him, but he can’t because has a gold of him.

The Hulk then orders him to put Rick down, but Rick tells him that Wendigo will not be able to understand him. Wendigo then surprises him by explaining that he has manipulated the curse so that he can both be a monster and think and talk rationally. At that moment, a blast comes from the nega-bands, knocking Wendigo down and releasing Rick. Genis explains to Rick that his body cannot handle the discharge or funneling of the nega-energy through the bands, but that he (Genis) was still able to generate enough energy from where he was to release Rick.

Rick then transforms slams his nega-bands together, bringing forth Captain Marvel, as Hulk attacks Wendigo. Marlo then comes up to Captain Marvel, thankful to see him. Captain Marvel welcomes her and even gets a little flirtatious, which does not please Rick.

Meanwhile, Moondragon is in Rick’s apartment waiting for him, when Drax comes to earth looking for her. He finds her and flies though a wall of the apartment. There, Drax asks Moondragon why she left Titan, and she explains because Genis needs help. He then reminds her that he’s her father and she promised to help him get smarter.

Back in Canada, Hulk and Wendigo continue their fight under water, when Captain Marvel comes down and hits Wendigo, while grabbing Hulk up to the surface. Even elsewhere, in another part of Canada, two hikers find a man with no clothes. They ask if he’s okay, and he says he’s never been healthier because the Wendigo is gone.

Back to our battle, Wendigo comes up and sees Marlo. She immediately notices him as Larry, from last issue, when he speaks. He explains that he studied the curse for years and that he found a way to tap into the power of the Wendigo while being able to control himself as the Wendigo at the same time.

After a few words exchanged, Hulk grabs Wendigo and tosses him across the woods. Captain Marvel, though, then sees Wendigo grab Marlo and devour her. Seeing that its just his Cosmic Awareness, he tells Hulk to wait, but Hulk charges forward anyway, until he stumbles on to the body of Lorraine. He has sympathy for her, which causes him to change into Bruce Banner. At that time, Wendigo charges at him. Captain Marvel, though, hits him, but when Wendigo climbs back up he grabs her.

Just as Wendigo is about to eat her, Captain Marvel asks him if he would like the power of his Nega-Bands. Hulk then comes stomping down between the two, but Captain Marvel asks him not to do anything. Wendigo then proposes a trade, the girl for the nega-bands, but before they can, she grabs an object earing of some sort off his ear and tossing it into the water. The water causes Wendigo to transform back itno Larry, but with no conscience. Instead, his conscience goes inside the fish which devoured the earring.

Back in another region of Canada, the man the hikers found turns back into the Wendigo monster.

Preview of Issue #4:

Can Moondragon help Captain Marvel master his newfound—and uncontrollable Cosmic Awareness? And where Moondragon travels, can Drax the Destroyer be far behind?! Plus: More problems for Rick Jones and Marlo!
Click here for our review and pictures from issue #4

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue had a lot of action, but less of the comical scenes and substance that Peter David offered in Captain Marvel #1-2. Still, it was a great comic and I look forward to seeing more of Drax and Moondragon. The art was excellent, as well, though Chriscross’ Bruce Banner looks a lot like the guy off X-Files. At any rate, it was another job well done.

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Marlo is happy to see Captain Marvel, but Rick doesn't want to see Genis and Marlo together. We'll be seeing a lot more of Moondragon and Drax later on in the series. Is it me, or does Bruce Banner look like that guy on the X-Files? Captain Marvel offers his nega-bands to save Marlo.
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