CoverCaptain Marvel #4
Published by Marvel Comics, April 2000
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"One Down, Wendigo"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Ron Lim
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Albert
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Cover by Carlos Pacheco

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #3 and guest stars Moondragon and Drax.


Can Moondragon help Captain Marvel master his newfound—and uncontrollable Cosmic Awareness? And where Moondragon travels, can Drax the Destroyer be far behind?! Plus: More problems for Rick Jones and Marlo!

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This issue begins with Marlo talking with Bruce Banner, Captain Marvel, and Rick Jones (which isn’t possible, since Rick and Marv are merged together, but we later find she was dreaming). She is saddened by the death of Lorraine, when Lorraine suddenly awakes and attacks her in her dream.

At this very moment, Captain Marvel drops Marlo as he is flying her back to California. As he flies down to get her, he runs into a goose. He then realizes that the saying he has been shouting as a battle cry, "owahtagoosiam" means. But Rick lets him know that now is not the time to complain about that.

As he chases after Marlo, a small plane, where an old woman is being taught how to fly, dives as well, but as Captain Marvel catches Marlo, she is fine as well.

Meanwhile, we see a page of panels of a girl named Kelly. She is sitting on a bed with no emotions, as she pulls a razor she had hidden in her mouth and begins to cut her arm with it. Later on in the issue, in another set of panels, a little girl named Donna finds Kelly bleeding and shouts for her mother. Her mother then comes and implies that this has been a frequent occurrence. Donna claims the cuts make a picture, but the mother says she’s imagining it.

Back with Marlo and Captain Marvel, they arrive at her apartment. She thanks him and asks him if to ask her if there is anything she wants. Rick is evidently upset at this, so Genis tells her that her feelings for him are just because of the situation. She then insists that she meant if he ever wanted any comics from her store or if he wanted lessons at her aerobic class. She then asks him how she knew he lived there. He explains that he is cosmically aware. As he flies off, he tells Marlo she should call Rick.

In the sky, Rick tells Genis he should have told him to ask Marlo where she lived, even though he had already told him. He then says he was sorry about the battle cry thing, and Genis says he understood it was just him dealing with being stuck with him.

Back at Marlo’s apartment, Marlo walks in to see Lorraine, pale with the opening in her neck where she was cut and who died last issue, making Marlo faint.

Meanwhile, Rick returns to his apartment, upset about the whole made in it by Drax. He yells at Moondragon who he finds there, but she explains that she must discuss Captain Marvel’s cosmic awareness with him. Drax, in the mean time, finds a girl scout and asks to buy some mint cookies. She says she is out, though, but that she does have s’more cookies. He is evidently distraught, saying they’re not the same but buys the s’mores instead.

Moondragon then explains to Rick that Genis’s star-field on his face should be moving, but that because it is always still, it means it is functioning constantly. She also claims she can help him tune his cosmic awareness, but before she can help, Drax returns, just when Rick asked Moondragon to leave.

Drax then wants to start a battle over it, so Rick clings his nega-bands together to bring forth Captain Marvel. But Drax punches Captain Marvel out the building and into a sign. Drax then follows, explaining to Moondragon that Captain Marvel is in the way of them spending father-daughter time together, so he must kill him. The two then fight and as they are entangled together, the nega-bands touch each other, sending Captain Marvel and Drax into the Negative Zone, while Rick is returned to Earth.

Captain Marvel then realizes that the field protecting them has been shattered, sending them crashing down on a planet below.

To Be Continued Next Issue…

Preview of Issue #5:

Drax the Despot? In the aftermath of last month's clash, Captain Marvel and Drax the Destroyer find themselves transported to a familiar spot in the Marvel Universe -- one where Drax is worshipped as a god, and Genis is considered a villain. And to make matters worse, Drax is slowly becoming more and more stupid -- not to mention more violent. Meanwhile, Rick Jones is stuck dealing with Moondragon.

Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This was Peter David’s best issue yet, as this is really shaping up to become a full-time cosmic book. The appearances of Moondragon and Drax were awesome, as was the setting up of a story with Kelly and Lorraine, two characters we will surely learn much more about.

Another great thing about this issue… Ron Lim (who by the way co-created the original Genis/Legacy/Captain Marvel)! He wasn’t scheduled in early solicitations to be the penciller, but he made a great guest penciller (or will he be a regular?). His Captain Marvel and Drax look excellent, and his Moondragon and Rick Jones look remarkably like Chrisscross’s.

This issue also had a great cover by Carlos Pacheco, artist from Avengers Forever, which has letters from the maxi-series in Captain Marvel’s first letter column, titled "Sharing Space."

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Ron Lim's Captain Marvel has a different style to it than Chrisscross's.

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We find out here that we have not yet seen the last of Lorraine.  Ron Lim's Lorraine and Marlo look much like Chrisscross's. Ron Lim does a great job at drawing Drax, who is not a new character to him.  And Peter David does a superb job at giving Drax a comical element. Kelly is a strange new character we will most likely be seeing much more of in future issues. Ron Lim's Moondragon is done very well, which looks much like Chrisscross's pictures of her.  Their Rick Jones pictures look similar as well.
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