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Immortus is the future version of Kang the Conquer.Some time in the future, Kang was tired of being himself and journeyed into Limbo to learn the ways of time itself. The Time Keepers appeared and gave Immortus the title as guardian of the Time Stream for 80 centuries, and to make sure that time would not be destroyed. Hence Immortus was given the task to keep humanity on Earth and keep them contained. For if humanity was to ever leave Earth they would lay waste to the universe thanks to the Density Force. Immortus sees himself more of a savior to humanity than a villain, but his morals are just as bad as the Time Keepers.

KangKang the Conqueror

Kang is from the 30th century, an era torn by war and conflict. It was here that Kang met Nathaniel Richards from the past, a possible ancestor of his. He learn to build a time machine in the form of ancient sphinx. He became Rama Tut, a pharo of great power in ancient Egypt. However, he yearn for more, and headed to the 20th century where he met Dr. Doom, another possible ancestor of his. He learned of Doom's battle armor and traveled to the 40th century where he acquired the great power of his time armor. He became Kang the Conqueror. He went out to conquer several timelines and worlds, where he acquired great powers and weapons, one which is the Growing Man robot. However, Kang wanted more a challenge and went back to 20th century Earth where he came in conflict with the Avengers, and ended up becoming enemies with him. He battled them many times, losing each time. He then adopted the identity of the Scarlet Centurion, but it was an identity that was doomed to failure. However, Kang went on and learned of Immortus his future self, the ruler of Limbo and the self guardian of time. Kang did not wish to become him, and battled his future self several times. After all that Kang grew tired of his life and went back to simpler times as Rama Tut.

Despite his joys as an Egyptian ruler, he return to the present where he battled a former version of himself and aided the Avengers. It was then that Kang decided to accept his destiny and become Immortus. He journey into Limbo where he bore witness to his fate as Immortals. To be nothing but a slave to the Time Keepers, he decided that this would not be his destiny. With this, his fire as a conquer was refueled and he set out with Rick Jones, Supreme Intelligence, Libra, and several time lost Avengers to stop the Time Keepers from destroying time and reshaping it to their whims. Kang succeed and separated himself from Immortals, so the two could still exist, but free to their own future. Now Kang is free of his destiny, and the question is, how many worlds and times can he conquer?

Time KeepersThe Time Keepers

The Time Keepers were born at the end of time, entrusted with the safety of Time by He Who Remains. The Time Keepers were meant to watch over the space time continuum just outside of Limbo, and make sure the universe thrived. However, the Time Keepers witness that in the future, Humanity would be driven by a energy force called: The Destiny Force. An evolutionary power that was present in all humanity. They came to the conclusion that Humanity had to be contained or destroyed. They learned that a team called the Avengers would lead to the destruction of countless races in the cosmos. They sought after Immortus who had recently came into Limbo, they taught him the powers of Limbo and Time and gave him the mission to stop Humanity from reaching the stars. Over the countless eons the Time Keepers watched time after time as Immortus failed them. They have lost patience with him, if humanity must be destroyed for better of the universe, then they will do what has to be done if Immortus can't do it.

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