In September, Captain Marvel is going up against heavy-hitters Bill Jemas and Joe Quesada over the fate of his own title... his own NEW title that is! Writer Peter David has taken the challenge. He will be going up against a title written by Marvel COO Bill Jemas and a title edited by Marvel EIC Joe Quesada. To even the playing field, Captain Marvel will be given a brand new title starting with issue #1 to attract as many readers as possible to "Marvel's best-reviewed book!" Be sure to check it out!

Unfortunately, this site will not be able to give you the latest news and information on upcoming issues of and appearances by Captain Marvel and his friend, Rick Jones.

However, we have two very good recommendations:

THE CAPTAIN MARVEL MESSAGE BOARD where you can get the latest news and information, while talking with fellow Captain Marvel junkies!

SWITCHING PLACES: A CAPTAIN MARVEL WEBSITE where you can find updated features, reviews, and downloads featuring Captain Marvel.

And feel free to also check out some of our reviews, profiles, and other information of Captain Marvel's amazing past below...

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Captain Mar-vell
( deceased)

Profile of Captain Marvel (Genis)
Profile of Rick Jones
Profile of Marlo Jones
History of Captain Mar-Vell
Histories of Rick Jones and Genis
The Future Captain Marvel
The Villains of Avengers Forever
Silver Surfer Website

Guide to Past Genis Appearances with Reviews
Cosmic Powers Amazon Store

Captain Marvel Fan Fiction
New Captain Marvel Message Board

Genis as Legacy



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