The Future of Captain Marvel

Genis and Songbird kissRelationship with Songbird
Some time in the near future Genis and Songbird of the Thunderbolts will have a relationship together. How much of a relationship? In Avengers Forever, when Genis was hit by Venus's love attack when he and Wasp were in the 1950's, he instantly replied "Melissa," which is Songbird's real name. She will apparently join the Avengers some time in the future as well.

Also according to Avengers Forever, one of Genis's enemies, Ego the Living Planet, will re-animate the corpse of Eon, a former elder of the galaxy and send him to revenge the Earth. This has special meaning since Eon became a friend of Genis at one time.

The Avengers
Genis will join the Avengers someday, after Songbird joins. To be a part of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and continue to live up to his father's legacy.

The Avengers

--Information written by Ryan

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