The History of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel
As seen in Captain Marvel #0 by Marvel Comics and Wizard Press

Rick Jones' life amongst Marvels began in the Nevada desert,where as a daring (and somewhat foolish) teenager, he drove onto the test site of an experimental gamma bomb on a dare.

As the gamma bomb went off, Rick was saved from the exposure by Dr. Bruce Banner.  But the exposure to the gamma radiation transformed the once meek Banner into the goliath known as the HULK!  Hunted and misunderstood, the Hulk found an ally in Rick.

When the Hulk was manipulated by the evil god, Loki, Rick summoned the assistance of other heroes.  The result was a team-up of Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and the Hulk- Earth's Mightiest Heroes, who would ban together as The Avengers.

On one of their earliest missions.  The Avengers discovered and revived the World War II-era hero Captain America!  The resuscitated Cap trained Rick as his sidekick and eventual partner!

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