The History of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel
As seen in Captain Marvel #0 by Marvel Comics and Wizard Press

After a falling out with Captain America, Rick found himself mentally drawn to a pair of extrater-restrial golden bracelets -- the NEGA BANDS!  Donning the bands, Rick slammed his wrists together with all his might...

...and his atoms traded places with those of the exiled Kree Captain Mar-Vell.  Now joined together, Rick and Captain Marvel lived a shared existence -- one dwelling in the physical world while the other replaced him in the shadowy Negative Zone.

When the star-spanning Kree and Skrull races went to war, Rick and Captain Marvel became embroiled in the conflict!  At the battle's climax, the Kree Supreme Intelligence unleashed the untapping psionic potential of Rick's mind -- the Destiny Force -- to put an end to the war!

Sometime later, as the result of exposure to a deadly nerve gas, Captain Mar-Vell became afflicted with an incurable, fatal cancer.   And so, in bed rather than in battle, the hero known as Captain Marvel perished.

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