The History of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel
As seen in Captain Marvel #0 by Marvel Comics and Wizard Press

History of Rick Jones

But Rick's life continued, as did his adventures.   Resuming his affiliation with the Hulk.  Rick met Marlo Chandler, whom he eventually married.

Rick's association with the Hulk turned tragic, however, when the Hulk dealt Rick a crippling blow, rendering his legs useless!

When Rick's Destiny powers resurfaced, he became a pawn in a time-spanning conflict between the villainous Kang and Kang's later self, Immortus -- a conflict which would become known as the Destiny War!

History of Genis/Legacy

When the Kree Hero Captain Mar-Vell died, he left behind not only friends and allies, but his love, Elysius.  Feeling more alone than ever, Elysius used Titanian super-science to replicate Mar-Vell's genetic code and conceive a child: Genis.

To protect him from Captain Marvel's enemies, Elysius had Genis artificially aged to maturity, implanted with false memories of his upbringing, and taken to an isolated world, safe from potential harm.

But Genis discovered his true lineage.   Donning the Nega-Bands worn by his father, Genis took on the name Legacy, determined to carry on the tradition of heroism.

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