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Jim Starlin and Captain Mar-Vell to appear in issue #11!!!
Things should be pretty interesting for Captain Marvel.  Super Skrull and the Silver Surfer will have guest appearances in the next two issues, plus Peter David has announced that Jim Starlin and and Al Milgrom will be the guest art team for issue #11, and he has created the perfect story to go with the event.  According to the writer himself, "Genis meets Mar-Vell. Not *quite* in the way that you'd expect...but Captain Marvel Junior, as it were, has a face to face with his father. Punches will be thrown, bolts will be zapped, and tears will be jerked."  See the Previews Section for more!

Who would you like to see draw Captain Marvel?!
Chriscross is still the regular artist of Captain Marvel, but out of 303 responses to our survey, 150 (50%) wanted Ron Lim to take on the role as regular penciller.  96 (32%) wanted to stick with Chriscross.  46 (15%) wanted to go with Carlos Pacheco, with 7 (2%) choosing George Perez and 4 (1%) saying None of the Above.

Who's drawing Captain Marvel?!
Readers of Captain Marvel #4 opened the issue to find Ron Lim, famous for his work on the Silver Surfer and co-creator of Genis-Vell, as the penciller, even though regular artist Chrisscross was scheduled to draw the issue.  Was Ron Lim just a guest, or did they replace Chrisscross, who was late with his work on issue #3, with him? UPDATE: It looks as if Chriscross is still the regular artist, and Lim's guest work in issue #4, along with James Fry's guest work in issue #5, are to help him catch up and get on schedule.

Should Captain Marvel Assemble with the Avengers?!
According to our poll of 60 visitors, 43% say Captain Marvel should join the Avengers right away.  15% say he should within the year and 22% say within two years.   Only 10% say he should join when sales are weak, with 10% more saying he should not join for a long, long time.

Issue #1 A Success!
According to a poll of more than 70 visitors to our site, 79% say they are very likely to continue buying Captain Marvel after issue #1.  7% were sort of likely, another 7% were not likely, and only 7% had not yet seen enough to decide.

Click here for larger copy!Captain Marvel #3 Delayed!  Avengers to the Rescue!
Captain Marvel #3 is being delayed, due to the pencils being done late, according to writer Peter David at a recent Marvel chat.  Don't worry, though, Genis and Rick appear in Avengers #26, on sale January 26th... though that does not mean Genis/Rick will join the Avengers so soon (even though we know they eventually will), although a new lineup for the Avengers will be selected in Avengers #27

Future Guest Stars Rumor!
At the Captain Marvel Message Board, Peter David mentioned Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, and Zey-Rogg, son of Mar-Vell's enemy Yon-Rogg, as possible guest stars.   Zey-Rogg also appeared in Captain Marvel's first series, in issue #4.

New T-Shirt Coming Soon!
Ask your local comic book store about ordering this new Captain Marvel t-shirt!   It features a yellow star on a white starfield screenprinted on a black 100% cotton shirt.  Stores don't always order these things, so be sure to ask for it... before it's too late!

Sales Remain Solid After Issue #3 Sales Dive!
Sales usually fall after the first issue.  Marvel's two cover deals were designed to help lessen the drop.  For Captain Marvel, issue #3 saw an 11.8% drop, though, according to the Captain Marvel Message Board.  The title is still selling around 30,000 copies, and issue #3 is #63 of the Top 100 comics sold for January.  To help keep the Captain Marvel series going, though, tell your friends and your retailers!

Captain Marvel Poll
Who'd you like to see in Captain Marvel next?


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