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*Note: These issues were considered Volume 1 when they were first published, even though Captain Mar-Vell already had a series much earlier with the same title.  The new Captain Marvel series is now referred to as Volume 3, so we are referring to this volume as Volume 2.

Click here! Captain Marvel Vol. 2 (note not Mar-Vell's Volume 1) #1 (December 1995) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Edward Benes

In this issue, Genis still insists on being called Legacy and not Captain Marvel.  He is met by some Kree who tell him they want his help to defuse a bomb planted by Kree rebels opposed to conciliation with the Shi'ar.  He goes to defuse the bomb and stops some Kree rebels on the way, but is unsuccessful.  The bomb explodes killing two thousand.  He blames himself, but soon learns that he was set up by some Kree-Shi'ar conspiracy.  He decides to go to Earth to find Rick Jones, who was his father's best friend, to get information about his father and the Kree.

Click here! Captain Marvel Vol. 2 #2 (January 1996) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Edward Benes

Mentor will not allow Legacy to see his mother, Elysius, on Titan because they did not want to be deemed accomplices.  Outraged, Legacy breaks through, only to find that was Mentor's intention.  The damage would show the Shi'ar (who are accusing him) that they tried to stop him from getting through.  Elysius and Mentor both believe he is innocent.  Legacy also finds Moondragon, who is catonic, but can communicate with her mind.  She shows Legacy telepathic videos explaining the history behind Mar-Vell and Rick Jones.  Genis then goes to Earth where he meets Rick Jones and his wife, Marlo, who invite him on to their show about superheroes.  The two don't get along on the show very well, and Legacy punches Rick for making him look bad on the show.  The two still shook hands and agreed not to hold a grudge.

Captain Marvel Vol. 2 #3 (February 1996) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Edward Benes

Click here! Captain Marvel Vol. 2 #4 (March 1996) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Edward Benes

The story begins on Calculex, where Genis saving a girl named Steck from a synthsent who kidnapped her and looks like the Kree Military leader named Zey-Rogg.   The story then goes back two days to Hala, where the Shi'ar are still after Legacy.   After firing at him, the falling wreckage almost kills a boy named Hav before Genis saves him.  He then meets the Kree Resistance Front, including two of its members: a man named Bav-Tek and a woman names Shym'r.  They explain to him that they are not behind him being framed for the destruction of Link 313 (in issue #1) and that they only wish to free their homeworld from the Shi'ar.  They explain that the Kree military were working with the Crystal Claws, a Shi'ar religious group, to frame him.  They also mention that the Kree military's leader is Zey-Rogg, son of Mar-Vell's greatest foe, Yon-Rogg.  Meanwhile, on Carmondy IV, the Celestial God-Slayer has come to destroy their god.  Legacy then goes back to Calculex, the Kree are looking for Genis and come to a bar he has frequented.  The bartender gets them to put down their weapons at gun-point, when Genis comes in to attack.  Legacy then found Zey-Rogg and they battled, until Genis put the nega-bands on  him, but the powers shorted-out his grav-suit.  Legacy then takes the bands back and his enemy is arrested.

Click here! Captain Marvel Vol. 2 #5 (April 1996) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Daerick Gross

Genis wakes up next to Steck, his friend he saved last issue... but the two get into a fight when Genis mentions that Steck can decide what gender she wants to be and decides to be female most of the time.  He chases after her, but doesn't follow her into the Church of Universal Order.  He goes home and returns a call from his mother, who along with Eros (Starfox), are very proud of him.  He then asked why he didn't have any artificial memories on religion, and she explained that she wanted him to make his own decisions, since it was such a touchy subject.  Later, someone named Jara from Carmondy IV sends Captain Marvel to his planet because their god had been taken from them.  He then travels there only to find everyone on the planet dead.  One woman, named Jella, was still alive, though, and explained that their god, Veeda Leebre, was taken from them by the Stalker of Gods.  As a result, their people took their lives away.  Genis then travels to the Desecration Annex, where all the past gods are kept.  There, he is met by the God-Slayer, who he battles and gets away from to travel into the annex.  There, he releases the cosmic being who the inhabitants of Carmondy IV thought was god, and told him to flee to his planet.  The God-Slayer then told him he should not have released him, and that that being had misused his powers by allowing others to think he was god.  Legacy then questions the Celestials' ability to decide that and leaves.  He arrives on Carmondy IV, where the false god is crying over the lost.  Legacy asks him what he expected since he made them think they would die without him.  Elsewhere, Grand Master invites Thanos to a challange to the Dead Man's Hand to toy with Mistress Death.  He accepts and the Grand Master promises to provide more information later.

Click here! Captain Marvel Vol. 2 #6 (May 1996) - written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Edward Benes

A bright light hits Carmondy IV and all the dead inhabitants spring back to life.  But soon, Jara, who was the sole survivor notices everything is not right.  Captain Marvel confronts her and says their rebirth was all alive, but she runs away, not wanting to hear it.  He then goes to a church and tries to convince a priest they had all committed suicide when their god left.  Meanwhile, Elysius appears to be harmed by some unknown force on Titan, while, on Calculex, the Grand Master recruits one of Genis's friends, Zoog, to participate in the Dead Man's Hand.  Back on Carmondy IV, Genis amazes some of the Camrondian children with his powers and tries to explain that their Veeda Leebre is not a god.  He then decides to confront their god, and in doing so, has Jara, the only real survivor of the planet, watching their conversation through the nega-bands from the Negative Zone.  She realizes that their god was nothing more than a mortal, and with her disbelief, the planet returns to its state, where all of its inhabitants are dead from suicide.  She then commits suicide as well.  Legacy later reflects upon all this with Mentor.
This issue marked the end of the Genis's first Captain Marvel series.  The stories concerning the Grand Master and the Dead Man's Hand were never revisited, as well as what happened to Elysius.

Avengers Unplugged #5 (May 1996)

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