Part 3: Silver Surfer #122 to Warlock mini-series

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Click here! Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #122 (November 1996) - written by George Perez, art by Scot Eaton

Silver Surfer travels to Zenn-La, his homeworld, only to find it being destroyed and fading from existence.  Captain Marvel is trying to stop it but is unsuccessful.  The Silver Surfer then realizes that there is nothing that can be done.  Captain Marvel fights him to try and get him to do something.  Silver Surfer then imprisons him into his board until the fall of Zenn-La is complete.  At which point, he lets him go and travels to Earth, leaving Captain Marvel (and the readers) wondering what took place.

Warlock Vol. 2 #1 (November 1998) - written by Tom Lyle, art by Tom Lyle

Warlock Vol. 2 #2 (December 1998) - written by Tom Lyle, art by Tom Lyle

Warlock Vol. 2 #3 (January 1999) - written by Tom Lyle, art by Tom Lyle

Warlock Vol. 2 #4 (February 1999) - written by Tom Lyle, art by Tom Lyle

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