The History of Rick Jones and Captain Marvel
As seen in Captain Marvel #0 by Marvel Comics and Wizard Press

History of Rick Jones

Rick used the Destiny Force to summon Avengers past, present and future to his side, including Genis, the Captain Marvel of tomorrow.   The Destiny Force was also able to heal Rick's crippled legs.

At the climax of the Destiny War.  Genis merged Rick's atoms with those of Genis' modern-day self, in order to save his life.

History of Genis/Legacy

Legacy battled the villainous Controller alongside the Avengers, including the current Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau.  In the aftermath of that battle, Monica chose to pass on the title of Captain Marvel to Genis, rechristening herself Photon.

At the climax of the time-spanning Destiny War, Captain Marvel found himself unwillingly merged with Rick Jones by his future self, a process which triggered his latent Cosmic Awareness.

The story continues in the pages of Captain Marvel!

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