Liberty - Legend of World War II
April 1999 - Issue #2 of 5 - "The Birth of a Legend" Part 2

Written by James Pedrick, Edited by Lex
Created by and property of James Pedrick

Continued from Liberty - Legend of World War II #1

Liberty Compound - Just outside Philadelphia - June, 1941

Scott Phillips awoke one early June morning in 1941. He laid in bed, trying to gather his thoughts before another day of tests. His body was aching, tired of the drugs being pumped into it. It has been six long months since he had been recruited to become America’s first Liberty soldier. Since, he had been staying in a small compound hidden outside Philadelphia, where dozens of doctors and scientists work on the project, work on transforming his body. They said they’d be done working on his body in six months, but that was six months ago. He had since learned there will be three more exhaustive months of testing, injections, and now surgery. And in those lonely months, he could only think of one person and how he’s been absent from her. He had written her every day, handing them personally to General Cunnings, who is overseeing the Liberty project. He had never received a reply. But he waited, unknowing that his letters were never received.

Chicago - June, 1941

Carla Stephens laid in bed, next to her newly wed husband. She acted as if she was still sleeping, as he rose up to go to work. After he got dressed and ran off, she rose up and stared at the closed door. She had to ignore him this morning, just as she did the night before. She couldn’t speak with him, until she found a way to tell him the news. For after only two months of marriage, they were now pregnant with her first child. And Carla didn’t know how to tell him. She loved her new husband, Walter Peterson, but it was just she always thought she’d be sharing this experience with some else.

After she was told her love, Scott Phillips, had died, she quit the Military Intelligence. It wasn’t unusual then for a woman to not work. In fact, it was very rare for a woman to ever reach such a position as she did. Women were not allowed in the military, but in Military Intelligence, where a woman spy can have its advantages, things were different.

After quitting her job, she stayed at home, mourning for weeks. Every day, Walter would come by to look after her. Soon, she fell in love with him. Some of her thinks he married her because he felt responsible to take care of her, but other parts of her thinks he may have always had special feelings for her.

She felt better now. She had almost recovered the lost of Scott, but when she finally reached happiness, she was reminded of how it once was.


Liberty Compound

"It’s time to get up, Mr. Phillips."

Teresa Nelson was Scott’s nurse. Every morning she would wake him up and take care of his wounds after exhaustive testings, trainings, and surgeries. She became his only friend at his new home. He had to trust her with his life and was caught in many unusual circumstances with him. If it wasn’t for his love for Carla Stephens, he would probably pursue Teresa with his boyish charms.

"I know. Another exciting day," he responded sarcastically. "So, what is on the agenda today?" Scott sat up in his bed.

"I believe they're going to see how your muscle buildup is coming along."

"Sounds like fun."

After getting dressed and ready, Scott made his way into the "Laboratory." He was just in time to see Jim Medison being scolded again.

"This is outrageous! This is a very important project. We cannot afford for our secrets to be given away!"

"I know, sir. We are trying hard. I’m afraid whoever this spy is, they are a resident on this compound."

Scott Phillips couldn’t help but wonder who the spy could be. For same reason, he was always suspicious of Medison. Doctor Lowell quickly led Scott away from the lecture General Cunnings was giving to Medison.

"Now, Mr. Phillips, are you ready for another day of work?"

"As ready as I’ll ever be."

Lowell nodded with a smile, "Quite understandable." He paused. "The worst will soon be over. Today I will check to see how the muscle buildup is coming along... then we can begin work at getting you sized up for our high tech armor."

"Great," he sighed sarcastically.

"Don’t fret. Next week I’ll have something very fun for you." Lowell had a big grin, as if he was a father giving his son a present. "Next week, you’ll be given your new weapon."



Walter Peterson returned to work. He was given a mission. There were rumors floating around that the Nazi Sympathizers had stolen top secrets from a testing site in New Mexico. They believe one of the agents of the American Nazis will be heading right through Chicago by train. Peterson’s job was to capture any agents he could, in hopes that the government could learn more about where this group of traitors were based out of.

He wasn’t too thrilled about the assignment. His best friend died in a train just six months earlier.

Peterson boarded the train at Union Station. He saw a woman, who matched the descriptions of one of the suspects he was told to keep an eye out for.

The woman got up for her seat and walked toward the back of the train, toward the first class seats. Peterson followed. They went from one train car to another. Occasionally, the woman would look back at Peterson. Each time he would act as if he didn’t notice her, and that he was heading to his own location.

The woman stopped and knocked on one of the doors. The door slowly opened, and she walked in.

Peterson stopped outside the first class room. He quietly snuck up on the door and tried to listen in to their conversation. Suddenly the door opened, and two men pulled him in.

"Who are you?" The woman looked down at him, as he was pushed to the floor.

"Me? I...I’m no one!"

A man from behind her butted in. "His name is Walt Peterson. He’s a Chicago agent."

The woman smiled. "How intriguing..." Her mood quickly changed to anger. "When will you Americans smarten up? You say you're ‘neutral,’ yet you’re constantly trading secrets with the enemies. And constantly trying to stop us from assisting our fellow men."

"Is that it? You would rather support the Nazis than your own country?"

"This is still my country! We don’t wish to destroy America... but purify it of the Jews, Negroes, and Hispanics."

"You racist fool! Then why did you kill my buddy?!"

"THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH!" the woman shouted. "Brother, please silence him."

"Yes, my sister." The man came from behind her and walked toward him.


Liberty Compound.... Three months later...

"Good job, Lowell. Looks like your mission was a success." General Cunnings grinned, as the two watched their soldier train in the field below.

Scott Phillips ran through the obstacle course, dodging ammunition fired by robotic guns and jumping over landmines. He was dressed in blue, with shining gold armor. His quickness and agility was thrice the speed of a normal soldier. He made his way through the end of the course, where he used his advanced weapons and explosives to terminate the machines firing at him."

"Yes, sir. But he will need to get some real experience."

"Hmmm... he needs a mission."


Chicago - September, 1941

Her husband had not been home for three months. She was told he died on a mission, just like her other love died, six months before. Now she is in her fourth month of pregnancy, with her dead husband’s child. A child her husband never knew he would have.


Liberty Compound

Scott Phillips was called into the room. "Phillips," called out General Cunnings, "it’s time to get your boots dirty. We got a job for you."

Scott Phillips stood at attention and saluted. "Yes sir."

Cunnings gave Phillips his orders. He was to be sent to Montana. Military Intelligence recently found that a large group of Nazi Sympathizers were hiding out in an abandoned warehouse. The group was recently linked to the stealing of top secret information concerning the Liberty project and, even more recently, top secret information on a project going on in New Mexico.

Cunnings sent him off. He was to be taken in a government vehicle, by two other soldiers.

"Lastly, son, we can’t have you using your real name in combat. Your secrecy is of the utmost importance. For now on, you shall be known as Liberty."


Somewhere in Montana

Liberty arrived outside the warehouse, where a group of "American Nazis" were based. It was dark and cloudy, and the warehouse was now surrounded by three dozen soldiers, who were trapping the Nazis in the warehouse.

Liberty made his way to the commander of the soldiers surrounding the building. His name was Colonel Sam Walker.

"What’s the situation, Colonel?"

"Ah, I’ve been waiting for you. General Cunnings has told me you would be joining us today, Mister... I’m sorry, what was your name?"

"I, uh... go by the codename Liberty."

"Very well... Basically... Liberty, we have somewhere between twenty to as much as fifty Nazi Sympathizers, who are holding ground in that warehouse. We believe this is the same group which has been stealing military secrets for the Germans."

Liberty looked around the area. "Why are we all surrounded outside the front?"

"Well, we tried getting through from behind, but their gun fire was too strong. This is the only safe place we can reside at."

"Okay... I’ve got an idea."

"I’m listening."

"Have your men fire at the warehouse from here. I and three of your soldiers will try to break into the warehouse from behind. Hopefully, we can surprise them, then you will send your men into the building."

"Okay, we’ll try it." Colonel Walker sent three men with him. The rest of the army began firing ammunition at the warehouse. The Nazis from inside began firing back.

Liberty and the three soldiers snuck behind the building. They were hiding within bushes a good ten yards away.

Liberty studied the situation closely. There were men looking out the back windows of the building, on the top floor, preventing anyone from getting close to the building. They kept their eyes out for any movement, but Liberty and his men were able to stay disguised in the darkness and leaves. Liberty could tell the warehouse was old and the roof was not in the best of shape. He noticed a pipe running up and down the side of the wall. "All right, men, here’s the deal..."

The three men opened fire. The men on in the windows quickly returned fire. Meanwhile, Liberty ran toward the building. His speed was much quicker than any normal human.

The men in the window turned their attention to him, but their bullets had no luck catching him.

Liberty quickly jumped on to the pipe and pulled his way up the building.

The men could then hear footsteps on the front of the roof. They looked up. The last things that entered their site, were bullets breaking through the roof, as Liberty shot them down on the men.

Two other Nazi supporters ran over to see what happened, when Liberty came flinging through the window feet first. The two men fell to the ground. Liberty stood his ground in the warehouse and shot the two men with his weapon. He then motioned out the window for the others to follow.

As they swung a rope into the windows, Liberty made his way into other rooms of the building. He entered the room, where seventeen men were shooting at the soldiers in the front of the warehouse were. Only twelve were still alive. Liberty quickly extinguished them with his automatic machine gun.

As the path to the entrance was now safe, the soldiers made their way into the warehouse. They were met by many more Nazi Sympathizers.

Liberty continued searching through the building, hoping to find the leaders of this group. He opened one door and saw three men tied up, with five other surrounding him. The five quickly turned their weapons from the prisoners to him.

One woman stood to the front. "Ah, look who we have you..." She paused and looked around. "I wouldn’t move if I were you."

Liberty pointed his gun toward the woman.

"And look how handsome you are. All dressed up... so patriotic!"

He then dove to the ground. The four men tried to shoot at him, but his gun was faster, shooting each one in their chests, as he hit the ground.

The woman cried, "Raphael!" talking about her brother no doubt. She ran, trying to escape, but Liberty quickly tackled her to the ground.

He picked himself off of her, then flung her to the corner. She was weeping, much different than her cocky, villainous attitude just moments earlier. Liberty was beginning to wonder if there was anything he couldn’t do. He helped the first prisoner up, taking the tape off his face and ropes off his hands. He went to help the second man up, when he saw someone very familiar.

"Walt?!" Both of their eyes went wide open from shock, as both became quietly still.

The soldiers quickly secured the warehouse. Besides the woman Liberty had captured, the soldiers were able to catch about five other men.

The prisoners were taken to another location, as they prepared Liberty to travel back to Philadelphia. Scott and Walter were separated once again. Scott has written Walter many times in the past few months, though he could not explain where he was or who he was, he did expect a response, but never got one. He did not know that his letters were never received.


Several hours later... Chicago

Scott couldn’t get the face of his best friend out of his head. He escaped his private government train, transporting him to his base in Philadelphia. He managed to get himself a motorcycle and regular clothes while he was at it. He headed into the city. He had to see his fiancé and best friend again.

Meanwhile, Walter returned home from his journey. It had been a long three months. He had to head back to the base soon, to help give information as to what had happened during his imprisonment, but they allowed him to visit his wife and change first. His wife had thought him dead, but now he had returned.

Scott drove up to the street, where his fiancé lived. He then drove down to where she lived. He could see her through the window. He watched as his best friend then made his way toward his fiancé. Their lips embraced and he could tell it wasn’t just a friendly kiss. He started his new bike back up and drove off.

Tears ran down Carla’s face. Walter looked down at her and said, "Carla... Scott... I think he is alive." She couldn’t believe. Minutes ago she thought both of her life’s loves were dead, but now she learned they might be both living.


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