Liberty #0
March, 1999

"What Is Liberty?"

Written by James Pedrick, Edited by Lex and Walt Kneeland
Created by James Pedrick, Property of James Pedrick

War. Why do we fight them? Pride? Power? Liberty?

Liberty, an interesting word. The condition of being free without restrictions. It has been the principle between all our wars. In the American Revolution, we fought for our liberty against an empire which had mistreated us, in our Civil War, we fought for the liberty of people we ourselves had mistreated. Now, we’re fighting abroad. Fighting for peoples and countries being mistreated by a foreign empire.

July, 1942 - Somewhere in Europe

The whole world battled across the Eastern Hemisphere for liberty, but liberty’s champion is away from the turmoil. Deep within Austria, America’s new secret weapon spied on a German concentration camp from a hill over looking it. He believed a general, who held information which could help the Americans win the war by creating the most powerful weapon the world has ever seen and beat the Germans to it.

He watched as young men are beaten, just for being who they are. Many of the victims have no clothes or very little of them. They looked like human skeletons, every bone showing through their flesh. These people evidently did not have liberty. He was not sure how much he can help him now. It’s not easy hauling hundreds of people across a continent to freedom. His main goal was to get inside that compound and retrieve what ever information he could. Saving the victims of the Nazis’s concentration camps would not be conceivable until after the Allies had won the war.

The man rose. The sun shined off his gold armor. He dusted off the dirt from his blue uniform and grasped his powerful weapon. He was ready to begin.

He looked around. There was no way to sneak into this fortress. He would have to fight his way in.

He charged down the hill, Nazi soldiers quickly saw him attacking. They opened fire. Bullets bounced off his armored chest and shoulder pads, as he returned fire using the most compatible, advanced machine gun available in the 1940's. German soldiers fell to the ground dead, as others ran to cover.

The American soldier then ran through the camp site, dodging from one safe spot to another, until he reached the area, which played host to the generals camping out there.

He entered the small shelter, where they were staying. Seven German soldiers shot at him, as he entered. He dodged their attacks and returned fire, shooting down the seven men.

Meanwhile, outside the small shelter, the mistreated people revolted against the remaining German soldiers. Their weakened bodies united together to attack those who were beating them just minuted earlier.

The commotion died down inside the shelter, as the riot began outside. The American soldier stood still, looking the last remaining German at the shelter in the eyes.

He then spoke in German to the man, "General Wilhelm. How nice to see you here?" He moved closer to the man, pointing his gun at him, "Now, hand over the papers."

"Ha! And betray my country?"

"Either that or die."

Suddenly two soldiers came running through the shelter’s entrance. "Tell them to put down their weapons!"

The general remained silent. The American’s eyes quickly turned from the general to the soldiers on the other side of him. Then the general shouted, "Shoot him!"

Six shots flew out of their weapons. The American dove to the ground, as the bullets flew over him and hit the general. Then the American shot the soldiers to the ground.

He quickly searched the general’s stuff, but found nothing. Now he was back to where he started.

He exited the shelter. He ran back to the top of the hill and watched as the people ravaged into the soldiers’ mess hall, searching for all the food they could get their hands on. For now, they had found freedom. For now, they had liberty.

Thanks for reading this special short preview of the new five part mini-series from Ultraverse: A New Twist called Liberty-Legends of World War II. Be sure to check out the first issue, now available, to find out who this soldier is and how he’ll become the Legend of World War II!

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