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Below are links dedicated to the Second World War:

World War II Commemoration - Contains articles, pictures, online tests, and links about WWII

World War II Timelines - Timelines of Hitler's life, the Holocaust, war in Europe, as well as biographies of Nazi leaders and information on the Nazi Youth

HyperWar - A hypertext history of World War II

World War II Memorial - official site to the committee to form a memorial in honor of those lost in World War II, chaired by former Sen. Bob Dole and supported by President Clinton and actor Tom Hanks.

United States Holocaust Museum - official site of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC

L'Chaim - A Holocaust Web Project

Adolf Hitler's Life - information on Nazis and Hitler

The Death of Hitler - Information on the different possibilities and theories about how Hitler died and what the world's reaction was.

Nazi Doctors and Human Experimentation

Homefront Magazine - a magazine published during WWII which helped give Americans news, pictures, and letters from the war.

A-Bomb Web Museum - dedicated to information on the atom bomb

Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiricies - Did President Roosevelt know about the plans for Pearl Harbor to be bombed?

Captain America: The War Years - a fan fiction by Abe Binder of Captain America during World War II

Yahoo Search Results for "World War II"

Liberty - Legend of World War II Web Page

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