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The More Things Change...
The More They Stay The Same

A new saga featuring Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, and Firelord
written by Adam ( Funk


Primordial Earth, a time of great change and importance. Small species of dinosaurs had yet to die out, the land was just breaking out from Pangea, the single land mass, and ape-men future generations would call the missing link ran about the Earth.

The storm season is coming, five future humans can instinctively feel the hurricane blowing off the coast. The four males and a female quickly move deeper into the cave they call home. They have enough food and water stored a few hundred feet inside to wait out the storm. Huddled against the near complete darkness and explosive winds, hail and rain they grunt and howl from fear and anger. They remember storms from seasons past, but they have never been this bad before.

Deep within their cave a bright light suddenly ignites, startling the primitives. Full of curiosity and fear they slowly make their way deeper into the cave, deeper than they have never been before, looking for the source of the light. In the center of a large cavern five geysers in the shape of a pentagram erupt pure energy. Slowly, one by one, each of the primitives touches a pillar of pure hyperspacial power. Instantly each begins to transform, millions of years of evolution pass in seconds. Power and knowledge beyond anything most races will ever achieve floods into them, nearly to overload.

Finally the transformation is complete. The five begin to plan and scheme for the future of Earth. After decades of debate and preparing the five move on, about their chosen roles in the grand plan. One heads north, towards where Norway will be one day. Another moves west, here the fertile plains of North America will one day thrive. The third goes south east, on the shores of the great sea, modern civilization will be born in Greece. The fourth moves south, here the river Nile is a oasis in the savage desert, and the beginning of Egypt. Finally the female retreats deep into the Earth, from here she will guide the planet as though it were her own son.

Slowly the primitives spread across the land are taught the way to the future. Tools, writing, speech, and fire are introduced and are taken in by the populace. Humanity has taken it’s first step.

Part 1: The More Things Change...
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Chapter 1 - And The Dreamer Awoke

"In space, no one can hear you scream. That was the last thought of the captain of the Open Arms as his ship exploded. For over fifty years this race of fugitives has been on the run from the Pandonians, a brutal race seeking only destruction. In these years the fugitives have retraced the steps of their ancestors back to the galaxy of their origin..."

Chapter 2 - Put Up Your Dukes

"My name is Wendell Vaughn, though the galaxy knows me better as Quasar, Guardian of the Universe. It’s been slow lately, myself and my friend Beta Ray Bill, have had little to do. Save a cargo ship from pirates here, stop a hull leak in a transport ship there, same old same old. We were ready to call it a day when I got a call from one of my "Ears", the dishes I have spread out through the galaxy..."

Chapter 3 - A New Beginning

With that a huge, ghost like head appeared in front of the four assembled heroes. "Surfer, it is good that I have found you."
"Greetings Stephen" the Surfer says. "What can I do for you?"
"There is a situation most dire on Earth." Dr. Strange starts. "It seems Victor Von Doom was tired of the off-world rivals in his quest for world domination..."

Chapter 4 - The Valley of the Kings

As the three of them stood on the Surfers board, space swirled and distorted around them. Within mere moments all space around them was pure white. They were in the Realm of the Cosmic Beings.
"Oh my god!!" Alicia gasped. "I can see!! I’m not blind here!!"
"Of course not mortal." Came a voice from behind them...

Chapter 5 - Will Work For Shelter

Beta Ray Bill and Quasar were awaiting their arrival when they got back.
"Bad news Surfer." Quasar stated. "We’ve been all over this shield, nothing has changed."
"Unless you count those." Bill said. All around the shield were satellites, each sending out the same signal on all wave-lengths. The signal said the same thing over and over in Doom’s voice, visitors were not welcome, stay away...

Chapter 6: Resting In Peace

Six months passed since the Kree first settled Hala-Tor. Their Capitol, Corlero, was named after their ancient art of surfing. It was located on Haven on the west coast in the northern hemisphere. They have settled most everywhere on the planet and had outposts on their moons, Karaha and Wandra, named after their mythological gods of fire and weather respectively. And even a small one on Earth’s moon as well...

Chapter 7: ...Of God and Men

Ronan stood in the center of his chamber wearing only a robe looking up at this creature that just appeared. The being just looked down upon Ronan seemingly irate about being brought to Valtora...

Chapter 8: A Watched Pot Ne'er Boils

Ronan would sit in his preparation chamber and watch the updates sent by Ter-Fes and his two lackeys. He was unsure about Az-Mod and Eam-Mor, they were loyal to Ter-Fes and him, but not too bright. Ter-Fes swore that they were good men and would not let them down. That was good enough for Ronan, for now...

The Collection

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Part 2: ...The More They Stay The Same
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Chapter 1: A Brave New World

Alicia Radd was awoken from a good sleep by a billion voices in her head. She covered her ears in a desperate attempt to stop the voices, but it was no use. She sat up suddenly and started her exercises to control her telepathy and eventually gained control. The most astounding thing was where the thoughts were coming from....

Chapter 2: The First Step of a Thousand Years

Ronan barely waited for Diykrakus to fully appear before he burst into his explanation.
"Great One, the Earthen barrier has been destroyed, we are free to continue on the plans you have started!!"
"Excellent, my proudest creation," Diykrakus stated, a half smile forming on his stone features. "Blood and death running through all creation will this day see..."

Chapter 3: The Winds of Holy War

Odin sat upon his throne in Asgard. For the last few minutes there has been a bitter taste on the wind. What exactly was going on he could not explain, but he knew it was not good. He was about to summon Thor back to Asgard when a tall, blue being appeared in his throne room.
"Who dares?!" Odin shouted as he stood preparing for battle.
"Silence man of many years. Honor untold brought have I."

Chapter 4: Even Gold Can Turn To Dust

The four cosmic heroes appeared on the Rainbow Bridge, at least where it used to be. The carnage and destruction that lay all around them was beyond description. Frankie gasped and covered her eyes, unable to look upon the death fields. Alicia strained and strained, until finally she was able to sense someone alive. It was Odin, and he wasn’t going to last long. The four raced to where the palace used to stand and found him under the rubble...

Chapter 5: The Prerequisites of a God

Chapter 6: Denile

Chapter 7: The End Is Nigh

Chapter 8: The Deaf Cries of Battle

Chapter 9: Devine Malevolence

Chapter 10: And So To All Things...

Chapter 11: An Ending?

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