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Chapter 6 - Denile

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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Shadow Hunter walked out onto the balcony where the rest of the heroes were still standing. He walked past everyone until he came to the Surfer.

“Surfer, the Great Spirit has fallen as well. Odin, Zeus, and now the Great Spirit have been trampled by this mysterious other worldly god. All seem to have had their power ripped right out of them. I have been in contact with Amen of the Netjer, the Egyptian gods, he says they’re ready, but should we send some reinforcements?”

“Undoubtedly! Avengers, Fantastic Four, Tyrosians, prepare. We go to fight with the Netjer!”

The River Nile. A great waterway that flows through Egypt, and so much more. This same oasis in the deserts is also a doorway to another plane of reality. In this place the pyramids stand tall and the Sphinx shines like gold, as if it were built yesterday. In the center of this land is a great pyramid that dwarfs any man made object on Earth. Its adornments, the gardens, the fountains, the pools, are so beautiful, so spectacular, that paradise pales as a description. This is the royal palace, the throne of gods.

Upon the throne sits King Amen, he is troubled by recent events to his brother gods. He could feel them as they were attacked, just as the mortal sorcerer Shadow Hunter had told him what had happened. His wife and Queen, Mut sits silently at his side, she cannot hope to ease his troubled mind. Imhotep, the Grand Vizier waits patiently for his king’s command. He has just informed Amen of the severity this situation brings, and that he must trouble his king causes Imhotep distress. Finally Sai and Shai, beautiful sirens that represent destiny and fate, stand on the opposite side of the throne as Imhotep. They have informed Amen of what will come to pass, and his part in it. Slowly Amen stands and takes his Was Scepter, his decision made.

“I thank you all for your council at this time. Please leave me alone now, your task here is completed.”


“Silence woman! You heard what was to happen as well as I. Are you to suggest that we can change destiny?”

“Never my king. But I shall stand at your side as events transpire.”

“As you wish my queen. But you will not interfere.”

“No choice she will have godling!” Diykrakus spoke as he appeared in the throne room. “Sense I time short is here. Excuse you will kill quick must I.”

“You are welcome to try evil one!” Amen spoke as he pointed his scepter towards Diykrakus, a flash of energy fired from it at Diykrakus, knocking him back. He quickly ducked under the blast and threw a dagger at Amen, hitting him in the torso. As Amen doubled over the beam from the scepter stopped. Mut leaped at Diykrakus, a dagger in her hand, cutting his arm as he tried to dodge her. Diykrakus held his arm as he rolled over into a standing position.

“From the woman sport comes. Intrigued am I. As formidable as you all women here are?”

“No one, man nor woman, may stand against a mother guarding her family!” Mut shouted. Amen stood as his queen spoke, pulling the dagger from his stomach.

“See we shall woman.” Diykrakus held out the Thunder Eye, ready to drain Amen of his life energy, but then paused. “Not in you power lies, pretender be you. All Father, where he be?”

Amen stood holding his stomach. “I am the king of the Netjer, any business you have with us goes through me!”

“Nay lackey! All Father found have I, begone flea like one.” As Diykrakus disappeared Amen threw the dagger back at him, wounding his shoulder. Diykrakus appeared high above the temple, here he could feel Ra the fullest. “Your children to in your name fight allow you? Cowardice of all your people is a trait?”

As Diykrakus spoke the sun twisted and morphed, becoming an outline of a human, before finally changing fully into Ra’s true form.

“Threaten my realm at your own peril evil one. None stands before the almighty Ra!!” As he spoke Ra’s eyes began to glow, finally discharging in a force of sun power capable of leveling a mountain range into Diykrakus’s midsection, plunging him into the earth. Diykrakus lay, stunned in the dirt, blood leaking from his shoulder wound. Ra followed, a spear suddenly appearing in his hand just long enough to be hurled at his enemy. Diykrakus shook off the fog in his vision just in time to avoid the spear. With a quick flick of his wrist, the dagger that was in Diykrakus’s shoulder dug itself into Ra’s thigh. As Ra reached for his leg two more solar beams shot from his eyes, barely missing Diykrakus as he rolled away. As he shot to his feet Diykrakus held out the Thunder Eye, and began to smile wider than he ever had.

“Such sport! To me tell sun god, live you for battle as well?”

“We shall see!” Ra said as a mystic bow appeared in his hands, constantly firing solar arrows towards Diykrakus. As Diykrakus dodged he pulled his sword and in one quick motion it was stuck into Ra’s midsection. When Diykrakus stopped to throw the sword, he was hit with four arrows, throwing him to the ground and leaving large burn marks and charred clothing. As Ra was pulling the sword from his stomach, Diykrakus held out the Thunder Eye again. Not wasting time with chatter he immediately began draining Ra of his power. Ra still holding the sword in his body, began to scream like never before.

“So warrior, an ending to things all.” Diykrakus spoke as he drained Ra. “Honored am I one such as you to beaten have. Thanks mine workout fine was it.”

“I…I’ll see yo…your head on…my wall…villain.” Ra spoke, hardly able to stand the pain.

“Today you shall not, never shall I say. Die well god sun.”

As Ra and his realm collapsed towards the desert sand, the Surfer and the assembled heroes appeared through the Nile. At once Shadow Hunter raced to Ra’s side, placing him in a sphere of protection. The rest of the heroes descended upon Diykrakus, ready to begin the battle. As the Tyrosians, the Surfer and the others fired on Diykrakus, he began to fade out, all shots hitting only mist.

“Damn!” Grantite cried out. “The coward has escaped us. Can you track him Surfer?”

“No. Somehow he has mystically erased his trail. Shadow Hunter?”

“I’m afraid not Surfer, but I have saved Ra.”

“So Odin and the Asgardians have been the only casualties?” Firelord asked.

“I wouldn’t say only.” Cap answered. “One life lost is tragic, an entire race is horrendous.”

“That’s true.” Shadow Hunter replied. “But better one than four.”

“Enough.” Stated the Surfer. “Let us begone from this place. What we do know for sure is the evil one is not here. We must prepare.”

“Yes.” Shadow Hunter replied. “I have a feeling we had better get back to Earth’s primary dimension. Something big is about to happen.”

About three light years away from Earth’s solar system Ronan’s fleet engaged the Supreme Intelligence’s in a hope to stop his acquisition of the Kree in this system. As Ronan watched, something about the other fleet bothered him. They weren’t putting up as much of a fight as he thought they would. Could the Supreme Intelligence be that weak? Suddenly a look of cold horror crossed Ronan’s face, he had been tricked!

“Jas-Ner! Recall the fleet, it is a trap!” Ronan shouted as he exited his preparation chamber.


“Commander.” The Kree officer watching the radar called out. “Six thousand ships just decloaked four million miles from Valtora.”

“Commander.” The communications officer called out. “Reports coming in from Hala. Four thousand ships have decloaked just outside Hala orbit.”

“Communications, recall all ships headed for Earth and the Supremor’s home world!” Jas-Ner shouted.

“Impossible Commander. Four thousand more ships decloaked attacking the Earth bound ships and three thousand have attacked the fleet headed for Supremor’s world.”

All eyes turned to Ronan. He seemed lost in thought for a time until a steady stream of cosmic energy slowly began to crackle around his eyes. With a cry that sounded more like an animal than a man, Ronan was gone, headed outside to defend his world.

Continued in Chapter 7 - The End Is Nigh
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