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Chapter 7 - The End Is Nigh

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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Diykrakus appeared on Earth’s moon inside Uatu’s observation station. A look of shock flashed on the Watcher’s face for a moment before he regained his composure and was able to question this demigod who stood before him.

“How dare you invade my sanctuary Kree? This place is not for the likes of you.”

“Silent shall be you. Business mine is alone mine.” Diykrakus began to wander through the station, studying the screens focused on Earth. With a thought Uatu shut them down and confronted Diykrakus again.

“You will leave now. Knowledge such as this is not meant for your kind.”

“SILENCE!” Diykrakus shouted as he reached for and flung a dagger towards Uatu. In mid air, an inch from the space between the Watcher’s eyes, the dagger stopped and disappeared.

“You will find I am not defenseless warrior. I have power a mere demigod could not possibly understand. Now begone before you test my patience.”

“Say you coward gutless. Know fear you shall.”

“Begone.” With the muttering of the word Diykrakus vanished, appearing on the opposite side of the galaxy. Angered he called forth the orb, and was again standing in front of the Watcher in moments.

“Understand now hairless!” Diykrakus held the orb high, taunting Uatu with it. This time the Watcher could not hide the surprise and fear on his face and in his voice.

“The Thunder Eye?! By the One Above All, how did you obtain the relic?” Diykrakus only smiled at Uatu’s question.

“Begone.” Before he could blink Uatu found himself on the Watcher’s world. For the first time since Thanos acquired the Infinity Gauntlet, the Watcher knew fear.

As Diykrakus began to roam through the station once more all the screens came back to life. He smirked lightly to himself until he came upon a screen showing Avengers Tower. His eyes narrowed as he saw the Surfer and his small army returning from Egypt. A hate began to fill him, a hate so pure and all consuming it radiated all the way back to Earth.

Alicia Masters suddenly stopped talking to Susan Richards and looked towards the sky. Chills raced down her spine as she was nearly consumed in hate coming from the moon. She was able to telepathically speak with the Surfer and all the combined heroes, letting them know she had found the renegade god.

"Great Alicia. Thor, I need you Jacob, Jaratan, Barracuda, Tarantula and Jack Hammer to stay here to guard Earth and watch over Beta Ray and Hercules.”

“Nay Surfer. The son of Odin shall not be left behind whilst his teammates face peril!”

“Thor, you cannot survive in space with the Earthpower. Besides, if the evil one’s true target is Earth we need someone powerful to stand guard.”

“I shall stay, begrudgingly Surfer. But know we shall have words when this is finished.”

“Now father…”

“Now is not the time Jacob, my answer is final. And believe me, we will speak as well when this is over.”

Slowly the heroes leaving made their way to the balcony. As they stood together Shadow Hunter quickly waved his hands and they were gone, appearing inside the Watchers complex.

Ronan paused as the last of the Supreme Intelligence’s ships were destroyed. He looked around at the handful of ships left to guard Valtora. Some of his anger subsided in the fight, but looking upon the carnage of his own ships brought him back to a full boil.

“Jas-Ner, how is the fight going elsewhere?”

“Not good M’lord. One hundred and forty-two ships escaped the Terra ambush. None escaped the attack on Supremor nor the defense of Hala.”

 “We have lost Hala?!?! That bloated sac of debris will learn the true meaning of pain! I am off…”

”Ronan” Diykrakus spoke telepathically. “Ships all bringing to Earth shall you. Upon us, the moment!”

“Father I…I…” Ronan could only stammer as his face turned white.

“Whelp speak!”

“The fleet is…is…” Suddenly Ronan was no longer over Valtora, but in the Watcher's chambers. Diykrakus grabbed Ronan by the neck and held him high.

“FLEET IS WHERE?” Diykrakus shouted.

“Gone. Destroyed.” Ronan looked down as he spoke. Diykrakus stood still for a moment before he threw Ronan across the room.

“DESTROYED!” Diykrakus shouted over and over as he stormed after his son. Ronan tried to turn and flee but found a dagger in his back as he turned. As he hit the floor and tried to reach the knife Ronan found his fathers boot on his head. “Now imbecile, fate same awaits you done to me have you!” Diykrakus moved his boot from Ronan’s head to his left shoulder blade. “From this shall you learn.” In one swift move Diykrakus reached down and tore Ronan’s left arm from his body.

Continued in Chapter 8 - The Deaf Cries of Battle
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