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Chapter 9 - Devine Malevolence

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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Diykrakus looked around in disbelief. He was to die at the hands of the Surfer, now he seemingly is gone. What has transpired? He looked to see the band of heroes that had confronted him before returning. The woman, apparently the silver ones mate, was leading the charge with the fiery one close behind.

“What have you done with Norrin?” Alicia asked, anger seething in every word.

“Know not I fate of one silver.”

“Liar!” Came Firelord’s heated reply.

“Know not do I.” Diykrakus repeated, but he could tell they did not believe him. In seconds he was surrounded, all of them looking for blood. Diykrakus began to worry, even without the orb he was a match for a few of these beings, but with the dozen or so surrounding him he had little chance. As they began to close in upon him, Diykrakus disappeared.

“Get back here coward!” Firelord screamed.

“Pyreus, he isn’t important right now. We need to find out where Norrin is.”

The Surfer, arm still outstretched, found himself in the Realm of Cosmic Beings. Standing in front of him was Eternity, Galactus and the Living Tribunal. They seemed to be in the middle of a debate when he appeared.

“What is the meaning of this?” The Surfer asked.

“Norrin Radd.” Galactus began.

“Do not speak to the accused.” Eternity spoke. “He will have his time to defend himself.”

“Brother Eternity, the accused has the right to know the implication of his transgression.”

“The accused as no rights as of yet brother. The Tribunal has yet to seek the defense of the accused.”

“Nevertheless, this is a court of justice, not some mockery where the accused is guilty before judgment. That is the reason for my presence, to speak on his behalf.”

“What is going on?” The Surfer was becoming irate with being ignored.

“Then speak on his behalf and not to the accused. You know him better than any in this universe; you need not converse with him. This is a court as you stated, remain focused on the task at hand.”

I know my task Eternity. I sought to expedite these matters by allowing the accused to tell his tale in his own words.”

“Stop ignoring me!”

“Be silent Norrin Radd.” Eternity spoke. “Try to maintain a trace of tact in this place. Now be silent and contemplate on your transgression to this universe.”

“I will not be spoken to in such a matter Eternity.”

“Norrin Radd…”

“No Galactus, I will speak for myself. Can you not contemplate what I am right now Eternity? I have power enough to tear you asunder.”

“As you would have done with the Kree demigod Norrin Radd? The justice you were to serve was befitting to one in the station you have achieved?”

Cruel punishment for a being of cruel and evil intentions.”

“Enough of this.” The Living Tribunal finally spoke. “Eternity, it is not your place to humiliate the accused. He has the right to a fair trial, Part of that is the ability to speak for himself.”

“Thank you…”

”Do not seek to thank me yet Norrin Radd. It is my ruling that you have taken means upon yourself to usurp the proper order of the universe. You have taken power not belonging to you and used it to raise your station in the universe. You have even had the audacity to threaten Eternity. You, Norrin Radd, are your own worst enemy.”

“I realize this mighty one, and will make amends to those who have suffered by my actions.”


“This power I have has been stolen from beings that rightfully own it. Without the return of their energies they and their peoples will surely perish.  It is my intention to return these energies to their rightful owners.”

“A noble course of action Norrin Radd. One surely Eternity has no qualms with?”

Of course not mighty one. My reasons for calling this trial were only to do such.”

“Then so it shall be.”

The Surfer found himself over Earth. He went at once to the different realms returning the power stole from the gods that dwelled there.

To Be Continued in Chapter 10 - And To All Things...
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