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...The More They Stay The Same

The More They Stay The Same is a continuation of The More Things Change... be sure to read it to see what took place before this chapter!

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Chapter 2 - The First Step of a Thousand Miles

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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Ronan barely waited for Diykrakus to fully appear before he burst into his explanation.

"Great One, the Earthen barrier has been destroyed, we are free to continue on the plans you have started!!"

"Excellent my proudest creation." Diykrakus stated, a half smile forming on his stone features. "Blood and death running through all creation will this day see. The twilight of the gods, arrived it has. One supreme being will cast shadow over all Eternity. You, son of mine, earned your place in temple most holy you have."

"You grace me with honor and privileges I am not worthy of father." Ronan said, rising his fist into the air. "My armies are primed and ready for the fight to come. When do we depart to seek vengeance over all?"

"Your time, come not it has. Myself the only war bringer in these early campaigns will be. Fear not, engine of destruction, come will your time."

"By you plan father." Ronan said with a hint of disappointment. "Til the universe runs with our enemies blood."

Diykrakus disappeared and Ronan screamed in anger and despair. He did not like waiting in the wings. Unfortunately he knew his father had a plan, and he had to stick to it. A few hours training might help relieve some tension and anger. Maybe.

Diykrakus appeared inside a castle larger than most cities. He walked over and sat on his throne, thinking about the best way to go about his plan. He smiled as he thought back to the previous owner of this throne. Perhaps he should pay Pamakretus a visit before he leaves on his campaign? Bah! Why bother the old fool, he is content enough to rest in his cell. The time has come for holy war.

He called to a servant to bring him the Thunder Eye. The servant brought in a large box, shaped like a pyramid with ancient writing on all sides. He quickly placed the object on a table in front of the throne and disappeared. Diykrakus stepped down and stood in front of the object. He muttered a incantation ancient a billion years ago. As he chanted the three sides folded down to reveal a orb, roughly the size of a softball, floating in the center. For fifty thousand years Diykrakus had possessed the Thunder Eye. It was only the last thousand years or so that he knew it’s power and used it.

Diykrakus reached down and took the orb. He could feel the raw power flowing through it. Diykrakus threw his head back and laughed like never before. It was time to show those Earth "gods" what real power was!! A considerate amount of power was being used to assure him that they would not see what was coming for them. Earth and it’s magic’s were about to fall to him.

On a lonely planet, deserted and in the middle of nowhere the Kree Supreme Intelligence sat in his chamber and contemplated the recent goings on in the galaxy. Deep under the uninhabitable surface no one would be able to find him or the ten garrisons of Kree troops and weapons he had stored. He saw the peaceful Kree living in the Terra system. He knew Ronan had been building an army for some unknown goal, and that he had the government of Hala in his pocket. And he was aware that Earth was no longer confined under it’s barrier. So many things to take into consideration before he started with his own plans.

The Supreme Intelligence had plans for the Kree of Sol. He was almost certain Ronan did as well. The question was whose plan was greater and closer to being completed. For the last thousand years Ronan had been constantly moving and shaking. It seemed almost everyday he would receive a report of something Ronan was up to. But for the last few weeks Ronan had been curiously quiet. Had he finished his work and was about to strike? That would not do. To prove himself the rightful leader of all Kree it was time to show his cards. The leader of the greatest empire of all time does not sit back and watch, he acts!

The Supreme Intelligence called for his aids and generals. Once gathered he explained to them what exactly was about to happen. The Supreme Intelligence had taken every possibility into consideration, there was no way Ronan could win. As the generals and aids left they were startled by a sound they had never heard before. Supremor was laughing.

 The winds were picking up out on the balcony of Avengers Tower. Of course the Surfer wasn’t affected by them, actually he thought it was a nice change from the stillness of before. In the distance he saw someone flying towards the tower. He wasn’t sure who it was or if they were a friend or enemy, but she was coming in awfully fast. The Surfer stepped on his board and rose to greet the incoming person.

"Greetings, I am the Silver Surfer. I trust you are friend to the Avengers?"

"I am Lioness, and more than a friend, I am currently in charge of the Avengers. You will excuse me of course, I have business to attend to."

With that Lioness flew right past the Surfer and into the tower. The Surfer floated back towards the balcony to wait for the Fantastic Four. Lioness seemed to be all business and no chatter. He was insulted, of a sort. He expected a friendlier greeting from the Avengers Chairman. Finally the Fantasticar came into view. Norrin could see the excitement that Alicia and his return produced on the FF’s faces.

Alicia was flying next to them along with Johnny Storm. The Surfer could see as well as feel the joy in her heart, she was home now. Hala-Tor was her home with him, but she truly belonged here, on the world of her birth. Alicia swooped up towards Norrin while the FF docked down in one of the hanger bays. Alicia flew into the Surfer’s arms and gave him a huge hug. She was so happy to see friends she thought was long dead. The two walked into the building to meet the FF in the conference room.

When Norrin and Alicia made it to the room the FF were already there. Susan gave Norrin a hug while Reed and Johnny nearly stumbled over each other to shake his hand and tell him how great it was to see him again. Ben just sat in the corner, puffing on a cigar, griping about making a fuss over the boogie boarder and the cosmic fruit of his loins.

"Greetings assembled heroes." As they were getting aquatinted Dr. Strange’s form appeared over the center table.

"Stephen! It is so good to see you again!" The Surfer stated.

"And you as well Norrin Radd. It has been far too long since I lost contact with the universe outside the barrier. Alas Stephen Strange is no more, I am now only the Ancient One. I wish this visit was purely a welcome, unfortunately it is not. I have sensed a growing evil gathering his forces to invade Earth and her mystical planes. Although I cannot get an accurate grasp of this being. There is powerful magic and science hiding his presence."

"Ancient One" Reed began, "Have you been able to get any details at all? Anything that might help us pin down who is behind this?"

"Nay Reed Richards. All I have been able to gather is that he is from a pantheon of gods from outside Earth and her own deities."

"What say You?!" Thor shouted as he jumped out of his seat, at the same time Hercules spit out the mouthful of ale he was about to swallow and shouted "What?"

"Thor, Hercules did you truly believe Earth was the only planet that produced gods?" The Ancient One said.

"Well I’ve never met any…" Hercules said.

"And neither hath I Ancient One. From which planet doth these pretenders come from?"

"I know not Thor, but I do know pretender he is not."

"Thank you Ancient One" Cap interrupted. "Can you possibly come to the tower so maybe we can make some kind of battle plan?"

"I am afraid my days of fighting and adventure are over Captain. However I am sending my pupil Shadow Hunter to you. He can help you with the mystical aspects of the intruder."

"That will be fine. Thank you again. I trust you will keep us informed if you learn anything else?"

"Of course Captain. Farewell all. It was especially good to see you again Surfer. You must come down to the house for tea."

"As soon as possible my friend. Farewell Ancient One"

As the Ancient One disappeared, everyone in the room started talking at once.

"Excuse me!!" Lioness shouted as she banged her fist on the table. Everyone stopped and looked at her. "As far as I remember this is still Avengers Tower and I am still the Chairman. Now can we please get something constructive going on here?" The tone and authority in her voice could not be denied.

"All right everyone, listen up." Cap commanded.

"FATHER!!" Lioness shouted. "Would you please also shut the hell up!"

"Sorry Natasha, you know me." Cap said with a half smile and a shrug.

"Unfortunately. Now, what are going to do about this god?"

Continued in Chapter 3 - The Winds of Holy War
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