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Chapter 10 - And So To All Things...

  written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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The Surfer hovered over Asgard, tears falling down to the wasteland. The frost giants and trolls had fulfilled their promise; they were going about the business of burying the Asgardians, erecting a huge tomb for Odin. Norrin had already been to the other realms and had returned the power to Ra, Zeus, and The Great Spirit. They were lucky, if Diykrakus had gotten to Gaea the Earth itself would have been destroyed. Although it was hard to feel lucky looking down on the carcasses of so many noble beings. Before he departed Norrin muttered a prayer to Odin in the ancient ways, a prayer sure to make Odin proud.

Norrin flew off past the ruins of the rainbow bridge, though no longer here, he could still use this path to return to Earth. He knew exactly where he had to go to return the Odinpower.

Diykrakus appeared in the throne room of his castle, bruised and beaten he was in a foul mood. Sitting on the throne he called for his servants, but none appeared. Angered he began to scream and swear, demanding the servants cater to him. Finally the door opened, but it was not who Diykrakus was expecting.

“Pamakretus? How?”

“Silver Surfer, to me my power he returned. Now, upstart, the Krono-Pamotha awaits you!” Diykrakus eyes widened as Pamakretus spoke. The Krono-Pamotha was a punishment so severe and ferocious it had never been performed before.

“No one mighty, please to me mercy!”

“Mercy? Surely know not you do the word, same as I you for.”

Diykrakus screamed as the royal guards took him away. He never really stopped until many years later.

Everyone had gathered in Avengers Tower aside from Shadow Hunter, he was waiting in the Watchers home for his return. They had successfully driven off Diykrakus and the Supreme Intelligence’s fleets. You would think the atmosphere would be lighter than the gloom inside the conference room, but there was still no word from the Surfer, and they were worried. Captain America was making plans for a search party, dividing up all those assembled for the greatest efficiency when Alicia suddenly stood.

“He’s back!” she shouted with glee.

“Where is he?” Firelord asked, but Alicia couldn’t answer. She was already gone.

“Should we follow?” Cap asked.

“Nah.” Firelord answered. “We’d better leave those two alone for right now. I don’t think they want us around for their reunion.” He said with a wink.

“That’s so gross…” Came Jaratan’s reply.

Alicia found Norrin in a cave in the middle of Spain, deep within the ground where human feet have never tread. She was going to tackle him in joy, but saw the seriousness in his face and remained tactful. Norrin looked up at Alicia and gave her a smile, acknowledging her presence but remaining focused on the task at hand. He stood in the center of a pentagram, speaking words in ancient Norse. As Norrin muttered the incantation vast energies began to flow around him. Soon, as he finished the rite, the energies became a flowing pillar on one of the points of the pentagram. Confident he had finished his deed the Surfer finally turned to Alicia and embraced her.

“What just happened?” She asked.

“The Odinpower has finally been returned at long last. Where he was born, Odin’s last essence has been lain to rest.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“I shall explain it another time, now is not the proper moment. Let us return to Avengers Tower, I have much to explain to Thor.”

Norrin and Alicia flew off, through thousands of tons of solid rock like it was a fine mist. At the tower Norrin explained to Thor what was happening in Asgard and what had become of the Odinpower. Thor was obviously not happy with the results, but understood.

The Surfer found Beta Ray Bill was still comatose. Hercules had recovered fully, thanks to Zeus being given his power back, but Beta Ray had no reprieve coming. In fact he was only still alive due to his alien nature. The Surfer stood over Beta Ray, as he had in other realities millennia before, and scanned his disease. He replicated the minute amounts of Odinpower left in Beta Ray and supercharged it with the Power Cosmic. The Surfer smiled, his friend would be fine, but he would be completely different from his past self.

Norrin returned to the conference room to find Thor and Hercules arm in arm with a tankard of mead in hand singing. The first song, which was nearly completed when Norrin entered the room, was a sorrowful and respectful song. Recounting the days when Odin the almighty oversaw the land and brought righteous justice to the universe. They sang of his past trials and the bleak future without him. The next song was more uplifting, singing praises of the victory against overwhelming odds against a nigh unbeatable foe. Norrin grasped another tankard and slowly walked up and slipped his arm around Alicia. He gave Alicia a small squeeze, took a large gulp of mead, and began to sing along with the gods. Soon everyone was singing and waving their tankards and mugs. The sounds of the songs rang through the night, across the ocean nearly from coast to coast.

Cleo stood in the Valley of the Kings, wiping the sweat from her brow. Archeology is ever a hard task. As she finished a long drink of water from her canteen the world around her began to blur. Soon she was standing in the middle of a great hall, in front of beings that could only be gods.

“Holy crap in a can…” she muttered under her breath.

“Listen mortal, I am Amen, king of the Netjer.”

“Of course you are.” Cleo was still in shock, the words sounding sarcastic.

“You will be silent! I have no inclination to hear the prattlings of a foolish mortal. Ra himself has bestowed upon you a boon. You, daughter of Caesar and Cleopatra shall become the Pharaoh.”

“Whoa, wait a sec. What the hell are you talking about?”

“In times long ago Caesar and Cleopatra had a son, Caesarian. We gods knew the traitorous Octavian and his murderous ways. Bes, the protector of children, removed the child before Octavian’s heinous act and replaced him with a doppelganger. Caesarian was given to the sacrificed child’s parents to raise as a peasant. Horus then kept watch over your ancestors to keep your linage pure until the time when a new Pharaoh was needed.

“So I am to be a queen?”

“Not in the way that you imagine. In the times long ago the Pharaoh’s were protectors of the world. Given godly might to battle the evil of the world and from the stars. You are to be protector, not ruler.”

“So I will be a soldier of the Netjer?”

“Yes. With the Odinson now rendered immobile, the Earth has a need for her divine might to travel the roads of the stars. You will receive many mystical powers for your plight.”

“So I’m going to be a superhero, a goddess.”


“Way cool!”

“So shall it be.” When Amen spoke the Benu, a firebird representing a new time of wealth and prosperity, rose from the Earth. Amen stood from his throne and walked down to Cleo. He placed in her hand the Was scepter. As she grasped it uncountable energies flowed through her, transforming her into the Pharaoh. The Netjer cheered as she raised her staff into the air and let loose a barrage of lightning. 

Ra, Zeus, the Great Spirit and Gaea gathered in the cave of light. It had been one year since their brother’s death. They sat and told tales of their fallen around the pillar of pure hyperspacial power. For one full year they stayed in the cave, telling tales, singing songs and dancing. They frolicked like the children they never were. In the end they embraced and went their separate ways. They knew the pillar of power was safe, the chosen one would find his destiny soon enough and join them.

To Be Concluded in Chapter 11 - An Ending?
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