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The More Things Change...

Chapter 3 - A New Beginning
    written by Adam ( Funk
edited by E.A. ( Morrissey
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With that a huge, ghost like head appeared in front of the four assembled heroes.

"Surfer, it is good that I have found you."

"Greetings Stephen" the Surfer says. "What can I do for you?"

"There is a situation most dire on Earth." Dr. Strange starts. "It seems Victor Von Doom was tired of the off-world rivals in his quest for world domination. Apparently he waited until you left Earth to put his plan into motion. He found and supercharged the barrier that used to keep you prisoner on Earth. Nothing, not even my mystic powers have any effect on it. I already called Thor and he is working on it, but so far to no avail. We could really use your expertise on these matters, knowing what you do about Galactus and his technology."

"Say no more Stephen, we are on our way!!"

Alicia stood up and grabbed the Surfer and held him close, tears falling from her eyes. Her home and everyone on it, especially Ben, could be out of reach forever!! The Surfer tried to comfort her the best he could, assuring her things would be fine. Unfortunately he could not hide the feeling of doom rising within him. If Doom could do that to something made by Galactus, precious hope is the only thing he had to go on.

"How did I get involved in this little endeavor?" Firelord asked. "That place has brought me nothing but a headache and a thorn in my side. After we save it that little Spidertwerp would try to come after me again, and this time I won’t be taking any fall. That little red and blue flea comes after me and…" His voice trailing off. I don’t think anyone has ever seen the Surfer look at someone like that before. Firelord felt like an ant trying to look at Galactus.

"You will do so because it is the right thing to do!! You will do so to help ease the breaking heart of this fragile flower weeping before you!! And most of all, you will do so because I am telling you to!!!" The intensity in the Surfers voice was enough to make Quasars and Bills mouths drop open. Strange even looked uncomfortable.

"I’m….I’m sorry Alicia, I wasn’t thinking, which is pretty par for the course when it comes to me. Of course I will help you. Please forgive my outburst."

"It’s all right Pyreus, I know the problems you have had on my world. I thank you for your offer."

"We are on our way Stephen, you can fill us in on the way." The Surfer stated. Strange proceeded to tell them that Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Dr. Banner were gathered at Avengers Mansion trying to figure out a solution. The Vision was able to help some, even though his synthetic body was still healing from the battle with Morgan LeFay. Banner was more than happy to help. Keeping his mind off the recent death of his wife was good for him. Though Dr. Samson was near Bruce nearly every waking moment. Strange broke contact so he could devote his mind to the task at hand.

The Kree decided to go with them, maybe they could help. They did have thousands of scientists with them. It would take considerably longer for them to arrive, so Quasar kept a ear on them with his bands. In this galaxy you never know what is going to happen, especially with a Kree fleet moving through it.

The five of them made it to earth in no time, at least they thought it was earth. A silver sphere encompassed the whole planet. Apparently light was able to get through, the color of the sky was changed to a lighter blue, with a shiny effect. After analyzing the energy of the sphere the Surfer could find no weakness in it. Four of the most powerful beings in all of space stood outside the silver ball feeling helpless.

Dr. Strange’s face appeared in front of them again. "Greetings. It seems that the only way to contact outside the field is by spiritual means. Thor tried to teleport to you, but was unable. What have you discovered Norrin Radd?"

"Nothing of any help Stephen. I have analyzed the field and could find no weakness. It seems that it only allows certain light and cosmic waves in, there should be no danger to earth or the life on it. Although I can find no way through."

"So nothing can get out?" Strange asked.

"No. I have checked throughout the sphere, not one iota of light can even get out." Surfer answered.

"This is most distressing. Tell me Surfer, can you think of anyway that the barrier could possibly be destroyed?"

"Not without destroying the earth as well. Galactus could be of help, but we all know how he feels about Earth. I can’t even find him since he returned from that other dimension we saved him from. It’s almost like he disappeared again. Truthfully Stephen, I don’t know what to do."

Alicia had seemed to calm down along the journey to earth and while in orbit, but now just broke down. Surfer held her close and tried to comfort her, but to no avail. She just cried and cried, mourning all her losses. All her friends, her step father Philip Masters, but most especially Ben, sweet sweet Ben. "That stupid self centered fool!!" She cried out.

"Don’t give up hope yet." The Surfer stated. "There is one more thing I must try. Pyreus, keep her safe and relaxed. I am off to collect the debt owed us from Eternity."

"Ah, when Eternity said he would help us out when we needed it." Firelord said. "A good idea. Maybe I should come along. With two of us there it might be more convincing."

"Yes, you are right. Alicia you will be safe here with Quasar and Bill. I would trust them with my life under any circumstance."

"Norrin please don’t leave me!" Alicia cried. "I can’t stand to be away from you now, in my time of greatest need!"

"I’m sorry Alicia, of course you can come. Though it is just a heart beat away, it is another universe. Stand on my board Pyreus, we are going now."

"We’re going to stay and wait for the Kree ships to arrive Surfer." Beta Ray Bill said. "They should be here by time you get back."

"Very well. Keep trying to find a weakness, the two of your powers are much different than mine. Together we may find a way." With that the Surfer closed his eyes, concentrated, and then disappeared.

Continued in Chapter 4: The Valley of the Kings


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