Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #29 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our weekly/biweekly fan fiction webzine.  If you are not familiar with Cosmic Powers Unlimited or would like to go back and read past editions and stories, go to our CPU Archive Page.

This week, we have the premiere of BEYOND REALITY, a new imprint which will be appearing in Cosmic Powers Unlimited.  Beyond Reality stories are all completely original, written by your favorite fan fiction authors.  This week, we have War of the Blood Gods #1, a new original science fiction thriller by Grim (writer of Drunk Thanos) which takes place on Mars, after humans have begun exploring it!

We also have The Long March of Ares, an original story by The Twilight War's Azmodi.  We hope you enjoy both, and if you ever would like to write an original fiction story for our webzine, e-mail

Don't worry, we still have fan fiction as well!  This week, we have another chapter of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  This week's edition features many cosmic players, including the Celestials, the Living Tribunal, and Mephisto, as writer Anomaly gives us a larger look at the Mad Titan's secret past.

We also have Part II of the Marvel/DC cosmic storyline, Beyond Infinity, as the Shards of Destiny pushes closer to its conclusion.  Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday" also comes closer to an end in this week's action packed chapter, as the Silver Surfer faces his darker side, Mordrin (seen in The Twilight War!) and Thor faces Tyr.  You won't want to miss this final chapter which leads into next week's Epilogue.

Protectors of the Universe also continues this week with Part 7 of this 10 part sequel to The Cosmic Union, starring many of your favorite cosmic characters and written by Morfex!  Azmodi's War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight also continues this week with Chapter Five of Dusk's EndThe More They Stay The Same... also continues this week, as the Kree invade Uatu's observation station many years in Marvel's future.

All this and more below!  Enjoy!  And please send us your feedback to all the stories at! 

In this issue...

Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #15
Beyond Infinity: Part Two - The Fallen by WarlorTVor & Anomaly
Adam Warlock continues his search for the Infinity Gems as the new three-part storyline, Beyond Infinity, continues.  Also starring Batman, Spectre, the High Evolutionary, Doctor Doom, and many more!
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ISSUE #7: "PRETENDERS" by Morfex
Chief Inquisitor Brotus has a long-awaited reunion with Mantis... or does he? Learn the inner workings of the mind of the Protege's most trusted attendant, and the secret of Rune's Universe-altering plans! All this and more is to be found in Part 7 of 10: "Pretenders."
~Click here to read Protectors of the Universe #7~
~Click here to go to the Protectors of the Universe Archive Page~

Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
Chapter 13 by E.A. Morrissey
The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor comes toward an end, as the final confrontations take place.  Thor battles Tyr, while Silver Surfer takes on his evil self, Mordrin!  Plus, can Reed Richards and Tony Stark take on the Gabriel virus, and what will happen when Thor finds out the Surfer's feelings for his daughter, Thrud?!
~Click here to go to Silver Surfer/Thor Chapter 13~

~Go to the E.A. Morrissey Archive Page for past chapters~

ISSUE #3 by Anomaly

What does Mephisto, the Celestials, and Mistress Death have to do with Thanos' past? And what will Eros do to save his mother's life? Find out in this, the third edition of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales. 
~Click here to go to Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales #3~
~Click here for issue #1 and issue #2~

War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part One: Dusk's End - Chapter Five by Azmodi
Apocalypse, the High Evolutionary, Supreme Intelligence, and Uatu watch Vyer's destruction of Olympia and the Eternals in the fifth chapter of Azmodi's first of a three-saga storyline set in his Twilight War continuity.
~Click here to go to Chapter 5 of Dusk's End~
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

The More Things Change...
...The More They Stay The Same

Chapter 7: The End Is Nigh by Adam Funk
The sequel to The More Things Change... continues with this short installment set in the future of the Marvel Universe, as the Kree attack Uatu's observation station on the moon.  And if you forgot what happened in the past chapters, go to The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same Homepage!
~Click here to go to Chapter 7 of The More Things Stay The Same~
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Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
From the writer of Drunk Thanos, comes a more serious science fiction/horror thriller, War of the Blood Gods.  Set in the future, when humans are exploring Mars, this story will become a classic as it launches our new Beyond Reality original fiction imprint.
~Click here to read War of the Blood Gods #1 by Grim~

written by Azmodi (Twilight War)
Azmodi, writer of the Twilight War fan fiction stories, introduces us to a new story set in World War II, starring some German soldiers who find themselves dependent on a Jewish community.  But everything may not be as it seems in this new piece by Azmodi.
~Click here to read The Long March of Ares #1 by Azmodi~

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This week's cover by Caleb, featuring Thanos and the Celestials!
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