Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 13

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

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Chapter XIII
When matter and Antimatter Collide?

The brothers to the storm watched intently waiting for a call from their master, this allowed them to watch the performance of their fosterling. Like father, like daughter, Thrud had a terrible temper, quick to rouse but, unlike her father, slow to calm. Vingnir and Hlora, the brothers' parents, fostered Thor, they did a good job with Thor, so Thor thought his daughter should have the same treatment. On her sixteenth naming day, her day of reason, they gave the daughter to the father! Very proud were they of Thruds' performance against Fenris and that Black Surfer! It made them remember memories of how Thrud was as a child, carried around, shown how to wind-walk. That first day high in the sky, telling her what to do, and she drops like a stone! It was the first day she found out about her hands that could change into talons. Horrified they followed, trying to catch her, protect her. She was laughing during the descent until she put out an arm, hand turning to a talon; she raked the sky and came to a halt. The brothers chastised her for scaring them, she wind-walked, and she was a natural!

Whenever you see lightning cross the sky, not touching the ground, it is probably the brothers playing 'Cat & Mouse' with Thrud! Those were fine days, especially when Tothingnasher and Tothingrinder (Toothnasher and grinder, Thor's goats) got involved! Sometimes Thor would have to command them to stop since they were playing havoc with the weather. All Thrud did was giggle, and smile, thus melting the heart of her Father!

The brothers to the storm concentrated on the here and now!

"May the best God win!" Tyr finished his speech, lunging forward, thrusting and parrying with the sword. Tyr had little imagination with the use of the sword, using it as a sword! Thor deflected each movement of the sword. Each move was like a well-choreographed scene in a movie. Thor got within Tyrs' defenses, punching Tyr in the abdominal region, winding the God of War, and knocking him flying, landing hard on his back. Thor moved toward the fallen God, he flicked his wrist. Mjolnir spun like a propeller.

Thor was getting tired of this, he spoke again! "Tyr there is no need of this, give me the sword and all will be forgotten. Insooth I will make thee another sword, but this one is destroyed on this day, one way or another, hand o'er the sword or try Woden's bane against Mjolnir… 'Tis thine own choice!"

Left with no choice, Tyr had to run or stand, give the sword up or fight… no choice. Reticence turned to hatred, pure hatred, he made his last stand, and he lunged at Thor, trying to cut below the protective arc of Mjolnir. Mjolnir stopped on a dime, Thor raised the hammer and struck the fatal blow. Thus the hammer is e'er the master of the sword. Mjolnir hit its mark setting up a frequency that was sympathetic, the material of the sword. Snap went the sword; Shards of material flew in all directions and with it the ability to contain the Majiks therein!

Woden's bane died that day, a day that will remembered as "Bloody Tuesday" for many reasons, but now is not the time. Tyr screamed, "No!" Collapsing to his knees, distraught at the loss of his sword, he turned his head, seeing Thor turn his back on him. Tyr pulled out a hidden dagger dipped with the Midgard serpents' venom! Holding it with his gloved hand, he threw straight and true, toward Thrud's back.

"Thou didst destroy my greatest prize, Thor! Thou whilst loose thine own… now!"

Thor turned in dismay to see the dagger fly to its target, but the dagger disintegrated when hit with a lightning bolt. The Brothers to the storm acted of their volition, aghast at the cowardly act of the war god! Retribution is required, and they were going to punish this God. Lightning was the first to strike, Thunder shortly thereafter. Lightning picked up the God, still frying from the last bolt. Thunder clapped, sending a sonic wave directly at the chest of the God; very hard did he fall. The firmament gave no succor. The God was knocked senseless, no respite was given Thrud's favored uncles of sorts. Toothnasher came from the left flank, Toothgrinder from the right! The god got up on wobbly knees, Blam! The Goats hit the midsection, bones broke, and he fell to the ground! Another volley hit him, the thunder and lightning intensity grew, strike after strike. It was the goats turn; they trampled him, stomping hooves everywhere to the point of death! The fighters stopped to watch punishment without mercy. Another sortie was about to happen until Thor called to order his subjects! Thor ran to his daughter and father, embracing both.

Lightning and thunder boomed!

Norrin looked and was given pause, he saw the lightning strike the one handed man, thunder boomed knocking the person who he thought must be Tyr, the war god to the ground! It was curious to see Thor's subjects render Tyr senseless, the barrage stopped as Thor ran to his daughter. Norrin surmised the war god had done something wicked to suffer the Thunderers wrath. He could stomp the life out of Mordrin right now, but it wasn't his way, defeating a helpless adversary whether good or evil was a coward's way, and Norrin was no coward.

Mordrin feigned unconsciousness until his hand shot up, grabbing Norrin by the neck. Norrin, for his part was almost as quick, grabbed Mordrin by the scruff of his neck pulling him up to a standing position. Thus standing they are trying to throttle the life out of each other. Both were using the good and evil aspect of the Power Cosmic. If the aspects of the Power Cosmic could be seen as colors and symbols, you would see the symbol of Ying and Yang, two teardrops, white and black, forming a circle. The use of the Power Cosmic cancelled each other out, or repelled was a better word within the immediate vicinity, but waves of force flew in every direction, causing the ground to shake. The entangled combat continued and as it did the unleashed Power Cosmic became wilder, more damage was caused as everything around started to unravel at a molecular level, the area of destruction grew at an alarming rate.

Each combatant was the catalyst of the Power Cosmic, both trying to take and give as much as they could. Norrin realized if he did not capitulate, he would be responsible for destroying the Earth and possibly, its solar system. He noticed the power cosmic was without control, so without taking his attention from Mordrin, he cried for Thor's help!

"Remove us, Thor... Take us away... Earth could be destroyed." Norrin gave Thor a look, showing he had regret, and that he would not give up or concede this battle.

Thor understood, he has been in situations like this before, swinging Mjolnir so fast that it glowed white-hot. Mjolnir released after receiving her instructions. Fast did she go, looping Norrin and his adversary? Faster and faster, she went around them, opening a vortex in space that will lead them to Ginnungagap. The combatants disappeared!

Mjolnir was called back by her master, she made her way back slowing as fast as she could. The deceleration was taking too long, Thor had to wrench the hammer out of the skies, his strength is legendary, but he strained a rotator cuff taking hold of the hammer. His shoulder will hurt for a time.

Curious as ever the daughter asked the father a question? "Prithee, where dist they go, father?"

"I sent them to the yawning gulf, I am responsible for the predicament of Norrin, and ne'er did I believe the outcome would change in this way. The sword is a devastating weapon in the hands of one that has the imagination and will to use it! That was my principal goal, getting the sword from the wielder, my hands were tied so Norrin was asked to take the sword in my stead! Ne'er didst I realize that the sword would unleash what was in Norrin's mind, Now I am responsible for good fighting evil, Norrin whilst sorely be tested this day!"

Thor held out his arms, looking to the skies in a supplicant manner and called out! "Norrin forgive me, find the will to do what is right!"

The vortex receded and another force took over. Majik (the will) and science (the way) collided! The twain shalt e'er meet, the yawning gulf known as Ginnungagap rejected science, hurling Norrin and Mordrin into the past... forcing them further back in time, to a time of naught!

Hela looked aghast, walking o'er to him standing directly in front of the Lord of the Morning! "What hast thou done, Thunderer, didst thou want too cause our cessation, Norrin Radd canst not prevail?"

Giving respect where respect was due, Thor waited for her to finish, then replied. "The Just shalt prevail, as I know my friend, in mine own heart he shalt prevail, win he will."

"Full of conviction thine own words were in the beginning, by the end yon words wert full of hope? Thou art reckless Thunderer!"

Odin interrupted, forcing a wedge betwixt "Death and Life." "Have a care, Hela, there be times when we gods must stand aside. For a time creation lies in the hands of mortals, this is one of those times, Norrin whilst have a choice to make! Get thee gone to Niflheim; see the outcome on thy throne. Thou need not be here, be at peace with what thou hast. If he who may become more fails, thou whilst ne'er know!"

Hela turned, returning to her realm of death, knowing Odin was right! Much to her chagrin, she had no argument.

Thor turned to his father saying, "Take thy charges to Asgard, father O' mine, the war god and I still have things to discuss after taking care of Roksva!"

Odin nodded, taking the Hands of the Vala and Thrud, making ready to leave. "'Tis time Vala, 'tis time the last druid leaves the mortal plane, no more whilst thou be mortal, off to Gimli for thou whilst be the fourth Wyrd!" In a thrice the Druidess known as Dana Campbell disappeared along with her companions!

Thor released Mjolnir after they left, felling trees as she went, Thor stacked the felled trees into a pyre. Moving over to Roksva, he picked her up gently, as if a baby, keeping her body as one, since she was nearly in two pieces. Calling forth the lightning, the spark ignited the wood, flames flickered into a raging furnace. Roksva's' spirit was released as Thor started his very personal eulogy; the latter portion of the eulogy was heard.

"Knowest not where thou whilst go, doth I pray in my own way that the Old-man-the-cosmos be kind! As in life, as in death, thou wert a treasure. Mayhap the treasure shalt continue her journey." Her spirit moved upward after looking and smiling at her former master, guided by an unknown force she left Midgard for a second time!

Reed and Tony have contained the Virus known as Gabriel within their systems! Contain it they did. Destroy it they have not. Destroying it was another problem. Both got to work again, since Gabriel was an annoying little bug!

To the north, men and Gods, death was a joyous and sorrowful act! Joyous because the dead move to better things, sorrowful because the living will miss them being around! Thor will miss Roksva, every time he saw her, she challenged him intellectually, what a wonderful woman she was! Thor stood there until the last embers flickered out. The dying flames was a signal to move on, never to regret, but always to remember! The walked away, and without missing a step he grabbed the war god by a wayward leg, dragging him along the ground toward his chariot, when he arrived, he looped a 'hand hold' around the war gods leg!

"Away with thee, Tothingnasher, get thee gone to the city of Asgard, show the war gods demise to the peoples of the city, drag him though the streets, show his shame and deposit the war god, eventually at Gladisheim. Whence thou hast completed thy task, take thy rest on the verdant planes of Virgrid... thou hast earned it..." Thor slaps the rump of the mythical goat; into the skies do they drag the fallen war god!

Thor leaves himself, swinging Mjolnir in the direction of New York, specifically the plaza, to his friend Tony Stark and his colleague Reed Richards!

Given pause from being at each other's throats, the combatants were repelled from Ginnungagap. Time was flowing in reverse, though space was constant. They witnessed the All Father, Ville, and Ve best Ymir. From his body did they create the heavens and Earth. Back in time did they go, pushed toward the beginnings of time! As if getting off a poorly timed escalator, Norrin and Mordrin came to abrupt halt, no sensation was felt at all, nothing was around them! The boards of their respected master dissolved into each Surfer, becoming part of the hosts. Bewildered, Norrin and Mordrin surveyed their surroundings, how could you explain nothing?

No, it was not completely anything, on the very edge of consciousness a grey, infinitesimal spec of matter was present. Every time Norrin looked for the matter, it stayed at the periphery. Norrin could not feel the Power Cosmic surrounding him, likewise Mordrin. The adversaries contained the Power Cosmic within, no more, no less! After a moment of respite, they were at it again. Spiraling in circles locked in combat, neither giving nor taking. Each aspect of the Power Cosmic trying to annihilate each other, causing that release of energy the same as on Earth, one exception tough, the grey mass of matter was vibrating wildly.

The throttling continued as, or until Norrin had a sense of peace going within himself, assessing himself, his needs and wants, getting rid of Mordrin or returning him to his confines. Why was he thinking of this now? Mordrin must be using this advantage to destroy him, so why the detached sensation? That grey mass was silent now, Norrin decided to think of absorbing Mordrin, bringing him back to his prison, and carry the guilt of his actions... the grey mass vibrated wildly. Then he thought of annihilating Mordrin, the grey mass was silent. From that moment within himself he came back to the Now, if you could call it that. From that peace he gained understanding, from that peace he accepted his lot in life. From his standpoint the fighting stopped. Memories were sucked from him, igniting Sol's daughter to his promise of being Galactus' herald. Norrin was losing himself; the Power Cosmic and he were really one.

Mordrin's eyes showed confusion if you could see them, Norrin had relaxed, shortly thereafter, Mordrin nombarded Norrin, but to no avail, Norrin just sucked in the Power Cosmic. Why was he not being annihilated by the Power Cosmic, if anything Norrin grew, likewise he grew smaller/

Norrin's 'oneness' continued, "We are one, you and I, forever will you and I be part of each other, so why should I fight?" Norrin accepted what he was... flawed, and with it understanding.

Mordrin realized too late, he was losing cohesiveness, being absorbed back into Norrin. Mordrin fought back after realizing what was going on. The Grey Mass vibrating wildly again, close to its sympathetic frequency.

The last vestige of the I.D. called Mordrin screamed for life as he lost his, a scream no one heard. The scream burst the bubble, so to speak. The sphere rent asunder, the energy released caused a rapid expansion and light, sixteen billion years from now they would call this primal light, to some a big bang. Almost lost within himself, memories gone, lost he was not knowing what he was. Within his mind a faint voice called to him, calling him by his name. He remembered that at least. As if a catalyst remembering his name caused other facets to rise within Norrin Radd... his curiosity, that ever present curiosity. The voice created a path for him to follow. The further down the path he went the more he became himself. There was no sensation of movement but his board emerged from his body. At the edge of his perception he became aware of a presence, a door, who knows what he followed, but he followed it nevertheless, he was aware of a smattering of velocity!

Looking behind, not able to see, but sensing a concussion wave of energy that originally pushed him away, now was chasing him, within him instinct formed. That instinct told him to move away as fast as he can, so he did! Within him, will became apparent, giving him a choice, instinctively he put his will into it accelerating as he could. The concussion wave matched his pace, gaining on him slowly! Closing the distance, intuition became part of him. The closer he came to the door, Norrin became himself though no memories of his future life yet, determination became part of him now, he gritted his teeth! The wall of energy was at his heals, nearly there, the wall ready to engulf him. In a thrice he remembered fear... he remembered the scientific theory for the 'Big Bang.' Crouching on his board, he covered his face with his arms, finally understanding death!

In the 'nick of time,' time was just created; he passed though the door! Into the yawning gulf did he pass and out into Asgard! The air behind the door caught him by surprise. Friction, like a brick wall, stopped him in his tracks, the board sped forth. Gravity was evident as he plummeted, landing hard he did, coming to a stop on the plain of Virgrid, next to the grazing Goats of Thor! Getting up he was assisted by a welcomed hand from Odin.

"Welcome Norrin Radd, Welcome haunted one, thou hast done well this day! Thou art part of an exclusive group, tested thou wert, passing it thou didst! Mayhap thou canst tell me what it is like from your point of view to lose thine own self, then regain it all, reliving all thou hast done, mistakes and all?

"Forasmuch, he who may become more, thou art still need on Midgard? Go to the flexible ones domain, and finish thy last task in this episode! Thrud shalt go with thee, take passage with my son's goats, Insooth thou still look aghast at what thou hast experienced, take rest, replenish thine own energies, for thou whilst need it!" Odin smiled a smile that made Norrin nervous, Thrud and Norrin boarded the chariot pulled by the mythical rams. The rams well sated, ready for action responded to the crack of the reins, they were off to Midgard!

Odin noted the look they both had; Thrud had that nurturing look, a look exclusive for her lover/mate and her offspring's. Norrin had that haunted look, the realization and understanding that he was flawed, his face showed the strain of 'what if he decided otherwise,' he would have wiped out existence as he knew it? Odin knew that look, because he had it himself back in the time of yore, when he was tested.

Norrin had that look of acceptance, with the acceptance, a responsibility, accepting what is… flawed and having to carry those mistakes within. Carrying that choice within him for e'er more, in time he will become more comfortable with the decisions he has made, but for now, he will have to deal with it. Odin smiled one last time, Thrud is going to run circles around Norrin, and she will be faithful for as long as they are together, and compliant she is not! Their children will be the first! The first to encompass the sciences and Majiks! Those children, watched by Eternity himself, for good or bad those children shalt carry the responsibility of the universe!

Thus, the seeds of love are sown. In addition, Norrin has faced death, the true oblivion. Within him grew the spark of continuance, his legacy. Next to him was a woman, no a goddess, who shared feelings for him, the spark of Love ignited within. In past times he has had his low points, only himself to get out of his 'funk,' but now, this time it was different. Without saying anything, Thrud gave him strength, the support of another that was close to him, sharing his woes! Without thought, he placed his hand on hers', squeezing it once.

Thrud gave that knowing nod, smiling, but saying nothing; she just reciprocated, squeezing his hand once also. They were nearing their journey, Bifrost was followed until they breached into normal space, re-entering Earth's atmosphere, and they headed for New York!

"Oh well," Reed sighed! "If you don't succeed, try, try again, that is how the saying goes." Reed looked at Tony, wondering if he looked as haggard as he did. He certainly felt that way!

Thor looked at the screen, taking an interest, but clearly out of his league. "By my troth, the pesky vermin seems to mine own eyes, has a life of its own! It confounds mine own mind, just looking at the thing?"

Tony was startled and irritated, because his friend knew instinctively what the virus was; knowing what it is without any formal training regarding the computer sciences?

"You are right, Thor, every time we try and eradicate the virus… it mutates, changing its composition? In some ways, I admire this virus! Its tenacity to hold on to 'life' is amazing; it seems we are going to need the terminating codes, that may be the only way to eradicate this virus? Gabriel is a good name for this virus, it seems it will only accept a command from its god?" Tony was aghast at what he said, because there should be a technological resolution to this problem, in this case there is none.

Reed agaves that look as if he agreed, and likewise did not like to accept what was said.

Norrin reformed the molecules on the other side of the plaza; the klaxon going off until the sensors recognized him. Dismounting the chariot, Norrin waited for Thrud to link arms with him, walking together toward the Laboratory of Reed Richards. Both were apprehensive of how Thor was going to react.

Thor was the first to see them, and for a brief moment, he had a pang of rage, thinking he was not good enough. Thinking rationally though, he did think they were a good couple. Both would be good for each other. Norrin the straight and narrow, Thrud the changeable, the excitement! He walked over to them showing displeasure, 'twas a charade, but they knew not? Stopping in front of them, Thor loomed o'er them, an eternity passed until Thor thrust his arm out for Norrin to clasp in the traditional manner. He laughed out heartily saying, "The expressions on thine own faces, the many times thou didst swallow, something akin to two hens, necks bobbing up and down!" He laughed harder until he caught his sensibilities. "This day is known as Bloody Tuisday, something good hath transpired from the mire, the union of my friend, comrade in arms, and mine own daughter. This day, do I release thee daughter O' mine, thou shalt be responsible for thine own destiny! This day do I lose a child, but gain a son and a woman of her own merit? One thing, though, be good for each other, the day may come whence that changes, move on without malice!"

The would-be lovers sighed with relief as Thor gave his blessing!

The lovers walked into the Laboratory with a reassuring arm over their shoulders from Thor. Tony Stark looked at the young Goddess, hunger in his eyes, appreciating her look!

Thor released the Lovers, went over to Tony and whispered into his ear. "Have a care, friend O' mine, 'tis my daughter thou art salivating o'er."

Tony Stark looked confused, "Daughter, since when have you had a daughter?"

Thor laughed, slapping Tony on the shoulder, "Thou looked as confused as Norrin when he found out, you men of science are so linear, Time is different for us Gods, Mayhap I will show thee one day." Thor laughed again and addressed his colleague and friends. "Gentlemen, may I present mine own daughter, Thrud, the wind-walker and Goddess of Strength! Today when all works are completed, doth we celebrate the union of Norrin to mine own daughter. From a day of gloom and despondency, doth a glimmer of hope emerge? For the nonce, commence with the resolution to the problem at hand, for there is merry-making in the winds!"

Norrin walked over to Reed, relieved at what has transpired. "Reed can I try to assist you? I may have the key to this dilemma, I will explain... Later!"

"Be my guest," Reed was never the one to covet the limelight.

Norrin used the Power Cosmic to dissolve his hand into the keyboard of the computer system of Reeds. The link was made. Norrin's consciousness was one with the domain called cyberspace. He sought out the virus called Gabriel; it did not take long. He found the bug, fighting for its life, fighting well-armed sentinels, he called to Gabriel. The sentinels stopped fighting, allowing Norrin to talk!

"Gabriel, it's time!"

Gabriel turned, seeing the image of Norrin Radd! "Time for what, stranger?"

"As far as I'm concerned, you have completed your task, you have done your job well. You have done what is needed, it is time for you to go to sleep!"

"How can I end my program when there are two systems left... operational?"

"I could force you to comply, I have the access codes to shut you down, I would prefer if you would end your program of your own accord? You were created based on reason and logic, so I will allow you to read me, see who I am... see that your creator has completed his task... I will allow you to make up your own mind. Remember I can and will shut you down at anytime, see the reason and logic for what I want, do it now!"

Norrin opened himself up to the virus Gabriel; he gave access to his own memories, Mordrin's and the wielder! The decision did not take long since the virus was working at the speed of light!

"It seems you have no need of me, anymore. Remember this... father, should you have need of me, create me again and I will follow your instructions to the letter! Good night father, for now I lay my head down to sleep, think of me once in a while, with kind thoughts!" The program activated its 'end program' knowing Norrin Radd had his master's memories, and goals, via Mordrin. Gabriel shut down voluntarily because of the inherent goodness and aspirations of Norrin Radd.

"Good night Gabriel, sweet dreams!"

Norrin came back to the here and now, satisfied the program realized what it did was wrong, based on flawed, false and prejudicial instructions.

"Reed it is done!"

Tony and Reed looked aghast, viewing what transpired, taking moments to end the program, what it took them a day just to contain the virus! What they did from an adversarial point of view, Norrin had accomplished by showing the truth of the matter. Gabriel was given a choice based on the right of self-determination, it had decided to end its own program based on Norrin's memories.

Norrin looked into the eyes of Tony and Reed to receive the answer he already knew. Would humanity, given the same set circumstances, do the same? Based on that look, Norrin knew their answer; he raised that eyebrow he did not have anymore.

"Thor, do we have permission to have use of the chariot one last time? I have one last task to complete."

"Verily, thus do I give permission, though thou shalt ask them yourself, be mindful of the time you take. I expect thee to return to Bilskirnir in a thrice, cause the festivities shalt not wait for thee!" Thor smiled, looking at the lovers as they left, once the goats agreed to take them. They left for Dallas, Oregon!

"Reed assemble yon family, Benjamin needs respite, Franklin hath need of a distraction, Susan canst reacquaint herself with Sif, and Johnny canst chase the fair maidens, assemble them now for we have merriment in the air! Anthony don thy garb of Iron, thou art revered, thou hast no choice, aye many a time hath thou left maidens broken of heart, thou didst create havoc like Fandral the dashing. 'Tis time to make amends, too continue the merriment."

Tony agreed because he was a friend and he knew how stubborn Thor is! That and hopeful of understanding the time paradoxes that are apparent right now.

Concluded in the Epilogue

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