Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Epilogue

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

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Warning: This is intended for a PG-13 Audience!


The lovers walked through the open door, taking two lefts and a right, walking down the passageway; Didi is there again, Norrin Radd was recognized from the battle that took place yesterday. Into the Study, Norrin and Thrud were invited, Janice was there as usual, on her recliner, this time her great granddaughter, Samantha was sitting on her lap, listening to a story totally enraptured, from her great-grand-mammy, 'Amah!' Janice was called Amah, a nickname made up by her family. Amah stopped her story after seeing the Silver Surfer.

"Samantha, we're going to have to finish the story later, I need to talk to the man of silver."

Samantha put her hands on her hips, curled her lips, indicating that Samantha demands that Amah should continue! Amah gave her that 'look,' there was only one 'princess' as far a she was concerned. Samantha knew that look also, she had reached 'the limit,' time to back down gracefully!

Funny thing happened that day, there were three Princesses in that room, and Thrud took Samanthaís' six-year-old hand, gently pulling Samantha off Amah's lap.

"Have you ever played cat and mouse?"

"No," still curling her lip.

"Would you to like to play?" She gave Samantha no choice; she picked her up, walking to the patio door, sliding it open, walking out into the 'back-yard' that used to corral horses.

With a watchful eye, Amah saw Thrud take Jandi's daughter into the backyard, walking into the skies, Samantha laughing the laugh of an innocent. She had seen enough Samantha was safe! She turned her attention toward Norrin Radd!

"William is dead isn't he?!"

Norrin, in a reflexive mood answered, "Yes and no!"

The man from the Stars did not phase Janice at all. "Young man, you need to explain!"

"Yes, he died, yesterday, because of a mistake, yet he lives within me. I carry his memories, hence me being here!" The discussion started out giving Janice a summary of her greatest failure, but eventually it turned into Norrin talking about his woes, the meaning of his choices, especially the most recent one! Norrin was very comfortable talking to this woman, like the wielder before him! Without thought, for a moment at least, he purged himself of guilt, guided by the expert questions asked by Janice! An hour past, Norrin more comfortable with the actions he had made.

Streaks of lightning flashed across the skies, firewall as some call it, never touched the ground. Samantha, giggling avoided the chaise, assisted by the brothers of the storm, they were the mice, Thrud the cat. Thrud enjoyed being the child for the last time, because she will have to leave this time behind her, for now she is a woman! She has to make a future, mayhap that future will include Norrin, but for now she was having fun being a child, for the last time!

Didi kept an eye on her grandchild, what was happening was beyond her wildest dreams, but this pragmatic, loving woman lived the experience though Samantha's actions. The children of the Badillo family were a valuable resource, and treated thus!

Having fun themselves, the brothers never let Thrud catch Samantha, playing the game they have not played for a long time!

Thor watched from his home within Thrudvang, seeing his daughter do what he did eons ago. 'Twas a right of passage, the last game before accepting and knowing you are an adult. In some ways he thinks he has lost a daughter, although, he will still worry about her, like his father worries about him, you will always be concerned about your offsprings!

The druid, last known as Dana Campbell was escorted by Heimdal(r) at the behest of Odin, entering Gimli. As if guided, she walked the passageways as if an expert, she looked for the Wyrd, and found them in the central hall! The Wyrd were waiting, waiting for their new sister, the Wyrd were, past, present, and future, their new sister is to be conscience. Their sister passed through the door and a hearty embrace waited; linking hands, they formed a circle, and from that circle, the right of passage was completed! The Last Druid stayed the same, but became more! She became the conscience of the thread of life, finally achieving contentment, filling the void she has suffered for fifteen hundred years! 

The torches of the great hall were being extinguished, one by one as Norrin and Thrud walked down the central passageway. The peoples of Bilskirnir clapped, agreeing with the union of the sentinel and the Wind-walker, they took their seat betwix Thor and Benjamin Grim, Norrin sat next to Ben. As Norrin sat down, Ben whispered in his ear, "Looks like she is going to be trouble," smiling as he did, Norrin responded in kind. "I hope so!"

Thor called his subjects to order only after settling Franklin, touching Mjolnir with Franklinís model version, for some reason this brought laughter around the hall, the room finally silent!

"Ne'er do we need an excuse for merry-making, but today 'tis required! This day do we remember, seeress Roksva, today shalt she pass onto greater things, teaching others better than we, making them think, 'tis appropriate that we give he a minute of silence, remember as we ought, for those good times!" The Hol was silent for a minute! The minute passed, the merriment started, fifteen minutes passed as the Hol was brought to order again.

Thor, after some disturbance from Tony with his bevy of beauties, called forth T'orston, the skald, to tell the story of this day. The story started with Frigga talking to her son, and he throwing the sword into past times.... Using the fires to show images the story was well told. The Story distracted the peoples as a select few used this time to talk to one another.

Norrin was modest, as the story started he got out of his seat, looking for one man, a man recently returned from a journey, the husband of the wife Norrin spotted him walking over, introducing himself with respect! That respect required Norrin to talk in the formal way!

"I see you Thorolf the most, Lay down her life for me she didst! Thankful I am Insooth if it could be done again, gladly would I do the same. For the Nonce she wert akin to a sister to mine own, a loss for us but the gainsay to others. As long as I live shalt she be in my heart, guiding me through dire times, a credit she was and still is!"

Thorolf the most was outwardly celebrating her death, but inside a void was created, he looked at Norrin Radd, Midgard's' blessing, and believed the words to be true, Roksva had that effect on people, he responded. "My thanxs to you and yours, where e'er she is she whilst be loved for many a reason. Woe the day they consider her a blatherskite!"

Norrin nodded and walked away, back to his station!

Thor got the ear of Frigga; "Didst thou learn the lesson of this episode?"

"Didst thou," Frigga responded!

Both nodded, paused, then laughed.

"Verily, 'twas not he sword thou wert worried about, but the imagination behind the sword, mankind! Now do I realize, in some ways man could grow beyond us gods? Yea... verily, that sword in the wrong hands could wreck and render havoc, yea didst I learn this, and a greater appreciation of mankind to boot!"

Thor was gladdened of understanding, ne'er underestimate mankind, she was forthright and honest, 'twas his turn.

"I thought I was so clever with my word use, and yet the circumstances turned on me biting me from behind, yea was I humbled again, indomitable will, 'tis not enough!" After a moment of pause, he said one word.


"Aye, truce it is," Frigga said, much relieved!

Asgardians may be formal, but they are a demonstrative lot, because of one word said by each, Thor and Frigga hugged each other like mother and son, both glad to be as such!

Pulled by forces unknown, she arrived at a Hol that looked essentially like Gimli! As if an expert, she walked through the passageways that we like a maze to the Hol of Eternity! The doors opened automatically at her approach, she entered the room, a room that was large though modestly appointed. In one corner the four Wyrd smiled at her, whilst spinning the web of life. A man in the center of the room was resetting a chessboard in a rushed fashion, readying for a new game. Realizing the guest had arrived. He rushed toward her, greeting his guest!

"Welcome Don of thought, welcome to the Hol of Eternity, for the nonce what is mine is yours, thereafter thou whilst have to win a slice of the pie?"

"Prithee, talk the words of the common folk, thou hast knowledge of the Gods, but I will take no offense if thou talks the way thou wishes!"

Eternity sighed a sigh of relief, "Thank goodness, formalities are tiresome, I wanted to make you comfortable!"

"This is thy house sir, be as thou art for I am flexible?" Roksva was the guest, she tried to make her host comfortable as possible.

"Good... do you like chess?" Eternity asked.

"Verily, what are the odds, what will be the stakes involved?" Roksva had a gleam in her eyes, anticipating a good match.

"What is with you Asgardians, stakes, what are the stakes, cant we have a good game without any Odds or betting?"

"Without the Stakes the game is for naught!" Roksva looked as if she were insulted, having to state the obvious."

"Did you ever play against Thor?" Eternity wanted to ascertain her level of skill.

"Verily, Thor is a God of nature, instinct and intuition, though he is very smart, he is ill suited when it comes to deception. He is as transparent as those stained glass windows you have! Now Odin is much more treacherous, a masterful games-man, best him I have on occasion!"

Eternity reeled with the thought. Here we go again, "so what are the stakes?" Eternity eagerly waited for her response.

"Self determination, too study the Motive of the universe, she said!"

"Will you be able to watch without interference?"

"One can only try, " Roksva said with conviction. "That is the best answer I can give."

"Fair enough, let the game commence, my stakes are, you will be incarcerated here, playing chess for an eternity!"

They sat down, Eternity forgave the toss, allowing Roksva to make her first move.

"Bold move, " Eternity said.

"Verily, I canst access the situation based on yours!"

'Twas a hard invigorating game, each giving their best. If the moves within this chess game could explain their philosophies in life, it did. Each point of view well documented; the game was tough to the extent that the Wyrd looked over occasionally, being distracted from weaving the web of life! Finally, Roksva with her knight cornered his king. The king was not able to move in any direction!

"Mate!" Roksva said with glee.

Exasperated, Eternity said, "What have I created?" He called for the Wyrd. "Find Uatu the fallen Watcher, tell him that he has a new apprentice!" The Wyrd did as ordered, as Eternity put his attention on to Roksva again, gathering his thoughts for a formal statement.

"Ware Don of thought, thou canst not be impartial, long do I wait for the day thou whilst assist the Sentinel, one who is likened to a brother of yours. Aye a day shalt come to pass whence thou whilst intercede on behalf of your brother and I will tell you, I told you so."

"Forasmuch, what thou hast said may have merit, but ware yea also. I shalt be a good student! I shalt be the 'right' kind of student that shalt surpass her master, what I have said, so shalt it be!"

In her mind she continued her statement, "Brother Norrin, thou whilst become more, Thou wert and art our salvation... be well Norrin Radd... be well!

Fin for now!

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