Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #30 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our weekly/biweekly fan fiction webzine.  If you are not familiar with Cosmic Powers Unlimited or would like to go back and read past editions and stories, go to our CPU Archive Page.

This week, we have new editions of your favorite cosmic fan fiction, including the final chapter to Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"  In this epilogue, writer E.A. Morrissey puts this dynamic story to a close, while leaving windows open for future projects of the various characters used.

We also have Protectors of the Universe #8, as our storyline featuring Marvel's greatest cosmic heroes and the villain Rune comes closer to a close.  This week's issue features many characters, including Air-Walker and Starglow (Shalla Bal) seen on this week's cover by Rai.

In this week's Marvel/DC crossover, Shards of Destiny, the Beyond Infinity storyline concludes, in the last Shards of Destiny saga before our big finale issue (in issue #32!).  We also have issue #20 of Tales of the Timeless featuring many cosmic characters including Thanos and Adam Warlock!

Plus, we have new chapters of War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight and The More Things Stay The Same...  This week, we also continue our Beyond Reality original fiction stories with issues #2 of War of the Blood Gods by Drunk Thanos scribe, Grim, and The Long March of Ares, by Twilight War creator, Azmodi!

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In this issue...

Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #16
Beyond Infinity: Part Three by WarlorTVor & Anomaly
It's the final chapter of Beyond Infinity, starring Adam Warlock, Dr. Doom, Mephisto, Batman, Spectre, and Rune, as this amazing Marvel/DC cosmic crossover comes closer to a close in "Time to Unfold..."
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Things don't look good for the Protectors of the Universe, as Rune's ascension seems almost inevitable as a traitor is suspected within the ranks and two members discover they have deeper feelings than they thought in part eight of this ten part story, featuring Air-Walker, Beta Ray Bill, Jack of Hearts, Nova, Quasar, and Starglow.
~Click here to read Protectors of the Universe #8~
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
Epilogue by E.A. Morrissey
The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor comes to a final end.  Now, learn where the characters go from here, featuring a star-filled cast of Marvel heroes, including Silver Surfer, Thor, and his daughter, Thrud.
~Click here to go to Silver Surfer/Thor Epilogue~

~Go to the E.A. Morrissey Archive Page for past chapters~

ISSUE #20 by Anomaly

What does Thanos want, what bargain has he and Warlock struck, and what will be the dread price?  Find out in this week's edition of Tales of the Timeless!
~Click here to go to Tales of the Timeless #20~
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part One: Dusk's End - Chapter Six by Azmodi
Why does the Dark Watcher seek the Time Twisters and what will become of Olympia? And if that wasn't crazy enough, why is the Hawk God in the dimension of Chaos and Order?  All in Chapter 6 of this Twilight War sequel!
~Click here to go to Chapter 6 of Dusk's End~
~Click here for past chapters of Dusk's End~
~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

The More Things Change...
...The More They Stay The Same

Chapter 8: The Deaf Cries of Battle by Adam Funk
The sequel to The More Things Change... continues.  This week, the Silver Surfer and his team go to the Watcher's headquarters to find Diykrakus in this storyline set deep within Marvel's future.  And if you forgot what happened in the past chapters, go to The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same Homepage!
~Click here to go to Chapter 8 of The More Things Stay The Same~
~Click here for past chapters of The More Things Change...~

Beyond Reality
Featuring Original Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Stories.

written by Grim (Drunk Thanos)
This first storyline from our original fiction imprint, Beyond Reality, continues, as Americans on Mars learn more about the strange events taking place on the Red Planet - Mars!  Written by Grim who brought you the Drunk Thanos stories!
~Click here to read War of the Blood Gods #2 by Grim~
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written by Azmodi (Twilight War)
In part two of this three part story, Azmodi, writer of the Twilight War fan fiction stories, continues a new story set in World War II, starring some German soldiers who find themselves dependent on a Jewish community.  But everything may not be as it seems in this new piece.
~Click here to read The Long March of Ares #2 by Azmodi~
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This week's cover by Rai, featuring Air-Walker, Starglow, and Thor!
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