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Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail concerns War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight and Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales.


Hark the Herald writes, "Wonderful! As I have said I have been a fan of Az's work and as such I have been anxiously awaiting this installment. Generally such anticipation leads to disapointment but not so in this case! Nice work Azmodi!"

I'm glad my work hasn't disappointed - and the best is yet to come. --Azmodi

Lancelot writes, "Azmodi, I like you technique of contrasts and paradox.  While, the Celestials purported "intent" was to raise humanity to another level.  The dark watcher hints that this would be detrimental to Terrans.  Thus, we have the bright forces of order performing dark actions; the the dark lords of chaos acting beneficently.  Added to that the dark watcher hints that there is a unknown member in the cosmology who's power is opposed to and equal to the Tribunal's. Very interesting indeed.  I await your next installment. Kudos and greetings to the CPU staff."

Dead-on, Lancelot. --Azmodi

This week, you can read Chapter 5 of Azmodi's Dusk's End, the first part of a three-part Twilight War saga, War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight.  You can also read the first chapter of his new Beyond Reality original series, The Long March of Ares.


Daniel Gordon writes, "Thanos #1 tells something that I don't thinks as been done my Marvel yet...the birth of the Mad Titan!  I can't waiting to see the stuff little Thany gets into!"

You know - Thanos Trouble with a capital 'T' and that's just the beginning! --Anomaly

Zamiel writes, "Keep Up The Good Work.  Thanos is The BEST choice for a new series. Any chance of working 'A' Death's Head Character?"

Actually, Zamiel, Azmodi had Death's Head appear in some earlier editions of the Timeless.  You can check them out in the archives if you haven't already read them. --Anomaly

Curtis writes, "I love any stories of the Mad Titan. Please send more ..."

I will, because I love the Mad Titan too.  --Anomaly

Scott writes, "Great ending, Though you shouldn't leave us on our seats like that."

Sorry about that, let me know what you thought of my next issue and tell me if it was worth the wait. --Anomaly

Read Anomaly's new issue of Thanos: Dead Men Tell No Tales, featuring Mephisto and many cosmic beings (including the Celestials), and your favorite Mad Titan himself! 

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