Click here for larger copy of image!Welcome to issue #28 of Cosmic Powers Unlimited, our weekly/biweekly fan fiction webzine.  If you are not familiar with Cosmic Powers Unlimited or would like to go back and read last editions and stories, go to our CPU Archive Page.

This week, we have seven new stories for you.  In our cosmic Marvel/DC crossover, Shards of Destiny, we have Part 1 of a new story arch titled Beyond Infinity.  This issue features Adam Warlock, Galactus, Spectre, and the High Evolutionary!

We also have issue #6 of Protectors of the Universe and issue #6 of the alternate future team, the Defenders, featuring your favorite cosmic characters of the Marvel Universe.

In Chapter 12 of Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" things get really hot, as the Silver Surfer goes up against the Wielder of the Sword, only to face another, more familiar threat.

The Silver Surfer also stars in this week's issue of the Tales of the Timeless, alongside Adam Warlock, Eternity, Silver Surfer, Portent, Century, and Justice Peace!  Plus, the cosmic saga The More Things Change... The More They Stay The Same and War Waged Before The Stroke Of Midnight, Part One: Dusk's End continue with brand new chapters!

All this and more below!  Enjoy!  And please send us your feedback to all the stories at! 

In this issue...

Marvel/DC: Shards of Destiny #14
Beyond Infinity: Part One - By Inferno's Light
Destruction looms off in the not so far-off distance, as the quest for the Infinity Gems finally commences! Adam Warlock must confront a specter of his past: The High Evolutionary! The plot thickens, when Doctor Victor von Doom and Mephisto are drawn into the fray? What could their stakes be in this pending confrontation? (Could this be a prelude to Dark Allies...)
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It had to happen - Adam and Kismet team up against Goddess and Magus, with Crucible and Ayesha watching, ready to take on the victors!  Plus, Gamora's fate is decided in this week's chapter of Protectors of the Universe, "Lineage!"
  This chapter also features a guide to the characters for those new to the story or need some help catching up!
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In Defenders #5, Norrin Radd may have stumbled onto a possible solution to their dilemma... but it may be too late to save himself! Rick is behaving more strangely than usual... how long will it take for the uncorrupted Captain Marvel to realize that Rick is not who Genis thinks he is? 
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Silver Surfer/Thor
"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 12

The cosmic crossover between the Silver Surfer and Thor continues this week, as the Silver Surfer confronts the Wielder of the Sword, only to come face to face with another, more familiar enemy in Chapter 12: "Leading Was Not Enough... The Chains Will Eventually Break."
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In this issue of the Tales of the Timeless, Portent is seeking the dread anti-rose, the only thing that can counter the Magus, but he must face the terrible tri-polar triumvirate first.  Perhaps the return of the defenders might help.
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War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight
Part One: Dusk's End - Chapter Four
The first part of Azmodi's Twilight War Trilogy, War Waged At The Stroke Of Midnight starring Adam Warlock and various other cosmic characters of the Marvel Universe, continues with Chapter Four of Part One: Dusk's End.
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~Story continues from The Twilight War and Foundations Forged Before Nightfall~

The More Things Change...
...The More They Stay The Same

Chapter Six: Denile
Finally, the sequel to The More Things Change... continues.  Check out this week's new chapter, set many years in the future, and starring your favorite Marvel Comic characters in Chapter 6: Denile.  And if you forgot what happened in the past chapters, go to The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same Homepage!
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This week's cover by Marvelite, featuring Galactus, Spectre, and Adam Warlock!
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