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Once again, we'd like to thank everyone who has sent us feedback... it's what keeps Cosmic Powers Unlimited fun for us all!  And it helps us know what we are doing right, so tell us what you like... and dislike!

Thanks for all your support... and now, on to the letters... this week's fan mail concerns Cosmic Powers Unlimited in general.

Jose writes, "good!!!!"

Regis Branson writes, "Again, your way of story telling is way ahead of the rest and well worth the wait!"

Justin Greenaway writes, "I love what you do here."

Kubik writes, "I would love to see the Beyonder, Kubik, Kosmos, and the Molecule Man in an issue, maybe a followup to the FF annual 27 issue where the MM defeats the Beyonder, and Celestials!"

rcoo5 writes, "excellent!!!!"

Thanks for all your feedback... please send more to And if you have an idea for a story, send it to us... or write it yourself and let us know you'd like to be a part of our staff! We will also soon be having original science fiction/fantasy stories... if you have one you'd like published, e-mail us at --Marvelite

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