Silver Surfer/Thor: "Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!" Chapter 12

Written by E.A. Morrissey, Edited by James Pedrick
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"Tiusday... Bloody Tuesday!"
by E A Morrissey

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Chapter XII
Leading was not enough... the chains will eventually break.

As in Midgard, Asgard was deluged in rain; two women of that great city were anxious, fretting back and forth. One woman though did something about it! Out of the great hall doors did she go, out into the rain that gives life, out onto the winds did she walk, leaving Bilskirnir behind? Raising her hands to the night's sky, imploring her friends to listen to her words. The bothers of the storm did listen.

"Here yea brothers, here my plea, cease and desist for the nonce, let me speak with Tothingnasher and Tothingrinder (Toothnasher and Toothgrinder)." The brothers capitulated only after consulting Thor, for they were good friends to Thrud. Thor allowed the rain, thunder and lightning to stop only over the city of Asgard.

Within her minds eye, she said a thank you to her friends, she called out again! "Here yea Goats of the charioteer (Thor), his daughter requires a boon, come hither, I beg of thee, Asgard and Midgard hath need of thee, come to my aid!”

Thor’s watchful eye was disturbed, he heard everything his daughter said, he gave permission to the brothers, now he gave permission to his enchanted goats, he let her have her way! He sighed, muttering "thus the seeds of love are sowed... poor Norrin!"

Though the rain had stopped o'er the city, the weather was still o'er cast; the spectacle of a brilliant light and the goats emerging from it increased its impressiveness.

Appearing O'er head, the goats quickly descending, landing outside the great hall doors, like the brothers, the goats loved the daughter of Thor. For days on end had they played with her when she was a child, 'twas one of the reasons for pleading with Thor for askance.

Thrud boarded the chariot, taking the reins preparing to leave when Roksva came running out of the great hall doors. Coming to halt, short of breath, she addressed her mistress.

"Prithee take me with you Mistress of the winds, Goddess of strength."

"For what reason, Don of thought?"

"Concern do I have for what will happen to the sentinel, concern do I have for his safety! This man cannot perish Insooth do I sense a nexus within this man. A nexus of change mayhap from a man to god. I canst give encouragement. Please mistress; take me with you, the man known, as Norrin Radd must survive! In my survey of the universe with him, I sensed that he will be needed in the future, prithee take me with you."

A hint of jealousy showed via her eyes for a moment, within that moment she thought. I have touched him physically, known his memories but never intellectually. She has known him thus... why not? "Pray my father is not watching, for if you would perish, this would cause irreparable damage within Bilskirnir, doth thou wish to risk that, wife of Thorolf?"

"Verily, the wind walker and the sentinel must come to pass, growth must be maintained, too the next level so be it!"

Too the woman of old, and the Goddess of new, both were women, and recognized as such!

Too one woman, the growth of mankind...

Too one Goddess the seed of love is sown!

Crack went the reins when the women were settled! "To Midgard my friends, may the Wyrd favor us this day, may the just prevail!"

On the precipice o'er the yawning gulf, Thor watched the goings-on with the two women, his thoughts established a pace akin to what he was seeing? Whether Norrin knew it or not, he has two loves... One a sister he never had, the other a possible mate... thus the seeds of love are sown. Balance is restored, equanimity is established, have a care old-man-of-the cosmos, I know a price must be paid, but have a care!

"Valerie, I'm leaving, I'm going out of town for a few days so cancel all my appointments, I will contact you.

The flight was very Short, only nine minutes, destination, Dallas Oregon, a town west of Salem that took twenty minutes to get there by car. A perfect town is Dallas, a great town for rearing kids, friendly people, a town established on values.

The wielder went over in his mind why he chose this place as he was driving to Janice Badillos' house. The wielder researched the origins of the sword, knowing whom the main players were when it came to whosoever wields the sword. He knew of Thor’s promise not to interfere. With this information, he looked into Thor’s recent history, looking for clues to see whom he would select as a champion? Of all Thor’s acquaintances only Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer was really a friend with the power to come up against him. Captain America or Iron Man were also friends, but the wielder thought they did not have the 'horse power' to come up against him. He made a recording that was transmitted back to his offices, notifying Valerie, as the data was transmitted!

He got out of the car when it stopped in the driveway, front door open he walked through the open front door, the wielder could not remember when it was ever locked? Taking a left, left and a right down the passageway, he came within a hairs breath of Janice's study. Didi, Janice' daughter, stopped his passage, looking at him, if looks could kill, he would be six foot under. From the back of the room, he heard laughing, no doubt she was watching a Sitcom, smoking a cigarette.

"Who is it, Didi?" Janice said.

With all venom she could muster, she said, "It's William." Didi hated this man, she knew what he was even when he was a little boy!

"Let him in and close the door on your way dear! She did that! He walked toward her, seeing a woman of mature years, reclined in a Parker knoll recliner, smoking a cigarette, laughing at the witticisms emanating from the television. The walk seemed to take an eternity as he thought of his times as a boy, coming over to this house and talking to her.

Janice Badillo, a woman of measure, prominent within this town, a matriarch of a close family and town! Janice was the only adult he could talk to on any issue, of any issue of varying importance. She would treat his problem, as if it was the only problem in the world, and that it needed resolving that minute! He remembered those years, smiling inwardly. Here was Janice in front of him now as he has always sees her in his minds eye. Entertained by something on TV, smoking a cigarette in that recliner, the only difference was she was al little older in that immortal way that he saw her as!

That infectious laughter brought him out of his daydreaming, he looked into those eyes that could see into your sole.

"Are you in trouble again, William?"

"Possibly," was all he said.

"So what is your problem?"

"Is it wrong to remove all the evil and create a newer, better world."

"Only if they agree to it in the first place, otherwise you would be as evil as the evil doers!"

"What if they don't agree in the first place, then when it comes to pass, then they thank me after it’s all and done?"

"You don't know if it will come to pass as you say, so, I say it is still evil. People must agree before you change anything, but why are we talking about the future when it’s the present is what we are talking about. Look I know you William, ever since you were a stripling. You have already done what you want to do, now you are having doubts, am I correct?

"Never could fool you, could I?"

"No!" Janice's voice had conviction, but her face smiled that cheeky smile that would get you to do anything! "The only thing I would suggest is to follow though and make sure that world that you envision comes to pass. You may be called evil, but if the lives of the common folk are bettered, so be it, that is all you can wish for!

He leaned over, and kissed her forehead saying "Thank you." He left her without looking back, thinking on what she had said. In the passageway, he turned left and two rights he was at the door. Turning around Didi addressed him.

"William, don't come back, she knows what you are, you were her town's greatest success, and its greatest failure, please don't come back, you hurt her every time she sees you!"

He nodded, walking out down the driveway, onto the sidewalk that took him to the edge of town!

The wielder left the town on foot, as he passed he created a protective barrier around the town, thinking what ever happens. This town must survive!

Norrin Radd flew over the city of artists and single mothers! Seattle is a beautiful city and within its finest monument and man made structure is the 'Space Needle'. Norrin circled the needle going south to the new part of downtown. Quickly he located the building where the wielder usually resides.

Valerie froze, as if she saw a ghost, when Norrin materialized through the supporting wall, her revere was broken as he spoke.

"Madam, where is the wielder of the sword?"

"He... He is not here, gone, who knows where? Though he did leave a message for someone who would come after him, I presume you are that some one?"

"Your assumptions are correct!" Norrin tried to give off a friendly aura since 'normal mortals' are quite frightened of him! Slowly he moved around her desk to stand in front of the monitor. Touching the monitor with a power cosmic enhanced hand, he found the message as it played back for him.

"Well, it seems you have arrived... so soon? I have removed myself from the offices, because I have found a more suitable 'Battle ground,' come to Dallas Oregon, there's not much here a small town, plenty of rolling hills, and if you want to gamble Lincon City is only forty minutes drive from there." The wielder smiled as if he had said a joke, which was wasted on Norrin since it went over his head! "All the pleasantries aside, come as you will, I am prepared for you. Soon enough I shall verify who Thor’s champion is, but more than likely it is you Norrin Radd, the Silver surfer. You and I are a power, all the others I found wanting, and no doubt you will be a formidable adversary, so come, as you will! To the Winner the Cosmos, the monitor went blank.

Norrin left the same way he arrived though he did thank the woman as he left. Outside the building he looked to his left, sensing something he altered is course, straight for the Holiday Inn crown plaza. Norrin reassembled his molecules on the other side of the wall, within the hotel room. Two women were in front of him, one he recognized, the other he did not!

"What say you mother?"

"Well met, Norrin Radd, 'twould seem the battle commences. Prithee take us with you, for the Vala is needed to record the battle!"

Norrin looked at the woman, asking who she is?

"She whom you have in front of thee is none other than the watcher of the sword, the last druid! 'Tis she who tells the world of the swords release and the consequences of that release. She who records his accomplishments and his demise."

Norrin looked at the druid taking her measure. The surfer was not used to having such a bevy of beauties around him, but the Vala was a striking woman, in her own right... five feet six inches tall... a very feminine body, and a strikingly beautiful face. Looking closer, within, what she is, here lies a woman over fifteen hundred years old, tired of life, but still carries the faith. To her she considered her long life, a curse. Not able to love because he would grow old and die, not able to have children, because they would grow up and die before her, and as a parent, to see the child die before or buried is the worst possible thing for a parent! So to her, her life is empty and unfulfilling e'en though she has these wonderful and magical gifts!

Norrin concentrated on the mother of most again, Frigga has asked him to take her and her charge to the battle, why not, because Frigga would find her own way, if he refused!

The two women got on the Surfers board… off he went to Dallas Oregon!

Odin finished putting on his amor; he looked in the mirror, at himself, not bad, he thought. His amor was his favored, golden in color, functional in form and in battle, not like the ceremonial garb he wore most of the time!

Walking down the Hol of weapons, without stopping he picked up Gungnir (Goong-neer) his favored weapon! At the exit of the Hol, Sleipnir, was waiting, his wondrous eight legged horse! Mounting the fastest horse of all, turning, turning to their destiny, as they sped to Midgard, they faded out of the existence known as Asgard!

It took a minute to reach Dallas, Oregon. The three surveyed the land, a small town was encompassed in a semi-spherical-mystical-barrier. A man was standing alone to the west of the town, just standing there, brandishing a sword! Norrin moved away, locating a promontory one-mile west of the wielder. A vantage point where the Vala could record the battle without being harmed. He deposited the ladies, moving off without saying a word!

Frigga whispered something into the ear of the druid, shortly there after she disappeared!

Odin materialized next to the Vala on his eight-legged horse. He leaned over touching the Druids' shoulder. "Nay to worry druid to whom thou art the last, yea thine own time comes soon, to stay for e'er more within the halls of Gimli. For thine own sacrifice thou art lauded, thou shalt be exalted to be the forth! Record this event well daughter! Mayhap this lesson shalt serve you well, when thou becomes the "Forth Wyrd!"

Frigga did not waist time, she materialized next to Thor on the precipice next to Ginnungagap!

"Lord of the Morning, I release thee of mine own boon, thou canst do as thou wishes! Prithee, save the life of thine own father, my husband. The Foretelling narrows, the visions clear, thou hast to be present!"

Thor looked to his very upset mother in-law and smiled. "Aye those visions do I see now, but the Thunderer is no oath breaker, the portents have not manifested yet, I say unto thee, nay, mother of most, fear not for I shalt be there, mine own daughter hath entered the fray. Methinks you and I shalt speak of this when the time is right and this episode hath ended, yea verily, we shalt talk! Frigga, Sif hath need of thee, get thee to Bilskirnir!

With head and shoulders hung low, Frigga did as she was told!

The wielder looked confident as Norrin closed in on him, too confident!

It was good to have confirmed the Silver Surfer was to be his adversary, his plans could commence! This was Thor’s champion, a man of vast power, and a power he did not fully understand. What an idiot he thought, the Surfer so sure of himself. How Ironic that a pacifist controls a power, a power that is the most powerful scientific power source in the universe!

The Surfer was moving slowly toward him, ready for an attack but wanting to talk first, he was still half a mile away!

Within the sword a voice called. "Wielder release me now!" The wielder could tell the wolf was excited!


"Odin, 'tis Odin, the aud-father is here, doth thou wish to fight both the Sentinel and the Aud-father? He is too much for thee, think on, why is the Sword called Wodens' bane and who is Odin’s Bane? Fight as you might, win thou whilst not! What say you wielder?" time passes by as if a lifetime lived within a second. 'Tis as I thought, Stupid thou art not, release me now and concentrate on the Gleaming one, the one who could become more?"

"So be it, I release you!" This time the sword trembled. The Wolf issued forth gaining a height of One hundred feet tall!

Norrin stops…

Odin, charges, toward the wolf…

Thrud gulps in the sky!…

Frigga weeps, consoled by Sif!…

Tyr is Told by the Wyrd, in this case "Just as high." To view the Battle, leaving via the north wing of Gimli… To Midgard he went!

Thor has seen enough, Fenris is free, a portent is free, thus releasing Thor from his oath! Raising hammer high, Mjolnir sings the song of life as her master commands her into the "Yawning Gulf." Thus the Thunderer is gone; thus, the rain stops on Asgard and Midgard!

Roksva analyses the situation…

The Wielder thinks what has he done?…

Finally Hela, stands next to the Druidess. Hela looks her over whilst saying, "Thou art not Wyrd yet! Volla is old and decrepit, I hath need of a replacement. If the Battle goes to the wielder, thou art mine!"

To the Vala, she looked into the eyes of death, and amazingly enough she survived, she did not know what was worse, the instrument of death, or death itself?

Norrin gave the wolf a wide birth, knowing the two (Odin and Fenris) were meant for each other, since he knew Fenris is Odins old time, mythical nemesis. The Surfer moved toward the wielder again, the wielder looking less confident. They met with a twelve-foot distance between them!

"Drop the sword and walk away wielder, that way you may keep your life, no doubt you know of the curse?" Norrin looked serious because he was!

"You're kidding me, right?" The wielder started to laugh, the laughter finished as he started his attack. A mystical fist leapt out of the sword, clamping a power cosmic shielded Silver Surfer.

Norrin was held fast, not able to move, not able to remove the fist. On the palm of the fist a tendril formed, moving outward toward Norrin’s temple. The tendril breached the shield after some time, the pathway to Norrin’s brain was straight and true, he felt no pain until the tendril found his mind!

The wielder linked to Norrin’s mind found it interesting but of no import, he wanted to know the source of his power, he looked, he searched, he found what could only be described as a locked door. Here must lie the secret of the Power Cosmic? the wielder thought. The tendril formed into a giant sledgehammer, and did what it was intended to do… smashing the locked door of Norrin’s mind.

Norrin spoke within a scream, "You know not what you are doing, stop now before it's too late!"

The wielder was now peering into the face of the Silver Surfer. "I know exactly what I'm doing!"

The door smashed open, allowing only what could be called as a mass of black protoplasm. The protoplasm moved quickly up the tendril, into the fist along the blade to the hand of the wielder.

Now the wielder realized that he had erred… he knew what the prison was for… now! The mass of protoplasm worked quickly, it realized it had the building blocks for life. The protoplasm could have life at the expense of the wielders'. It worked with efficiency forming itself into its own image whilst destroying what the wielder was. The now reforming protoplasm read the memories of the slowly dying wielder, learning what the wielder knew, his knowledge of the sword. The protoplasm had its own memories, it own recent memories of how he was defeated during the "Twilight War",* those memories evoked hated as the protoplasm finished its transformation as the last remnant of life existed of the wielder! The man that was the wielder, became Mordrin the Black Surfer, the evil counterpart to Norrin Radd, the Evil that was contained within Norrin’s mind now made flesh!

Mordrin’s face formed a snarl, as he backhanded Norrin, sending him flying into the distance, smashing into that protective barrier that protected the small town of Dallas. Norrin was out cold for a few moments.

Mordrin called for Norrin’s surfboard, but it did not take heed, in fact, it moved away toward his master. No matter thought Mordrin, he created his own, chasing after the Silver Surfer, with death on his mind!

"What say you old man? For long and long have I waited for thee, mayhap the "Book" hath been revised, mayhap 'tis the day you die!" Like two opposing forces of nature, the Wolf and the God faced each other sizing each other up.

"Nay 'tis not the day to die, all Majiks shalt be negated on that day! To prove otherwise Odin and Sleipnir, grew in proportion to the wolf. "Have at thee, spawn of the shape shifter," Odin arcs spear like sword, cutting into the shoulder of the Wolf! The wolf howled though it retaliated swiftly, so swift it confounded the God! The maw opened clamping down on the Torso, shaking Odin violently! Odin clearly in pain threw Gungnir at the Wolfs neck; the spear hits its mark, at the same time as the wondrous horse bit the flanks! The Maw opened flinging Odin against the promontory. Amor now badly dented, Odin got up quicker than you might expect, calling for his spear to return!

Mordrin looked over the now waking Silver Surfer. "You are such a disappointment Norrin! Look at you, possessor of the most powerful force in the universe, and what do you do? You waste that power! You are limited by your compassion, constrained by your goodness. I am going to relieve you of all that… Say goodbye to life Norrin Radd!"

Mordrin instructed the sword to change in composition similar to the Magical plain Norrin passed through when going to Asgard. Mordrin has remembered everything that Norrin has done when he was incarcerated within his enemy's mind. Slashing away with the sword caused the silver skin to open when the blade was in contact with him. Norrin screamed in agony! Mordrin was enjoying this, Killing Norrin Radd slowly, but the final stroke must be made!

Norrin was almost helpless, seriously hurt, but he looked in defiance at his enemy! "Norrin Radd, before you die I'm going to show you something you never knew about the Power Cosmic." Mordrin waved the sword overhead, skies changed color, "Look over your head, see the Power Cosmic as you have never seen it before! See that Glimmering Golden tendril that touches you, that is your link to the power cosmic. No more Norrin Radd!" With a swift arc of the sword, the link is cut!

Norrin Radd lost something within him, lost the feel of the Power Cosmic, he was just a philosopher now, just a man!

Mordrin raised the sword over his head, the blade changed into the shape of a normal sword, readying for the fatal blow, the sword moved in a downward swoop!

From his left, he heard a scream, the sword continued its arc. A woman in a white robe got between the blade and Norrin Radd.

The Woman called Roksva was almost cut in half, slowly dying she slumped over Norrin, and with her last breath, she spoke her last words. "Thou wert a brother to me, I began to love you as one, Avenge me brother for I should not have to die twice"… she died again!

Thrud was too late to stop the fatal blow, but now she was next to him, enraged at what this Black version of Norrin Radd had done. She tapped him on the shoulder, getting his attention, he was stupid enough to turn and face her! Blam! Thrud did not hold back, she punched Mordrin in the throat where it hurt. The blow was so fierce it snapped his neck back, making him cartwheel end over end into the air! Flying off into the distance!

Into the air she did follow, left hand-changed form into a talon. With the talon, she raked the air, this movement correspondingly caused the air to stop the cart wheeling Mordrin and fling him back to Thrud, at a rapid rate of knots toward the waiting arms of a very furious Goddess! It seems Thrud has the same temper as her father! Mordrin had no time to regain control of his movements or senses. Blam! The devastating blow targeted the region known as the Solar plexus. Something broke within and with it a hand opening reaction, thus the loss of the sword, which fell to the ground. Mordrin also fell to the ground like a stone.

Laying prostrate on the ground and only a man, with his heart rent asunder, pain turned to anger, anger that made him think clearly. Fortunately this was part of his training, from the recesses of his mind came the thought, 'what is, is, what is, is you!' He knew what this meant now! Raising a hand to the skies as if to reach them, he willed the Power Cosmic to be one with him. The will had conviction; there was no link as before, for he became the Power Cosmic. Immediately he reformed into the Silver Surfer, as he did, he exclaimed, “I AM THE POWER COSMIC, THE POWER COSMIC IS I!”

The board had dutifully rejected Mordrin’s command and waited close by his master, if the board could show emotion, it did so now by energetically moving around him in circles. He was pleased to see the board react this way and gave it a familiar gesture when the board stopped! Norrin looked to the skies, seeing Thrud beat the living crap out of his counterpart. Looking down at the almost-cut-in-half Roksva, he was moved he bent down touching her face gently, tears formed from his eyes, the tears caused a snarl! Although his words were quiet, they were with conviction. "Vengeance thou shalt have, sister!"

On his board now he took to the skies as Mordrin lost control of the sword, and like wise fell to the ground as if lifeless, Thrud followed pursuit! Norrin shouted at the Wind-walker, "THRUD HE IS MINE, BY THE CODE OF HONOR, STAY THY HAND!"

Thrud turned, looked, smiled, nodded, and then ceased her descent. Like her father, Norrin was a gentle man until his anger roused, the difference Twix Thor and Norrin was Thor was quicker to anger, but also quicker to calm. Norrin’s eyes showed he was very, very angry, within the eyes all compassion was gone! She moved away, though her blood was up, the blood needed quelling, she sought for a target! The Blood went for Fenris the wolf… Odins' bane!

Thor assessed the situation… Norrin’s Blood was up… His father and daughter dancing with Fenris… Hela salivating at the mouth, anticipating the outcome… the sword was in the ground, hilt up and Tyr picked it up!

"Stay thy hand Tyr, for once give me the sword, the sword that I forged!"

"Nay Thor, thou whilst have to wrest 'Wodens Bane' from mine own hand." Hatred welled in the eyes of Tyr.

"So be it! Prithee, tell me of thine own reticence toward me?" Thor moved closer! "Thou wert my friend in days of yore, dost thou remember?"

"Aye that be so, Insooth that was a time before Odin, a time when I was Tiu (Tiwas, later becoming Tyr) the Aud-father! That was a time when you and I ruled the heavens! Forsooth what am I this time around, eh, Nothing, just a God of War, e'en Odin doth usurp this title and what of you? Thou wert Old man Thor; Old man Thor is you, the same for all intents and purposes! In the days of yore, we were the power, you still do, and thou art Odins' favored Son!"… "Nay, ne'er whilst I give up my only relic of yore and glory, thou whilst have to take it from mine own dead hand!"

"Again, so be it," Thor said in a stoic manner. Doth thou remember, the hammer is e'er the master of the sword, what Mjolnir made, Mjolnir can undo! I curse the day I agreed to make that sword for thee. In that time the sword was only to spill the blood of one god, not thousand upon thousands of mortals."

"Very well, Thor! Today, my name day (Tuesday) is the day that I forget we were friends of yore, thou art naught to me! I am Tyr, God of War, thou art the Lord of the Morning, God of Thunder, and may the best God win!”

Odin got up quicker than you might expect; he called for his spear to return! The spear left the neck of the wolf, which was a superficial wound. The Wolf charged with Maw open, a blood lust was upon him! The maw opened, distended, covering Odin completely, the Jaws snapped shut in a thrice! The upper and lower jaws did not connect, Odin preventing the jaws from closing, with hands on the roof, feet on the tongue!

Blood was in the air, passions needed venting, and Thrud joined the fray. Gungnir lay on the ground lifeless, unable to comply with Odins command! Thrud had heard of a story where her father lifted and threw the Odin sword at Arishem the celestial she did the same. Gungnir at this time stood 90ft tall if put on end, she lifted the spear, swung it in an arc, gaining momentum through the arc, connecting with the teeth of Fenris. Within the mouth of Fenris, Odin saw what happened, he let go of the roof and ducked! The teeth were shattered, the wolf howled in pain, but he refused to let go of his charge!

Thrud was in awe of the Wolf, she had hurt the Wolf badly, but the wolf refused to get go of her grandfather! The wolf tried to trample her to the ground; fleet of foot was she, evading the massive paws. Wind walking she moved to the underside and stomach region of the Wolf. Flying at speed and punching for all she was worth. Blam! The wolf heaved, puking out the aud-father to the ground! The wolf distracted because of the heaving took no notice as Thrud dragged a-little-shaken, puke covered Odin!

"Didst thou have to do it in that way, my granddaughter? Ne'er have I been deposited to the ground in such a unceremonious way?" Odin smiled at his favored grandchild!

"My father told me where and how to fight, 'hit where it hurts Daughter o' mine,' he would say and so I do!" She left the very proud grandfather just sitting there of the nonce! In the air, she came face to face with the Wolf, feral eyes glowing yellow!

"Ne'er have I been hurt as I have with you Godling, from the scent thou art the Thunderers' Get! I shalt take great joy in picking your bones clean!" His eyes hypnotized her she froze where she stood in the air, the broken maw opened and lunged, and the wolf came to a sudden halt, jaws snapping short of its intended prey!

Odin held the tail fast, then gave it a yank, whip-lashing the wolf in the opposite direction, slamming into the promontory, unhinging Hela, and concussing the beast.

Quickly Odin cast a spell.

"Laeding wert not enough, as was droma, but Gleipnir is thine own bane! The silken rope made from the beard of a woman, the roots of a mountain, the longings of a bear, the voice of fishes, and the spittle of birds shalt hold you fast!" Odin fastened the rope around the neck of the beast. "Go to whence thou wert, back to the island of Lyngvi, to be fettered to the Boulder called, Thviti! With the wave of his hand the Wolf was gone, and so to Odins' size. He and the horse shrunk down to their normal sizes, turning he called for Thrud, whilst helping a fallen Hela to get up to stand on her own two feet!

"Well Hela, this day is not going well for you?"

"Thou art presumptuous old man! The Battle is not finished yet, I have the soul of the wielder, he will add greatly to my legion! Mayhap Thor and Norrin Radd shalt be my pets?"

"I say unto thee Hela, the Just shalt prevail, he whom is known as Norrin Radd shalt become more, my sometimes wayward son shalt hold sway in the battle!"

"Mayhap, mayhap!" Hela turned her gaze on the young Goddess; instinctively the Vala put herself in a defensive position between the Wind-walker and the Death Goddess. It was interesting to the Goddess of Death seeing the Vala being protective, she wasn't Thor’s subject, oh granted all of Thor’s subjects loved Thrud, and would give up the life for there mistress, but why a subject of Friggas'? Hela Smiled, we know not what her thoughts were from then on? She turned her attention to the ensuing battles!

Continued in Chapter 13 . . .

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