Captain Marvel #9
Published by Marvel Comics, September 2000
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"Anything Can Happen Day"

Writer: Peter David
Penciler: Chriscross
Inker: Anibal Rodriguez & Mark McKenna
Colorist: Steve Oliff
Letterer: RS & Comicraft's Wes 'n' Saida
Editor: Tom Brevoort
Editor in Chief: Bob Harras

Original Price: $2.50

History Behind Issue: Continues from issue #8 and guest stars Moondragon, Super-Skrull, and Silver Surfer!


The Hyssta have arrived on Earth, and only an unholy alliance between Captain Marvel, the Super Skrull and the Silver Surfer can save our world from slipping into an alternate universe where reptilian parallels of our greatest heroes rule!

Issue Synopsis by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

The story begins fifteen years ago in a Florida Everglades swamp.  There we find Ted and Alice in a storm right after their airplane crashed.  We learn it is their honeymoon and they are the only survivors of the crash.  An alligator comes at them from behind, so they are forced to climb up a tree during the lightning storm.

Ted tells Alice that he feels they were spared from the crash and gators for a reason and suggest they "do it."  Alice says she has saved herself so it would be special, but then decides to go for it, since it could be their only change and if they did survive, it would be a great story for their children.

Fifteen years later, their child, who is the powerful girl we've been seeing named Kelly, is feeling very special, as Captain Marvel, Moondragon, Super Skrull, and now the Silver Surfer are in a standoff to determine the future of the girl's life.

With the Silver Surfer now on the scene, Rick Jones feels assured that they will easily be able to take down Super Skrull, whose orders are to kill Kelly.  But the Silver Surfer lets Captain Marvel know that he is not there to take down the bad guy.  He explains that this girl's powers were able to summon him and transport him to their location, and that he had no choice in the matter.  

Moondragon claims that the extent of Kelly's powers is not the issue.  She then questions if Kelly even summoned him, but Kelly admits that she did.   Moondragon then says she does not understand her power, but Kelly then says that she does.  She then says that Kelly was afraid and wanted protection, but Kelly explains that was not true either.  Tired of being contradicted, Moondragon asks the girl what she wants.

Super Skrull then questions why Moondragon would not just look into Kelly's mind, but Moondragon explains that Kelly has some type of block.  Kelly then invites Moondragon to scope her mind.  Rick and Captain Marvel try to convince Moondragon not to, but she uses her powers to explore Kelly's mind anyway.  When she does, she falls back and a Hyssta creature (see issue #1) comes out of her mouth.  Genis asks Kelly what she has done, and she explains that she got into Moondragon's mind when she tried to get into her's.

The Hyssta then ask where the being who killed "Captain Marvel" is and Silver Surfer asks why the creature is after the one who killed Genis' father.  But Captain Marvel explains that he is talking about a different Captain Marvel and that he'll explain it later.

Elsewhere, Marlo is very pleased now that she knows Rick was just connected with Captain Marvel and not afraid of commitment, which her walking ghost, Lorraine, can't understand because this means Rick's life is even stranger than before.  She then walks into her comic store, only to find no one there.  She asks Al how this is possible, and he explains that they have new competition.  Across the street is the grand opening of Comic Book Castle.

Meanwhile, Rick is telling Captain Marvel to ignore the snake and find the girl, who he says is causing this.  He explains that she is making other possible realities real.  Super Skrull, meanwhile, manages to snatch the girl.  Silver Surfer then checks up on Moondragon, who tells him to find the girl.  The Silver Surfer is reluctant though, causing Captain Marvel to question his motives.  The Silver Surfer is furious over this and says he has cosmic importance on his mind, while Captain Marvel then storms away asking him to get out of his way if he is going to let a Skrull pulp an earth girl.

At the same time, Super Skrull asks Kelly is she would like to help the Skrulls, which gets Intelligentsia upset because he was ordered just to kill the girl.  Super Skrull insists he knows what is best and evidently does not want to kill the girl.  Captain Marvel then attacks Super Skrull.  Through the battle, Rick can sense tension between Genis and Super Skrull because one is Kree and the other is Skrull.  He questions why Genis would want to kill Super Skrull, but would turn away from his alien habits of killing menaces in other cases.  Rick insists it is not the time.

Moondragon and Silver Surfer are then speeding toward the girl's location, as Silver Surfer explains he is cautious because Galactus said in his last words that he must protect a coming evil and that he does not know if that girl's power could be that evil.

Silver Surfer then arrives and says they must settle this quickly.  Captain Marvel questions why he would want to rush to judgment, and he answers that the girl's moods could lead toward rapid changes in the situation.  At which point, Kelly gives an example of that by summoning many reptile/alien creatures from other realities to the scene.

The girl then explains that she is causing this and that they can stop it by killing her.  Silver Surfer then charges forward with his power surging, as Captain Marvel tackles him.  The Surfer then calls Captain Marvel an idiot and explains that he was going to stop the Super Skrull from taking Kelly, which he had done and was now heading toward Intelligentsia, who insists she will not be defied by Super Skrull or any of these other beings.


Preview of Issue #10:

His father tried to destroy the first Captain Mar-Vell-and paid for it with his life. Now, the son of Yon-Rogg seeks to settle the score with Genis.
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Review by James "Marvelite" Pedrick:

This has got to be one of the best issues yet.  The artwork on all the characters was awesome and the story was fantastic.  Rick Jones continues to bring smart comic relief.  Silver Surfer's appearance also worked real well.  It looks like he may be around for a while (preview art from issue #11 at the Comic-Con shows him still hanging around in the book then!)  The guest appearance of both him and Super Skrull seems to bring back the characteristics seen in Captain Marvel from his early Silver Surfer appearances and his volume 1 days.  It is also great to see the Galactus: The Devourer storyline used in the Silver Surfer, instead of simply ignoring the implications of that mini-series.  Now, Norrin Radd is left wondering if each coming threat is the big one foretold by Galactus!  Kelly's appearance also seems to be working out well, as she seems to have the hardest time getting someone to kill her... even Super Skrull won't do it now!  Lastly, Marlo's small part in this story seems very interesting and makes the future look even better... it's obvious Captain Marvel may be needed to help her store compete against Comic Book Castle - and what do you know, the previews for issue #12 hint at just that! 


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